11 Best Smartwatches with Speaker and Microphone: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Nearly everyone around the world needs a smartwatch since they look great and because they are packed with functionality.

These tiny devices, which resemble a miniature smartphone, do more than just tell the time; they also assist you in reaching your fitness objectives.

with many incredible features within.

But not every smartwatch is suitable for you.

Therefore, we’re here to help you choose a superior smartwatch.  

It, therefore, comes as no shock that you may purchase smartwatches with built-in speakers and microphones.

Without pulling your smartphone from your pocket, you may use your watch to listen to songs or make or receive calls.

However, we’ll list the top 11 smartwatches with built-in speakers and microphones in this article.

Which are the Best Smartwatches with Speaker and Microphone?

Here are my recommended top 11 Best Smartwatches with Speaker and Microphone:-

Citizen CZ: (Best Stainless Steel Smartwatch with Speaker and Microphone)

When I decided to join the gym to stay fit and healthy, I was looking for something that would help me keep track of my activities, but I was so confused about what it could be.

My friend gifted me this smartwatch and I must say it is one of the best smartwatches with a speaker and microphone. 

Its features, functionality, and specifications all are the reasons that it has made it to the top of the list today. 



The CZ Smart is available in a variety of finishes, as you might anticipate from a high-end fashion watch company.

It has contrasted matte and glossy brushed metal that runs the entire length of the stainless steel bracelet as well as the case, and that is what I would say gives it a stylish and beautiful appearance.

This means that even though everything is almost the same color, the varying textures give it a distinct edge and prevent it from appearing flat.

It is simple but rather striking in its elegance.

The Citizen is also robust.

It can easily withstand if you are caught in the rain or don’t remember to take the watch off before diving into the pool thanks to its 30m water-resistant feature.

The watch’s bottom is comparable to all Gen 5 Fossil watches in terms of appearance and functionality.


It’s wonderful to note that the CZ Smart has the most recent Google Wear software update downloaded, which undoubtedly contributes to the considerably longer battery life and faster functionality, as well as additional features like a programmable display timeout as well as an added weather indicator.

The rotational crown that facilitates navigating through the Watch OS interface is among the most appreciated aspects of the CZ Smart.

It ought to be a prerequisite for all OS smartwatches.

Despite their ability to be changed, the keys on each side of the crown are used to launch the Citizen Watch Face application and Google Fit.

With medium dependability, the CZ Smart sends notifications from your smartphone.

I only expected this from Wear OS.

What Makes It Best:

The included Wellness application claims to track your essentials like sleep, steps calories, and exercises without significantly depleting the battery power.

For individuals who wish to monitor how less or how much they’re walking in a day or what sort of activities they are doing CZ Smartwatch is the best for them.

Because everything is displayed on a single screen, it is easy to use. 

It is quick and simple, and it matches how I have always imagined wearing the watch.

Anybody who needs more comprehensive, data-intensive exercise tracking can also use this watch.

The CZ Smart has a speaker with a microphone for making and receiving calls, which is always appreciated.


Since it began manufacturing watches, over a century ago, Citizen has emerged as a leader in a diverse range of technologies, emphasizing the utilization of light energy and extremely high levels of precision.

And this watch is the best illustration of their incredible effort.

  • It has a superior case made of stainless steel.
  • It has a nice strap that fits well.
  • The battery life is good.
  • Offers unexpectedly strong performance.
  • Erroneous step count.

Apple Ultra: (Best Apple GPS Smartwatch with Speaker & Microphone)

It is safe to say that Apple Ultra is truly the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone.

My father gifted me this watch on my birthday and since then I’ve never stopped using it.

It has the best features and is very simple to use.

The GPS and other tracking sensors are so good and provide accurate tracking of all the health essentials in an individual.



The Ultra is the Apple Watch with the most sophisticated Global positioning capabilities.

It incorporates dual-frequency L1 as well as L5 GPS, particularly.

L5’s presence enables the Ultra to offer improved GPS monitoring and maneuver around hurdles like tunnels, buildings, and even tall trees while maintaining a signal.

Apple asserts that athletes in urban and rural settings, which must struggle with all these higher hurdles and spottier cellular connection, will considerably benefit from the dual-frequency Global positioning system.

However, even if you happen to drop the GPS data during your jog or exercise, the Apple Watch Ultra is intelligent enough to precisely match the dots by utilizing information such as pace, steps, or cadence.


Apple Ultra is bigger at 49mm.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a unique ceramic back that can be found by flipping the watch over.

The metal from earlier generations has been replaced with this cream ceramic finish.

It has not only changed the appearance of the Apple Watch, but it has made the watch more durable.

To provide some shielding, the titanium sides protrude slightly beyond the face.

A unique crown guard has been added to the watch’s crown edge.

This raises the side pushbutton and digital crown beyond the watch’s side.

It gives more robust shielding and makes pressing the keys with gloves easier.

What Makes It Best:

The Apple Watch Ultra has a unique appearance, and I have loved it.

This Apple Watch has a tougher appearance, particularly given the surgical-grade steel on the edges.

When looking at the watch from the rear, the novel flat display gives it a smoother feel and provides additional protection.

The redesigned Action Key and crown guard enhance the watch’s appearance while adding extra functions.

It is a fantastic, well-executed design, and so many individuals will undoubtedly consider purchasing the Ultra for this reason.

Since the Ultra has improved speakers and mics, making phone conversations on the smartwatch is a bit more pleasant.


The new Apple Watch Ultra wristwatch is designed for active people.

With a more durable design, a bigger screen, a better battery life, and a ton of advanced functionality for those who like to go all out, it has everything you could need.

  • It is waterproof.
  • It is very budget-friendly.
  • Has the most durable finish.
  • Has a good battery life.
  • It could be too large for certain wrists.

Apple Watch 8: (Best Smartwatch with Speaker and Microphone)

On my graduation, I was so happy with my grades, and I wanted to give myself a token of appreciation, so I bought the Apple Watch Series 8 which was long due.

Ever since I saw it first on my Facebook feed, I wanted to get it, but I had to wait till my result.

And when I passed my university with distinction I treated myself to this best feature-packed smartwatch, and I loved wearing and using it.

It is no doubt the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone as well. 



The Apple Watch Series 8 feels great to use for the whole day, and even during the nighttime if you’re concerned about sleep monitoring, either you choose the 41mm or 45mm trims (the model I wear).

The squircle design of this smartwatch is one I particularly love looking at, and a WR50 rating ensures water resistance for a maximum of 50 meters of exposure water.

The watch fits well on my wrist.

The Electronic Crown is a joy to use when scrolling through notifications and menus.

To switch between apps or launch Apple Wallet, simply press the button on the side.

Apple’s strap system is one of the simplest to utilize when you want to change the watch band, unlike other smartwatches.


The Apple Watch Series 7’s bigger screen and thinner bezels were its highlight features, allowing users to view more material on the small screen.

Similar to the previous year, the Apple Watch Series 8 conserves a similar design and offers an incredibly amazing viewing performance.

Particularly on the bigger 45mm edition, watch faces have space to shine, messages or notifications extend to the very borders of the screen, and accessing applications or menus never feels constrained.

And what’s so striking isn’t simply how big the screen is.

The 1,000 nits of high brightness ensure that one can read the screen even in strong sunlight, and colors jump with vibrancy.

What Makes It Best:

The Apple Watch Series 8 does have an always-on monitor that shows a darkened form of your smartwatch face whenever you aren’t engaging with applications or notifications.

It’s quite useful to be able to quietly peek down and view the date, temperature, and other information without having to lift my wrist.

 Your action rings, more particularly your Exercise, steps, as well as Stand rings, are the focus of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Each one motivates you to stay fit, exercise for a certain number of minutes, or stand up frequently during the day.

It monitors your heart rate around the clock, distance, steps, active and resting energy, etc.

Furthermore, there is an ECG program for on-demand ECG results, a SpO2 detector for monitoring blood oxygen levels, and a sleep tracker.


The greatest smartwatch available today gets better with the Apple Watch Series 8 thanks to a body temperature sensor, reduced power option, as well as crash detection.

What makes Series 8 sparkle is the style and the fact that it’s among the best smartwatches with a speaker and microphone.

  • It has a sleek and pleasant design.
  • Has a large and stunning display.
  • Offer superior health characteristics.
  • Fast charging rates.
  • There are not many temperature sensors.
  • It is very much similar to series 7.

Moowhsh: (Best Water Resistant Smartwatch Under $100)

I wanted to gift my father the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone since he works in the field, so it is pretty difficult for him to keep his phone in hand to make or take calls.

I gifted my favorite smartwatch to him as it has other best features which are perfect for my dad.

As he gets to monitor his health, his sleep pattern, and all. 



You get a call feature that is exactly like a smartphone due to the integrated HI-FI stereo speaker and precisely cut audio.

This circular smartwatch has a microphone that has a wide frequency range and great sensitivity, allowing you to make calls onto the dial pad with ease, store call logs, and even sync contacts using your phone.

Also, with the BLE5.0 enhanced Bluetooth chipset, women’s smart watches can connect more reliably and across longer distances.

Health Tracker:

All skin tones can use a potent AI algorithm to monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure continuously with extremely accurate results.

This algorithm works in conjunction with the most recent BIO3.0 PPG highly accurate optical sensor gear.

This sports smart watch for both men and women has an improved six-axial G-sensor integrated that tracks your sleep throughout the night allowing you to improve your sleeping pattern if it’s disturbed using the information.

What Makes It Best:

This smart watch’s 1.3-inch AMOLED display, which has 331 PPI, allows for vivid colors and crystal clarity from practically any angle.

64MB of flash memory is put into the 60Hz, high-quality screen technology, which has a rapid refreshing rate and fast response.

This allows numerous functions to run smoothly. 

With 19 preinstalled fitness settings on this smartwatch, you can make the most of each workout and quickly achieve your goals.

The software keeps a record of your path and makes your activity simple to trace when you permit it to use your smartphone’s GPS locations.

The IP68 water-resistant rating provides 66 feet of water resistance, as well as the oleophobic finish instantly removes sweat and fingerprint stains.


With the best design and health trackers, it is the best uni-sex smartwatch with a speaker and microphone.

It is ideal for athletes too.

  • It is water-resistant.
  • The GPS is accurate.
  • The display offers a clear view.
  • It might lag sometimes.

Desong: (Best Lightweight Smartwatch for Men)

As a wedding present, I gifted my brother the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone, and he loved it.

He shared how amazing it had worked and how much he enjoyed his time with this watch.

My brother couldn’t thank me enough for giving him this watch.

He told me how this smartwatch is a perfect size and would fit almost every men’s wrist. 


Bluetooth And Health Trackers:

The 3-in-1 Smart Watch from DESIGN is the ideal blend of a feature-packed smartwatch, a speaker, and Bluetooth headphones.

Step counter, calorie intake tracking, oxygen monitoring, sleep pattern tracking, and TWS Bluetooth Headphones are some of the functions that this smartwatch can execute continuously for 24 hours.

The Watch’s side has some inventive storage.

Bluetooth headphones may be charged within the watch strap as you twist which offers excellent portability.

The Watch Has 128M Storage, allowing you to transfer songs from the computer to the smartwatch and then the watch plays music alone Without linking to a Bluetooth device.

Messages And Call Notifications:

With the DESONG Smart Watch, which is compatible with Android phones and iOS Phones, you’ll never again miss an urgent message or call while working out or if you’re in a meeting.

You’ll get all sorts of notifications such as on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  

Additionally, it can serve as your wellness alarm, body thermometer, recording pen, stopwatch, remote control for cameras and audio, weather forecast, a reminder to get up and move about, and other useful features to satisfy your everyday demands. 

What Makes It Best:

With this smartwatch, you use the most modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which has a low power requirement and low delay.

Keep the sound of your music or call stable so that you won’t be interrupted.

Intelligent touch systems are included in Bluetooth wireless earphones so you may effortlessly operate them.

You may experience crystal-clear and amazing musical moments thanks to lossless High definition audio quality.

Extended endurance is provided by bigger storage and reduced power consumption designs.

This watch is interoperable with iOS 8 and Android. 

This watch contains useful features.


This smartwatch is a very wonderful gift for family and friends to encourage them to stay active and in great health.

This watch is fashionable, yet it is very lightweight and pleasant to wear.

  • It is very lightweight.
  • The design is very good.
  • Offer notifications.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • No GPS.

Gucabe: (Best Outdoor Smartwatch with Speaker and Microphone)

When my brother-in-law passed his exam and when he was leaving for his military duties for the first time, we all were emotional but just the night before we kept a little get-together it was just between the immediate family. 

We all gave him presents and I gave him this watch which has all the features that are perfect for people working in the military.

Before gifting him this I searched all the specifications, and I knew it would be perfect for him. 


Bluetooth Connectivity:

One can instantly place and take calls on this smartwatch after pairing it with Bluetooth.

Additionally, you may view other notifications from the display of this smartwatch and there’s no need to have your phone near you or to have it turned on, you can have all kinds of notifications such as SMS, or alerts from your social media accounts.

You can play music because it has an integrated speaker.

Health Notifications:

It features 7 different fitness options, such as jogging, cycling, walking, skipping, football, basketball, badminton, and more.

The “Daft” application can precisely track all-day activities, including distance, pedometer, calories burnt, pulse rate, and active time, as well as conduct genuine heart rate tracking and link to your phone’s location to track your workouts.

Additionally, it offers weather forecasts, message alerts, etc. 

What Makes It Best:

Military sports watches can withstand a variety of extreme temperatures, including 70 °C heat and even -40 °C cold, with 120 hrs.

Of humidity resistance.

They have received ten military-level certifications.

For your quick outdoor adventures or other activities, this smartwatch is very convenient.

A 400mAh battery life can be charged in just two to three hours.

Additionally, the IP67 waterproofing feature enables you to use this watch while doing normal activities like washing your hands, however, swimming is NOT advised.

To better comprehend your health, this smartwatch enables real-time oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep tracking. 

A 1.28-inch complete touch screen with excellent quality is used in this tracker watch.


This watch is ideal for anyone looking for real-time health-tracking activities or someone who is looking for a watch that can make or receive calls efficiently. 

  • Provide real-time heart rate monitoring
  • Can make calls or receive calls from the watch
  • 1.3 HD Touchscreen.
  • Sleep Monitor.
  • GPS Tracker.
  • Not good for swimming.

Apple 7: (Best GPS+Cellular Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker)

My sister has been raving about the Apple watch series 7 and since I had it that’s why my sister wanted it too.

So, on her birthday I decided to surprise her with this best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone so she would make calls or see the notifications from her watch’s screen. 

I used this smartwatch before gifting her and I loved its features of it.

That’s why I specifically gave my sister this series and she loved it too. 


Display And Health Functionalities:

The Apple Watch 7’s screen seems to be more than 50% bigger than the screen of Series 3 and is about 20% bigger compared to the Series 6 screen.

Additionally, the display boundaries are around 40% thinner. 

The display is curved so that the borders of the user interface are viewable from the sides and if the watch is not at the proper angle, you can still read the screen.

The Apple Watch 7 has a bigger screen, lower bezels, and a 70% brightness all-time mode.

Along with supporting a variety of training styles, it records your pulse rate, steps, and miles via GPS. This year, it included Tai Chi and automated outside cycling monitoring, allowing it to recognize when you get on a cycle and start a workout.

Battery Life:

The battery capacity of the Apple Watch Series 7 could last for 2 days easily.

When the watch is recharged with the upgraded USB-C charger which is magnetic (that is included in the package) the Apple Watch 7 is said to charge 33% quicker compared to Apple Watch 6. 

However, the Apple Watch 6 recharged almost as quickly when I used the USB-C cord to charge it.

What Makes It Best:

The display can accommodate more text or typefaces can be enlarged to make them easier to read.

The wider screen does enable more functions; for example, you can view more content or have a bigger surface space for larger buttons to press.

The functionality of the newest S7 chip is on par with that of the S6 chip from last year, which makes Series 7 the quickest, easiest, and coolest smartwatch available.

With sleep monitoring enabled during the whole night and the screen on continuously throughout the day, battery life is also the same, lasting roughly 36 hours. 


So, there’s no need to waste time if you want a watch with a good display size and a built speaker or microphone Series 7 is the best option for you.

  • Charging is fast.
  • The screen is big.
  • It gives accurate health information.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It is not interoperable with android.

TicWatch Pro 3: (Best Smartwatch with Speaker and Microphone)

I was planning a trip to Bangalore, but I had to shop a lot for that trip and the most essential thing was to get the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone.

But I was so confused as to what would be the best fit so that I don’t regret it later on. 

My friend recommended this watch, but I was so skeptical to get it in the first place.

And because there was no time left, I had to get this watch.

And wow I was so happy with this purchase because all its features were so perfect and the best fit for this trip.



Including the very matte black metal body, shiny black dial, slim bezels, and relatively small design, the TicWatch Pro 3 boasts a svelte appearance.

Although it is a large wearable (48 micrometres wide), it appears much thinner compared to its predecessor and many other smartwatches from the past.

It is lighter in weight than today’s expensive timepieces thanks to its 42g mass.

The TicWatch Pro 3’s display is incredibly clear, bright, and touch-sensitive.

It also offers an always-on option that has an entirely different appearance from the typical smartwatch faces.

Battery Life And Processor:

Without a doubt, the TicWatch benefits greatly from a newer, quicker, and more effective processor.

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon, all of it is extra responsive, quicker, and smoother.

The number of features activated affects how long the TicWatch’s battery lasts.

You can operate the gadget for nearly three days before recharging it. 

That decreases to two days when the always-on primary display feature is activated, which is still longer than other Wear OS watches.

What Makes It Best:

TicWatch also comes with a variety of other fitness and wellness applications, such as Tic Exercise,  Tic Breathe, Tic Hearing, Tic Pulse, Tic Sleep, Tic Oxygen, and Tic Breathe.

The majority of the applications are self-explanatory and functional enough; they track blood saturation, activity, and steps in while also monitoring heartbeat, stress, and alarms if notice abnormal heart rate.

This smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant.

It contains a speaker that allows you to use an Android phone to make and receive calls from the wrist using Google Assistant.


If you’re an Android user Tic Watch Pro 3 is the best, you can invest in.

With the best battery life, waterproof features, and other amazing specifications, this is the best smartwatch. 

  • The sensors are the latest.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has longer battery life.
  • It performs efficiently.
  • It is a bit large for some wrists.
  • There is no ECG monitoring.

Fossil Gen 5E: (Best Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker for Women)

I was looking for a watch that would look stylish, and fancy but was a smartwatch.

I had a wedding coming soon and I wanted to wear something that would look classy but at the same time provide health notifications and allow messages and calls from the screen then my friend asked me to get this watch as it fit all the right boxes to my need.

I did not wait and immediately got this watch and I was so surprised how was this watch so perfect be it the design or the features.

It is also the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone. 



Gen 5E is another piece of evidence that Fossil is an expert in timepieces.

It is reminiscent of the silicone bands on my Seiko diving watches in terms of both appearance and feels; they are supple, cozy, and durable, and that is a positive thing.

Such a choice is very appreciated as there aren’t many smartwatches specifically designed for women.

Gen 5E’s style lineup from Fossil is diverse and well-thought-out.

The overall design is outstanding, and I appreciate the sleek black form that doesn’t veer too far from the tried-and-true minimalist path.

The smartwatch’s sleek, curved bezel makes it easier to swipe over the screen.

Health Tracking:

The Wellness app monitors daily activities, sleeping, and pulse rate while using minimal battery power, and then displays the results on a single screen.

Moreover, the ability to put Health as a Tile is amazing.

Similar to health tracking, it offers basic information rather than an in-depth analysis which is good because as a daily wear watch, I would just look at my health status quickly.

Not everyone likes to keep track of their 100-mile bike ride, thus an exceedingly straightforward one-tap activity monitoring option and a summary with the three crucial statistics would be great.

What Makes It Best:

Even power-consuming applications such as Google Play and maps are doable, and there is seldom any lag while using them normally.

I do value the watch’s call-taking capabilities, which are made possible by its surprisingly powerful speaker and NFC support for Google Pay.

It is sufficiently clear and pleasingly colorful thanks to the 390 x 390-mega pixel display, which offers a similar 328 pixel-per-inch intensity as the bigger Gen 5 watch.


At first appearance, the Fossil Gen 5E promises to be an appealing smartwatch.

It comes with the majority of the features that casual exercisers would need, it is reasonably priced, has a fantastic design, and has a compact case.

  • The fitness trackers are very easy to use.
  • It is very stylish and looks great at weddings, events, etc.
  • Alexa built-in
  • Touchscreen
  • Contactless payments.
  • The processor is not upgraded.

Fossil Gen 6: (Best Fossil Smartwatch with Speaker and Microphone)

I wanted to change my smartwatch, but I was so confused about what should I get because I wanted the best smartwatch with a speaker and microphone and I could not find any watch that would fit into my budget or fulfill my requirements. 

My friend gave me her watch for use for 2 weeks so that if I liked it I would buy the same watch as hers.

And it’s the least to say I loved that watch.



The watch has an uncomplicated appeal with just the perfect amount of retro DNA.

Because of this, the watch is fashionable enough so that it could be worn out at nighttime at a party while yet being practical enough to perform all the activities throughout the day.

The basic chassis is shaped quite simply and is constructed of stainless steel.

It has a slightly rounded design and straightforward lugs that gently follow the shape of your wrist.

The outside bezel is patterned with notches by Fossil.

Battery And Performance:

The wristwatch offers hardware comparable to one of the finest smartwatches thanks to the Snapdragon Wearable 4100 Plus processor, which also boasts 1GB of memory and 8GB of internal storage for internal applications and data.

The Fossil Gen 6 is incredibly quick with such specifications, jumping between apps and screens without latency.

There are no delays in processing and transitions are seamless.

What Makes It Best:

The best and finest Fossil Gen 6 is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and delivers its entire feature set.

The Fossil Gen 6’s screen is excellent, with sharp detail and vibrant color, making it ideal for using more complicated faces using Facer or any other applications.

The Fossil Gen 6 is a gorgeous watch featuring a crown with buttons that give it a more elegant look and make it resemble classic timepieces without overly complicated.

It is a nice compromise between inexpensive smartwatches and Montblanc-caliber complex timepieces.


The Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is a capable device.

The Fossil Gen 6 is a good option for individuals who are seeking a top watch that functions both with iOS and Android smartphones.

  • It has a sleek style.
  • It has swift movement and easy navigation.
  • The screen is incredible.
  • The battery life is not great.

A-Tgtga: (Best Affordable Smartwatch with Sleep Tracker and Speaker)

My brother used to love my father’s watch he always got it for himself.

So on his birthday, I got him this watch that he wanted for so long. 

I read the specifications on the internet, I saw the reviews and wow I was surprised to see how many people loved this watch.


Activity Monitoring:

You can always know your fitness level thanks to the 10 various sport-type trackers, which include that basketball, running, football, hiking, table tennis, trekking, biking, yoga/gym, and elliptical machines.

The watch has 8 different face types that may be changed at any time, and the phone application has more.

Additionally, you can add your chosen picture to the display.

What Makes It Best:

The reminder feature may be turned on or off in the application once the smartwatch and smartphone are connected through Bluetooth.

Most importantly, the phone notifications, which include incoming calls, messages, Facebook notifications, and others, can be shown simultaneously on this smart watch’s display.


You should waste no time this watch is perfect for everyday use.

It tracks all your health-related aspects and helps you better understand the aspects you need to work on to live a healthy life.

  • It offers temperature monitoring.
  • With Music Control.
  • Waterproof.
  • App Message reminder.
  • It might lag sometimes.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches with speakers and microphones. 

Do you guys have experience with the best smartwatches with speakers and microphones?

What are your thoughts on them?

Is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your comments below?

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