12 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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There are several reasons why it’s beneficial to pay close attention to your heart rate.

It can assist you in managing chronic ailments, keeping track of how much you are continuing to work out, and perhaps even alerting you to problems.

It could be difficult to know where to begin when looking for a watch to check your heart health.

If you’re a newcomer to heart tracking, many new features may seem confusing.

We’ve put up this guide to assist you in determining what to search for and the best smartwatch for you.

Which are the Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches:-

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Fitpolo: (Best Cheap Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor)

I got this watch for my father after he had a minor attack back in 2021.

The doctor recommended this watch to my father so he has an insight into his heart rate and other vitals.

This is hands down the best heart rate monitor watch.



Featuring a 1.33-inch TFT-LCD comprehensive touch screen, this innovative health smartwatch represents a significant advancement in key touch fitness watches and lets you connect with your body with features for sleep monitoring, sports recording, menstruation wellness tracking, relaxation assistance, alarm, timer, and other features.

This watch is compatible with Samsung phones operating Android 5.0 or greater and iPhones operating iOS 8.0 (only for smartphones; not really for PCs, iPads, or tablets).

You may receive the schedule, Text, coming call, and SNS (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and more) alerts from this smartwatch by downloading and installing the free “VeryFitPro” Application.

This will ensure that you never miss any significant events.


watch automatically track your heart rate throughout the day as well as your sleep (Hard sleep, Moderate sleep, or awake time) to inform you how much and how effectively you drift off to sleep and to help you make lifestyle adjustments.

Fitpolo Smart Watches have an IP68 water resistance rating, so you may swim in the pool while wearing one without fear.

Extended endurance is provided by the large volume and low energy consumption designs.

It can operate normally for 7 days and reserve for 35 days.

With features like customizable smartwatch faces, alarm clocks, stopwatches, timers, music controls, sedentary reminders, adjustable lighting, and find phone, Fitpolo smartwatches have a lot of useful functions.

What Makes It Best:

Use the Fitpolo smartwatch during the entire day or night to monitor and record your heart rate in legitimate time, at rest, and when working out.

By using the Global positioning system on your phone, you can see your pace and range during runs or bike rides.

Get alerts for calls, calendar events, texts, and mobile apps.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Video chat, WeChat, Google, and Viber are examples of the applications that are supported by this watch.

Analyze the quality of your sleep while it is being tracked automatically.

Each night, be aware of your sleep quality and avoid distractions while you are sleeping.

You may change the brightness depending on the situation, for example, you can make it darker at night or brighter in the sun.


Use this watch to keep track of your health and have an insight into your heart rate all day without any hassle. 

  • Cost-effective.
  • Has multiple useful features.
  • Accurate readings.
  • Not too chunky.
  • Notifications take up the screen space until you clear it.

Fitbit 5: (Best Health Tracker with Built-in GPS)

On Mother’s day, I got my aunt the best heart rate monitor watch, so she can take care of her health in a better way my aunt loved this watch and she said she could invest in it again and would highly suggest it to others to get it. 



The Fitbit Charge 5 is a potent fitness tracker that incorporates the top qualities of all of Fitbit’s previous products.

It features the built-in Global positioning system of the Fitbit Versa 3, the sleek design and brilliant AMOLED display of the Fitbit Luxe, as well as the stress-measuring software from the Fitbit Sense.

If you’re beginning to become serious about your activities (whether that includes jogging, working out in the gym, or a combo), it’s an excellent option and a ramp-up from the Charge 4.

Anybody interested in HIIT or spinning will find the Charge 5 to have particularly outstanding monitoring of heart rates.


The ECG application helps users to look for indications of heart arrhythmia which ought to be explored by a physician, and the Daily Readiness Score feature enables Fitbit Subscription users to monitor their levels of energy every morning and organize their days appropriately.

You’ll advantage from smartphone call notifications so nothing vital ultimately goes to voicemail when you’re working out, as well as messages that can be read, viewed on your device, or rejected with a single tap when you’re exercising.

Fitbit Pay supports contactless transactions, and you’ll get regular prompts to stand up, stretch, and take stock of your day’s accomplishments.

It functions as a great fitness watch that has been compressed into a band.

What Makes It Best:

The Charge 5 is specifically targeted at folks who enjoy improving their heart rates, and each Fitbit product has a niche market.

It’s simple to suggest to anyone who is beginning to take exercising seriously and needs a way to measure their speed and distance with such a good level of precision, even though this device is not as feature-rich as a specialized running watch.  

Nevertheless, the Charge 5 features a setting specifically designed for spinning sessions that notifies you as you change heart rate ranges.

The Charge 5 is an excellent training tool because the heart rate monitor is precise and sensitive.


The Fitbit Charge 5 is one of the most complete fitness trackers I have ever used, and it is no doubt the most competent fitness tracker in the market.

It combines the top qualities of Fitbit’s existing product line into a useful gadget.

  • Good heart rate tracking.
  • On-board Global positioning.
  • Clear, straightforward interface.
  • Contactless transactions.
  • There is no music control.

Cubitt: (Best Waterproof Smartwatch for Kids)

During my summer holidays, we went to Bali and there one of my father’s friends recommended my father the best heart rate monitor watch and my father got it.

We love how this watch performs and gives such accurate readings. 



There is a 1.4-inch-wide touch screen using IPS technology.

The brightness of the screen may be changed, and when the wrist is raised, the screen will instantly brighten up.

The watch features many personalized presentations for various styles as well as ages.

A body temperature monitor (tracks data for the entire day), eight entertaining brain-training activities, and ten daily alerts for healthy habits (homework, breakfast, going to school or going to bed, etc) are all featured in this little gadget. 

Parents can also set a password-protected watch lock.

Get digital platforms, WhatsApp, or call notifications.

The Vibrating reminders can alert you to incoming calls and give you the choice to end the call.

Pairing the Cubitt Jr. application is easy; just use Bluetooth to connect your gadget to an iOS or Android phone. Battery life is 5-7 days while on standby, or 10-15 days.

The screen brightness can be changed according to your preference.


An installed accelerometer sensor lets you keep track of your everyday activities and calculate calories burnt, steps taken, and active time.

You may easily check the status of your workout from the application by selecting one of the six sports modes: jogging, walking, climbing, cycling, basketball, or casual sports.

The watch automatically tracks your pulse rate throughout the day and keeps track of your sleep duration.

You may look at graphs in the application that show you how much or little sleep you get, as well as when you wake up.

What Makes It Best:

The device has an IP68 grade for waterproofness and resistance against dust.

This indicates that it shouldn’t have a debris issue and can withstand being immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of about 4 feet. 

For the mothers, it means they don’t need to worry if the child scrubs their hands or if the watch becomes somewhat dirty.

The heath features give the most accurate reading, especially the sleeping tracker gives you an in-depth record of your sleeping pattern and your sleep quality.

The heart rate tracker tracks your rhythm most appropriately and gives precise accurate readings. 


Without wasting time if someone is looking for a good watch with a heart rate monitor, they should invest in this watch and they won’t be disappointed. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Looks nice.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Delivery takes time.

Omron: (Best Blood Pressure Monitor with Sleep Tracker)

One of my friends’ brothers used this watch, and he enjoyed it so much that he recommended anyone seeking a quality smartwatch with heath features must acquire it.

He called it the best heart rate monitor watch.

He described a watch that had a good display and a health notice, and as soon as I thought of my uncle, I called him and begged him to buy the watch.

He called me a week later to tell me how much he cherished that watch.



Your pulse rate, the oxygen level in your blood, blood pressure, and body temperature may all be tracked with the Omron Wellness smartwatch.

The wristwatch not only lets you monitor your health statistics but also connects with your phone to display notifications.

Straight from your wrist, you may also respond to messages and take calls.

In addition to these functions, the smartwatch lets you regulate media performance and listen to your music.

You may also take pictures with the Wellness smartwatch using your smartphone.


Omron, a well-known fashion brand, combines good habits with chic style.

The touch screen allows you to change the watch displays to your liking.

You have the choice to swap it out with a different leather strap.

The Omron Wellness Watch has a battery life of 7 to 10 days.

The smartwatch has a magnetic charging wire and can take up to two hours to fully charge.

Omron created this sport modes-equipped wellness smartwatch to assist you in keeping track of your regular runs and workouts.

What Makes It Best:

A variety of functions tailored to fitness and health are included in the Omron Wellness smartwatch.

The smartwatch nevertheless maintains an elegant, modest, and vintage appearance.

The Wellness smartwatch has a luxurious finish thanks to its metallic crown and dial.

With a battery capacity of 7 to 10 days, the Omron Wellness Smart Watch is a fantastic choice.

This smartwatch for health just needs two hours to be charged fully.

With a battery performance of 7–10 days, utilizing the wellness features of this watch to the fullest extent won’t be an issue.


This a very affordable option in terms of a smartwatch, especially the one that comes with such amazing health features that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Monitors your sleeping patterns.
  • Consists of smart notifications.
  • Enables a do-not-disturb setting.
  • Incorporates smartphone functionality.
  • Time tracking and alarms.
  • Offers water-resistant housing.
  • Not appropriate for swimming.
  • Only provides a few sports options.
  • Unable to dial or receive calls.

Citizen: (Best Hybrid Smartwatch with Heart Rate Tracking)

I got my friend’s sister this best heart rate monitor watch to surprise her on her birthday.

She told me how this watch is very versatile and can be used for so many purposes.

Plus it looks so cool. 



With a battery life of an astonishing 15 days, this watch can handle whatever your week may bring.

To control your notifications, adjust the dials, and view your fitness data by using the Citizen Connected application.

Monitoring your heart rate, sleep monitoring, distance tracking, alarm, and calorie burn are supported applications.

The watch has Bluetooth connectivity technology.

Use the ease of knowledge at a touch on your fusion smartwatch screen to stay on target.

The data on the display may be tailored to satisfy your requirements and can include steps, temperature, pulse rate, and more.

You have the option to select the dial that best suits your personality or style.


You can keep track of everything you desire.

Blood pressure and heart rate as well as gyroscope detectors give continuous pulse rate tracking as well as track your exercises with automatic activity identification irrespective of whether you are at the gym, hiking the trails, or rushing into the workplace.

You may even invite a partner to a workout using the application.

You can track your sleeping patterns, and recuperation, and connect with Google Fit or Apple Health for comprehensive sleep monitoring.

Your exercise and sleep statistics will be available to you through the Citizen Connect application.

What Makes It Best:

You can easily check messages on your watch thanks to Connectivity options.

The hands will move laterally to clear the screen so that you can see your messages, email messages, schedule alerts, posts on social media, or phone calls.

Use the pushers to move through any message or the crown to delete it.

The watch also has 3ATM water resistance.

The average battery capacity is 15 days, depending on how the battery is used.

The Citizen Connectivity Application can be used to sync this watch.

Citizen created the CZ Smart hybrid watch, which has a lot of exclusive features. 


This versatile watch will assist you in almost all aspects of your life and with its advanced features it will ensure your quality of life as well.

  • Has water resistance.
  • Lots of health features.
  • Keep track of activities.
  • Accurate results.
  • Bit expensive.

POLAR: (Best Running & Multisport Watch with GPS)

My father was leaving us and moving to Canada in quest of employment out of necessity for money.

I was quite worried about my father’s health because he had diabetes, which was the first time he was leaving us.

I wanted to present my father with something that would enable him to monitor his health before he departed.

Giving him this watch was the best thing you could do.

It is the best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.



This wristwatch has several capabilities hidden beneath the surface that are intriguing for a low-cost smartwatch.

With the LCD-colored touchscreen that shows all of this info and has the quality, for a low-cost smartwatch, this watch comes fairly close.

This is a waterproof smartwatch with a 5ATM rating, just like an Apple Watch, and can withstand submersion up to 50 meters deep.

To track your activities this watch is the best option you can avail and it’s pretty much simple to buy it as it’s available everywhere.

Health Tracker:

Four dots can measure an enormous amount of information and these dots are on the back.

The optic sensor continuously monitors your heart rate.

Additionally, it can measure the amount of oxygen in your blood, it also calculates your breaths every second to provide you with a real-time assessment of your health.

As you walk, the accelerometer records your activity and counts your steps.

Your orientation is recorded by the device’s integrated gyroscope, along with other factors, to aid in identifying particular movements.

It is aware of things like when you lift your wrist to rouse it or when you change your position while you are sleeping.

The instrument array is completed with a geomagnetic sensor, which measures your placement concerning the North Pole.

What Makes It Best:

This watch, which is advertised as a starter fitness tracker, may end up being all you ever need.

It is well-equipped for an inexpensive smartwatch, able to track everything including sleep and activity to stress values, respiration, and levels of blood oxygen. 

It offers excellent value for the money thanks to Alexa and integrated GPS.

This smartwatch is suitable for a broader audience, perhaps assisting an increasing number of us in keeping an accurate record of our health thanks to its sports settings and helpful alerts.

It would be helpful to have options for downloading third-party apps and downloading music instantly to the watch which would allow for offline listening. 


With more than enough sports monitoring options and a wealth of health-related functions, this watch is an excellent wearable device keeping in mind its price.  

The Alexa smart assistant as well as integrated GPS are the real highlights of the show.

  • Integrated GPS.
  • Accurate sleep monitoring.
  • Very affordable.
  • Beautiful design.
  • The application needs upgrading.

SUUNTO: (Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch Under $300)

This watch will never let you down no matter how many watches I have tried, this watch is the best heart rate monitor watch and I have always come back to this smartwatch.

I highly suggest this watch to anyone concerned about their health and who wants to keep track of their vitals, this watch will help you in doing that. 



When it relates to altimeter watches, the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is in the lead.

It includes GPS capability and a variety of other useful data-capture functions in addition to altitude and barometric pressure monitoring.

It regularly offered the greatest GPS accuracy among the watches we examined, as well as clear altitude charts and barometric info displays.

What Makes It Best: 

You may also construct routes using the Suunto Movescount application, save them, and after that use them from the watch.

By using a Global positioning system and compass, it’s able to access and from several locations. 

This watch can operate without a battery for around 22 hours while the GPS is turned on.

However, if the GPS is disabled, it can persist for a month or longer.


This watch lives up to your expectations and provides value for money.

Its distinct features are commendable. 

  • Unique features.
  • The look is great.
  • Great display.
  • Precise readings.
  • The screen is not that bright.

Apple 8: (Best Water Resistant Watch with ECG Apps)

During graduation, I finally purchased the long-overdue Apple Watch Series 8 since I was so happy with my grades, and I wanted to treat myself.

Since I first discovered it on my Facebook page, I’ve wanted to have it, however, I had to put it on hold because I was waiting for my test result.

And I finally got it for myself and loved every bit of it.

It’s hands down one of the best heart rate monitor watches too.



It is designed for functions like Always-On Screen, the updated watchOS 9 styles, and a Keypad for messaging.

The display is 20% bigger than the one in the Apple Watch Series 6 and supports these functionalities.

The well-known side click button as well as the digital crown, which are utilized in conjunction with the screen to explore the Apple Watch Series 8’s side, are visible.

A WR50 rating ensures water resistance at approximately 50 meters of submergence, and the watch easily fits on my wrist.

I adore the way it looks, with its squire form.

Battery Life:

The Apple Watch has consistently been a trustworthy everyday watch, and the Series 8 is no exception.

The Apple Watch Ultra offers succeeding endurance, but this device has ample battery for whole-day usage without worrying about running out of power.

I have finished each day while using the Apple Watch Series 8 with between 40% and 30% of the battery still left.

One day I strapped on the Series 8 at 7:00 am, and by 9:30 night I was still wearing it with 48% battery life.

That came and have used Apple Fitness+ to monitor a 20-minute ab workout, receive numerous alerts during the day, set a few timers while preparing supper, and turn on the always-on display.

What Makes It Best:

The Apple Watch Series 8 logs a wide range of health parameters to track your performance during the day.

It monitors your pulse rate around the clock, calories, range, relaxing and activity energy, and moves. 

There is also a SpO2 monitor for automatic and manual blood-oxygen level monitoring, an ECG application to obtain on-demand ECG measurements, and sleep monitoring to gauge the frequency of your ZZs at night.

You have the option of using only a few of these functions, utilizing all of them or disregarding them all.

Apple Watch Series 8 has accident detection for cars.

The Series 8 will question you whether you’re fine with calling emergency services if you’re ever involved in a serious accident.


The greatest smartwatch available today gets better with the addition of a skin temperature sensor, reduced power mode, as well as accident detection with the Apple Watch Series 8.

However, what makes Series 8 stand out, in particular, are the appearance and watchOS 9.

  • Sleek and cozy design.
  • The large and stunning display.
  • Superior health characteristics.
  • Fast charging rates.
  • WatchOS 9 is the best version yet.
  • Detection of auto crashes.
  • There are very few temperature sensors.
  • Comparable to the Series 7.

Google Pixel: (Best Budget Smartwatch Under $370)

I enjoy wearing watches and like to switch them out occasionally, so at the start of this year, I wanted to do the same because the watch I was wearing was getting on in age since I had worn it for 1.5 years.

I intended to get a watch that was well-known for being among the best heart rate monitor watches to keep track of my health, easy to use, and stylish.

I’m very glad I bought this watch after my friend suggested it to me.



The watch has an amazing display that lets you view the screen with bright and vivid colors.

The watch has an amazing heart rate tracker that gives you the most accurate reading.

More than 40 different workout kinds may be tracked by the watch, which can also tally your steps and regularly check your heart rate.

The heart rate readings amazed me because they swiftly changed throughout exercises and updated continuously on watch displays with heart rate complexities.

I always used my Apple Watch Series 7 and Google Pixel Watch during yoga session, and I discovered that the Pixel Watch reported my pulse rate variations at least a half second quicker than my Apple Watch.

The Pixel Watch may record ECGs in addition to monitoring heart rate to look for potential atrial fibrillation symptoms.


This watch works best for people who are very skeptical about their health and want to keep an in-depth eye on their health.

This looks great on all sorts of wrists and has several features that make this watch very versatile and apt to use on a daily basis.

The comfort of this watch is also a feature worth mentioning, the watch’s strap is also very easy and comfortable to put on and the additional buttons allow you to fasten your watch easily, which then adds to the comfort of this watch.

What Makes It Best:

This watch serves as the best means to keep track of your health and gives you the style that you need to look classy even if you use this watch daily.

This watch gives you an accurate reading of your heart rate and keeps you at peace knowing that you are keeping track of your heart and nothing will go wrong.

The watch works way more efficiently than Apple watches, which makes it the best among many competitors.


This watch is the best for people to use occasionally and even on a daily basis.

With style and amazing features, this watch gives value for money.  

  • Simplistic design.
  • Best depiction of Wear OS.
  • Dependable Fitbit fitness tracking.
  • Excellent Google Assistant performance.
  • Feels a bit heavy.

SAMSUNG 5: (Best Bluetooth Smartwatch for Heart Rate Monitor)

When I decided to join a gym to maintain my health and fitness, I searched for anything that would help me keep a record of my activities, but I was unsure of what it would be.

I received this smartwatch as a gift from a friend, and I have to mention that it is among the best heart rate monitor watches.

It has risen to the top of the list as a result of its attributes, capabilities, and requirements.



The case of the Galaxy Watch 5 is distinctively elevated around the display, and it has a singularly large 45mm dimension.

This, I assume, is done to prevent scratches on the sapphire crystal panel.

When I wore the Watch 5 for this review, I went bicycling and trekking.

This smartwatch helped me keep track of my statistics and effort, including time passed, distance traveled, altitude, and pulse rate, even though the hiking course was very straightforward to follow.

In the woody areas of the hike, I had no concerns about damaging the watch.

The concave bezel provides some assurance regarding durability in this situation.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an oversized but attractive gadget.

The screen is what you notice immediately; it is crystal clear, vibrant, and smooth to swipe across.

The watch is protected from harm by a large 1.36-inch display that is surrounded by a high bezel on the titanium case.

Although it occupies a lot of space on the wrist, it didn’t feel uncomfortable because I was used to wearing bulky Garmin and it also looks good, the bulky size doesn’t compromise the look of this watch.

However, those accustomed to smaller smartwatches might find them to be excessively huge.

What Makes It Best:

Having an IP68 rating for water resistance, the Watch 5 can be immersed for more than 30 minutes in depths of more than one meter.

Additionally, the UX has a pleasing design.

There are a wide variety of watch face alternatives available.

Samsung Fitness, the companion application, has the same attractive design.

The depth of the data and ease of access, which allows you to see your day at a glance, pleased me whether I used this watch for running or opened the application on my smartphone to monitor my sleep patterns.


For outdoor activity fanatics who need more than what a standard Samsung watch can offer, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best option for them. 

  • The elevated bezel and robust exterior.
  • Enhanced GPS capabilities.
  • Access to third-party apps.
  • A larger battery life.
  • It is quite chunky.
  • Feels heavy.

POLAR : (Best Advanced Multisport Smartwatch with Daily Workouts)

This best heart rate monitor watch was recommended to my grandfather by his doctor.

The doctor wanted him to keep track of his sugar level as it was getting serious.

We got this watch for him and loved the way it would give accurate readings.



Especially if you’re active in exercising using pulse rate zones, the Sense’s activity tracker features are amazing.

There are several choices for activity monitoring, and the watch and the application work amazingly together and provide the best and most accurate results to the users.

The POLAR Vantage M2 smartwatch has a stylish design.

Its display design is quite identical to the other smartwatches in the market, it has a square screen and curved edges that, according to the creators, are influenced by the contours of the person’s body.

The casing gives the device a premium appearance. Bright, clear, and responsive describe the most unique color display.

A comfortable silicone band is included in the POLAR Vantage M2.


The POLAR Vantage M2 has a maximum life battery of six days, but constant usage of its numerous sensors and utilization of the always-on display can affect it a bit.

Charging this watch is easy; it comes with a compact USB charger and a square dock that magnetically fastens to the smart watch’s pack when everything is time to top it off.

The magnetic connection makes it difficult to misalign, and it is incredibly simple to operate.

Additionally, the integrated mic lets you dictate the text message replies while receiving call or Message alerts from your phone.

The POLAR Vantage M2 is ideal for swimming or wearing in the sea because of its 50m water resistance.

What Makes It Best:

This is the smartwatch that one can use to monitor their heart rate as it has all the features that are best for diabetic people and for individuals who like to keep an eye on their activities and health-related elements.

With a long battery life, this watch is best for longer use. 

  • The design is great.
  • Has multiple health features.
  • The screen size is perfect.
  • Steps count is not always accurate.

Polar: (Best Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor with Ultra-Long Battery)

One of my friends’ uncle used this watch, and he enjoyed it so much that he endorsed anyone seeking a value smartwatch with heath features must acquire it.

He called it the best heart rate monitor watch. Just on his recommendation, I got this watch for my grandfather, and he also had the same views about this watch. 



Your exercise and health data are tracked in real-time with Polar Grit X Pro Titan.

With enhanced sports options, waterproofing, pool swimming compatibility, a microphone, and speaker built-in, a barometer as well as sleep tracking, body oxygen levels, stress tracking, and 24-hour pulse rate tracking you can have such a quality time with this watch as it is all part of this watch, and features that this watch offers efficiently.


The design of this watch is also very unique.

It is robust but looks very stylish at the same time.

If you like to go hiking or if you want to wear it to any professional setting this watch will fit both styles very nicely.

The dial of the watch looks very classy and fits on almost all the wrists.

The strap of the watch looks classy but is also very comfortable and feels light on the wrist.

What Makes It Best:

If you want a watch that gives you both style and performance this is the safest option in the market.

This watch provides value for money and never lets the user down in terms of performance. 


If you’re looking for style and performance, then you should get this watch and its features, and the fashion still tops the market.

  • It is lightweight.
  • The style is unique.
  • The watch has unique features.
  • It is quite pricy.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best heart rate monitor watches.

Do you guys have experience with the best heart rate monitor Watches?

What are your thoughts on them?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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