7 Best Smartwatches with ECG: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Within only a few generations, smartwatches have gone from being simple fashion items to feature-rich fitness and health monitors.

The market is flooded with gadgets that use a variety of sensors to measure your everyday activities, exercise, sleep, and overall wellness as the importance of everyone’s long-term health increases. 

Additionally, these devices can call for assistance if the wearer falls and is unable to get up due to a hard fall or warn them of probable heart problems.

Your ECG can be tracked by some watches.

The best smartwatches with ECG tracking technologies are listed below.

Which are the Best Smartwatches with ECG?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Smartwatches with ECG:-

SAMSUNG Galaxy 4: (Best Classic Smartwatch with ECG Monitor) 

Since I’m fond of watches and I like to change my watches now and then, at the beginning of this year I wanted to do the same because the watch that I was using was pretty old since I had it for 1.5 years.

I wanted to get a watch that was easy to use, has good style, and is known as one of the best smartwatches with ECG.

My friend asked me to get this watch and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.



The Galaxy Watch 4 is a slim wristwatch with a design that fits easily on your wrist.

It features a sleek, minimalist design.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the better choice if you want something a little chunkier or with a rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 4 also provides a smaller style for those who want it, there are only two buttons placed on the right side. 

It is available in two variants; one version with a 44-micrometers body and the other one is with a 40-micrometer watch face.

Aluminum is used for both models.

Both Galaxy Watch 4 versions’ screens appear to be bright, and I had no trouble reading them even in the sunlight.

Moreover, the resolution is also excellent.


Samsung’s own Exynos W920 processor and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM are included in the Watch 4.

I discovered during my testing that this is sufficient power to operate several apps efficiently and without any lag.

This is by far the fastest smart Watch I have used to date.

If compared to any other smartwatch, the speed of the Samsung Galaxy 4 is perceptible but not as pronounced as it may be on a laptop or smartphone.

This speed enables you to utilize a variety of applications, for instance, you can use other applications while the GPS functionalities are active.

What Makes It Best:

All of the applications that are accessible on the Play Store Google are featured and set to be used on this watch, which looks really good and functions efficiently.

With an optical pulse rate tracker, GPS for monitoring runs, and ECG functionality, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a plethora of other fitness and wellness capabilities.

Significant advancements in fitness are made possible by a novel 3-in-1 BioActive Technology, which allows the watch to track body composition, heart rate, and body oxygen level.

When I ran with the watch, I also discovered that its GPS capabilities performed effectively, providing precise positioning in comparison to other gadgets.


Right now, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the greatest smartwatch for everyone who uses an Android phone thanks to its cutting-edge technology and innovative software that was developed in collaboration with Google.

  • More advanced software.
  • Effortless performance.
  • Simple structure.
  • Monitoring body proportion.
  • Certain functions are exclusive to only Samsung phones.

Fitbit Sense 2: (Best Fitness Smartwatch with Manage Stress and ECG App)

On my field trip to the Maldives, I was shopping for my friend when I came across this watch and after reading the specifications and its features from the box, I know I should get it for myself.

 It has all the functionalities that I was looking for.

It is no doubt the best watch with ECG along with other everyday useful features. 


Comfort And Design:

The Sense 2 has a very premium appearance and feel.

It has a distinctly elegant appearance, especially when worn with the additional Brother Velles leather strap.

The Sense 2 comes in a variety of colors and materials for the optional bands in addition to the graphite and soft gold aluminum colors that I tested.

The Sense 2 is very comfortable and light to wear, which pleased me.

Although I preferred the brother Velles leather strap, the infinite band that comes with the Sense 2 also feels wonderful, and I adore the inventive clasp technique.

Both infinity straps that I tried, and the leather strap were excellent

Battery Life:

Based on my experience of wearing the gadget, I think the Fitbit Sense 2 can last for more than six days on just a single charge.

It’s essentially what you would anticipate from the original Fitbit Sense, although take into consideration that it will change depending on how you utilize the gadget.

You can acquire a 24-hour supply of power in just 12 minutes of quick charging.

What Makes It Best:

The Sense 2’s touchscreen is incredibly responsive, with really no discernible lag or touch detection problems.

The external button’s functionality and menu navigation are both smooth and simple.

The screen is reliably awakened by motion sensing as well.

The Sense 2 is incredibly resilient in terms of toughness and water endurance.

It has a rated operating temperature range of -14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and is completely waterproof up to 164 feet undersea.

Additionally, when you experience stress, the device intends to keep a greater check on you.

You will have the standard Fitbit tools for monitoring your health and sleep, as well as a payment option and a device with seven-day battery life.


A full-featured Fitbit Sense 2 offers many features you want in a smart gadget.

Other notable benefits include its style and battery life.

  • Opulent style.
  • Robust monitoring of one’s well-being and fitness.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Good battery life.
  • It has a USB charger cable.
  • A few of the google applications are not yet available.

ScanWatch: (Best Hybrid Smartwatch with Connected GPS and ECG) 

 In search of an income my father was leaving us, and he was going to Canada in search of a job.

Since my father was diabetic, I was very much concerned about his health, and it was the first time he was leaving us.

Before my father left, I wanted to give him something that would help him keep track of his health.

And nothing was better than giving him this watch.

I used it and I loved it. It is the best watch with ECG.


Design And Water Resistance:

The watch’s design is very unique and personal which is something that I liked the most.

Sapphire glass has been used to make the watch robust, and it has a scratch-proof crystal face.

The watch features a replaceable fluoroelastomer strap that has a silicone-like texture.

The watch can easily survive swimming, snorkeling, as well as various other basic water adventures thanks to its water resistance certification which is 5ATM.

Just refrain from using it for deep dives.

Battery Life:

According to my experience, with typical use, the ScanWatch’s battery life was around one month.

The battery was still 96% charged even after five days of trial, so you must not have to charge this watch for many weeks at a time.

This smartwatch can periodically assess your vital readings without frequent disruptions thanks to the prolonged battery life.

Because the ScanWatch lacks built-in GPS, you must use it in conjunction with your phone if you wish to monitor outdoor activities like bicycle rides and jogging with the greatest degree of precision.

The ScanWatch’s battery performance may be enhanced by the unavailability of GPS as it typically consumes a substantial amount of energy from some of the other activity trackers and racing watches.

What Makes It Best:

A decent mix is achieved by fitness tracking, which collects the information you are usually interested in without delving too deeply.

You may record 40 other types of workouts and create a daily target for your walking steps.

You can also keep track of your distance traveled and calorie consumption.

The Scanwatch incorporates breathing exercises just like many other popular fitness trackers nowadays.


With analog design and health-tracking functionalities, this smartwatch is the best fit for a lot of people.

It has First-rate durability.

And the battery life is excellent.

Overall, it is an incredible choice for a good reasonable smartwatch.

  • Battery life is good.
  • It has an analog design.
  • Offer accurate health information.
  • It is a bit heavy.
  • The screen is a bit small.

Amazfit GTR 2e: (Best Amazfit Smartwatch with Alexa & ECG)

On Mother’s Day special I gifted my favorite watch to my mom.

I wanted to give her something that I loved using for myself so I can be sure that she will have fun using it too.

I used this watch for more than a year and I loved its battery life, and how it works with both android and iPhone.

I have to say it is the best smartwatch with ECG.



With a big round face and a strap made of silicon, the Amazfit GTR 2e has a very similar appearance to the regular GTR 2.

Although the model I tried was black, this smartwatch is also available in light green and grey finishes.

Glass is placed atop an aluminum bezel that encircles the face.

The 1.39-inch AMOLED screen has an anti-fingerprint vacuumed coating and is composed of toughened glass.

After being worn for a few weeks, I noticed that the watch didn’t rapidly pick up stains, proving that the coating is effective.

The smart watch’s navigation is rather straightforward; you swipe the screen and utilize the buttons located on the right side for swiping the screen.

The buttons worked without a hitch, and the touchscreen was quick.

Health Features:

The GTR 2e has a 5ATM water resistance, a pulse rate optical sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an air pressure monitor, a temperature scanner, and ambient light sensors.

It also has Bluetooth 5.0.

The watch performed very well after I test it in the pool.

The watch’s information is displayed easily, workouts are simple to begin and stop, GPS is included for biking and running, and a pulse rate sensor provides detailed tracking and reporting. 

What Makes It Best:

The process of recording indoor activity is quick and simple to get started with, and it offers standard data like calories burned, time spent exercising, heart rate, and, when using a stationary bike, useful statistics like pulse rate zone.

The Amazfit GTR 2e excels at fitness tracking instead of smartwatch features. 

The GTR 2e has a comprehensive list of over 90 activities to monitor, and you can get them by using the navigation or the bottom button on the case.

You can change the list that is displayed to make your chosen workouts immediately visible.


The Amazfit GTR 2e offers some of the longest battery life I’ve seen in a smartwatch, the activities options cover about any activity you can think of, and the design is also very attractive.

  • Plenty of options for tracking your workouts and health.
  • Low cost.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Wearable continuously with ease.
  • Minimal support for notifications.

Fossil: (Best Smartwatch with ECG for Men)

One of my friend’s brother was a user of this watch and he loved it so much he said that it’s the best watch with ECG and anyone who is looking for a good smartwatch with health features should get it.

As soon as he mentioned it, I remembered my uncle who was looking for a watch with a good display and health notification, so I called him up and asked him to get this watch.

And after a week he called me and told me how much he loved that watch.



Although design preferences for digital items are typically polarizing, this is considerably less true for smartwatches because they are primarily used as fashion accessories.

The Fossil Hybrid HR is among the most attractive watches I’ve ever seen, hybrid or not, and it nails this element.

It has solid lugs, a band that is fairly comfortable and is gorgeously covered in metal from all sides.

It has the appearance of a traditional analog watch, which is important for hybrids.

An inbuilt pulse rate sensor there in the backplate periodically activates to take your pulse.

Since the face does not have a touchscreen, there are three pushers for navigating located on the right side.


The Fossil Hybrid HR excels in many areas, including battery life.

According to the manufacturer’s predictions, the watch should operate for “up to two weeks” with a single battery charge, and my uncle’s testing suggests that they are correct.

When he bought the smartwatch from Fossil, it was about 80% charged; now, more than one week later, it is at 22%.

He has not even taken out the charging cable from the box. 

What Makes It Best:

It can record your sleep, engaged minutes, pulse rate while resting and during activity, steps done, calories burnt, and active hours.

In my uncle’s tests, step tracking turned out to be pretty precise.

The middle button serves as a start and stops control, and the main screen displays the title of whatever you’re now playing.  

The volume and rewind or skip controls are accessible by selecting “Controls” (which requires two key pushes).

Even the seemingly easy act of turning the music down requires no steps it’s that simple.


Fossil completely mastered the Hybrid HR’s design.

It’s an elegant hybrid wristwatch with a practical e-ink display that comes in a reasonably priced package.

  • Elegant design.
  • Solid 15-day battery.
  • Innovative e-ink displays.
  • Might lag sometimes.
  • No GPS.

Fitbit Luxe: (Best Fitness Tracker with Stress Management & ECG for Women)

Looking at the watch’s design I loved this watch.

I joined the gym, and I made working out so much easier with the most accurate notifications.

When I was working out at the gym a lot of people loved my watch and its feature.

I gifted this watch to my friend as well and she loved it.



It features ergonomic lines that are tailored to the contours of the human body and adhere to the similar “Biologic Technical Design Language” as the Fitbit Inspire 2, and Sense.

In reality, despite having a design that is quite similar to the Inspire 2, there are several significant variances.

First off, the Luxe employs stainless steel in gold, black, and silver, whereas the Inspire 2 has a plastic shell.

A stainless steel clasp complements this, providing the Luxe with a more polished appearance overall.


However, the Fitbit Luxe’s display is its most notable feature.

Full-color AMOLED featuring a 206 x 124-pixel density, Luxe’s display has excellent visuals.

Additionally, it responds quickly, which is crucial for a gadget without physical buttons.

Using the companion application, you can change the watch face in a variety of appealing ways.

The variety is already astonishing, and over the next months, Fitbit might indeed add additional faces.

What Makes It Best:

You may access Controls and select Sleep, Do Not Disturb, or Water Lock settings by pulling down the main screen, where swiping up display your everyday progress as well as the battery level.

You can navigate through Alerts, Workouts, relaxation (assisted breathing), notifications, and Timers by swiping laterally. 

To access more features, scroll vertically across each of the following sections.

To return, double-tap the display’s top (or swipe right).

Long story short the functionality of this watch is so easy and simple that anyone can use it.

It’s such a user-friendly watch.


The Fitbit Luxe is among the best Fitbits watches to date since it is compact, stylish, and presentable from inside and out.

It’s a good option for an everyday smartwatch. 

  • It has an AMOLED display.
  • It is compact.
  • Heart rate monitoring is good.
  • If there’s no premium Fitbit, you might not get all the features.

Apple Series 7: (Best Apple GPS+Cellular Blood Oxygen & ECG Apps)

Apple Watch 4 was my favorite and when this Apple watch series 7 launched I wanted to get it so bad, but I did not have enough budget to get it.

But I was lucky enough that at my graduation party my mom got it for me, and I loved wearing this as it’s the best watch with ECG. 

It has a good band, fitness tracker, and a lot more features that make this watch unique and very elegant. 



Larger displays are always preferable.

It’s great how the wristwatch is becoming a small iPhone on your wrist as it gains screen size.

The Apple Watch 7’s screen is more than 50% bigger compared to the Series 3 screen and about 20% bigger than the Series 6 screen.

Additionally, the display boundaries are 40% slimmer than they were.

The display is curved in such a way that the borders of the user interface are visible, and the smartwatch is simpler to view from any angle.


The Apple Watch Series 7’s battery life is easily two days long.

The Apple Watch 7 is supposed to charge 33% more quickly than the Apple Watch 6 when using the enhanced magnetic USB adapter that comes with the packaging. 

What Makes It Best:

More text can fit on the screen, or the face can be expanded to make reading simpler.

The larger screen does make it possible to perform more tasks; for instance, you can read more information or have a broader area on which to push larger buttons. 

The newest S7 processor has functionality comparable to the S6 processor from the previous year, making Series 7 the fastest, smoothest, and nicest smartwatch currently on the market.

Battery capacity remains the same, lasting about 36 hours even when sleep monitoring is engaged all night, as well as the display, is on all day.


The Apple Watch 7 has been the most useful model of Apple smartwatches because of its larger touchscreen, battery life, and other useful everyday features.

  • Bigger display.
  • Has a magnetic charger.
  • Has always on a brighter option.
  • A little bit expensive.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches with ECG.

Do you guys have experience with the best smartwatches with ECG?

What are your thoughts on them?

Is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your comments below?

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