9 Best Smartwatches with Blood Sugar Monitor: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Individuals with diabetes can benefit greatly from using smartwatches to maintain a good lifestyle.

You can use these tools to control your eating plan, heart rate, caloric intake, or even oxygen levels.

Knowing these strategies can help diabetic individuals control their blood sugar levels.

Dexcom analyses the patient’s blood glucose level and sends the information to their watches or even smartphones. 

People with diabetes can benefit greatly from smartwatches, however, there are a lot of options in the market to select from.

Because of this, determining which smartwatches are best for treating diabetes might be challenging.

The top smartwatches for diabetes are listed below to help you decide.

We’ve conducted an extensive study to shorten our list.

Which are the Best Smartwatches with Blood Sugar Monitor?

Here are my recommended top 9 Best Smartwatches with Blood Sugar Monitors:-

Apple Watch Ultra: (Best GPS Smartwatch to Monitor Glucose Levels Using CGM)

Last year, I got diagnosed with diabetes, and it was pretty shocking for me to tackle such a situation.

My doctor suggested that I keep myself updated with the glucose levels in my body.

I decided to get myself a smartwatch rather than a blood test every day.

After a long research, I learned about the Apple Ultra Watch, which helped me monitor my blood sugar.

Without any needles, it allowed me to test my sugar level. This is the best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor. 


Incredibly Rugged with a Bright Display:

This Apple Watch has a 49mm corrosion-resistant case made with titanium.

It has a large Digital Crown and accessible controls.

The watch is water-resistant and can be used for underwater activities.

For physical control over different features, there’s an instant action button.

This smartwatch features a bright display that’s easy to see even in extreme sunlight.

It has additional room to customize your watch face during any complication.

Moreover, it provides a workout application, including heart rate zones and running—a dual-frequency GPS for accuracy, speed, and distance measurements.

The loop band is thin and lightweight, specially designed for runners. 

Health and Safety Measures: 

It features advanced health sensors to provide deep insights into your health.

For any emergency fall detection and crash detection, it automatically connects you with emergency services.

You can hold the action button to switch on the siren.

Furthermore, the smartwatch provides ten thousand apps on your wrist and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Cellular is built into this model; you can call or text without your iPhone. 


This Apple Watch ultra works the best for blood sugar monitoring.

The design of this watch is quite durable and lasts long. You don’t need your mobile phone constantly; it monitors your health 24/7.

Plus, this incredible watch works as a fitness tracker and tracks your workout routine. 

  • The titanium case is durable and adds a premium feel to the watch.
  • GPS and cellular help you make calls, SMS, and stream music.
  • Comprehensive fitness and health tracking feature.
  • The action button enhances navigation and functionality.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Bright Retina display. 
  • Expensive.

Diranditric: (Best Blood Sugar Monitor Smartwatch Using CGM)

One of my friends is a diabetic patient who needs to check his glucose every week, which is expensive and painful.

I suggested that he get a smartwatch and monitor his glucose level independently.

But unfortunately, he was unaware of such devices.

I heard a lot of hype about Diranditric smartwatches for men, so I recommended he get this device.

This watch helped him immensely by providing a health profile for the day. 


Advanced Health Tracking: 

With this unique smartwatch, you can precisely monitor your health and well-being, including sleep patterns, steps, etc., helping you make authentic decisions about your life.

It has a stylish, comfortable design that elevates your style with a modern touch.

Its ergonomic design ensures you stay comfortable for the day, making it perfect for any occasion.

Moreover, you can enjoy an easy-to-read and bright, touchable display that shows notifications and workout data with more clarity. 

Long Battery Life: 

With excellent power management, this smartwatch provides extended battery life while staying connected and productive without charging it more often.

This smartwatch helps you stay connected.

You can get calls, messages, and app notifications right on your wrist to stay up to date without using your mobile. 


It’s the best smartwatch for blood sugar monitoring, providing you with your daily health profile.

It also keeps you updated with fitness at the end of the day.

I surely recommend this device for diabetic patients.

  • Spacious touch display, making it easy to navigate and interact.
  • Excellent health monitoring features like blood pressure.
  • Resistance to dust and water for outdoor activities.
  • Works with iOS and Android.  
  • Limited app ecosystem. 


Google Pixel: (Best Watch for Measuring Blood Sugar Using CGM)

I was looking for an inexpensive smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.

As a fitness trainer, I need to keep checking my sugar intake.

And this is the best way to monitor sugar levels.

One day, while scrolling, I learned about the Google Pixel smartwatch, and after reading such remarkable reviews, I ordered it.

I tried and tested it for a month; this was the best device with a blood sugar monitor.

The monitor works well and gives you accurate results.

It does not require physical blood tests.

The best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor. 


Impressive Design:

This pixel watch has a stunning circular design and gives a new experience of wear OS by Google, so it’s easier to get help.

You can stay on top of the activity and calories burned with Fitbit activity tracking.

And you can also enjoy six months of Fitbit Premium.

Your heart rate is tracked, and you get insight into your sleep and assess your heart rhythm.

Moreover, you can save time with things like Google Wallet for payments, directions using maps, and event notifications.

Throughout the day, you stay connected wherever you go and respond to messages or calls. 

Emergency SOS: 

With this emergency SOS, your smartwatch automatically alerts your trusted contacts when you feel unsafe.

It’s made with scratch-resistant corning, gorilla glass is used, and the fitness watch can withstand up to 500 meters of water resistance.

What’s more? The smartwatch works with pixel phones and pixel buds; a fast pair helps you connect your devices.

You can also accessorize your watch with additional bands for every outfit and activity. 


I wholeheartedly recommend using this smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.

It checks your sugar level digitally and provides results throughout the day.

It also provides you with health and fitness profiles to help you stay updated with your health. 

  • Seamless integration with Android smartphones and Google services.
  • Comprehensive fitness and health monitoring with Fitbit.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • LTE connectivity.
  • Premium and durable build quality. 
  • Compatibility is limited. 


Amazfit GTR 4: (Best Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen Monitor Using CGM)

On my friend’s recommendation, I bought this Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch to measure my sugar level.

I was tired of facing diabetes and having blood tests for so long.

I don’t want to give a blood sample from a needle anymore.

This painless monitor is the best device to measure glucose level in your blood.

Plus, you are provided with your health and fitness routine as well.

Most importantly, it has a GPS tracker to track your locations accurately.  


Strong GPS Tracking:

The GTR 4 has polarised GPS technology, just like in automotive fields, so that you can have fun with more robust positioning as accurately as top GPS locators.

You can also import a route file to the watch from the Zepp app and navigate in real time.

This Amazfit is the first smartwatch with anti-glare technology on the bezel cover, and a large display has a fingerprint coating to keep your watch looking accurate.

This smartwatch has a middle frame of aluminum alloy and a stainless steel navigation crown, giving this watch a vintage feel. 

Advanced Fitness Support: 

This stunning watch allows you to select sports modes over 150 and supports intelligent recognition of 8 sports.

This fitness tracking watch is perfect for tracking your swimming data and enduring 50 meters of water pressure.

You will get live alerts broadcast through the watch for sports data like pulse rate.

In addition, this GTR 4 smartwatch has a new bio tracker, and you can enjoy accurate 24-hour monitoring for the day.

It also monitors blood oxygen saturation and stress levels.

The health tracker also detects your breathing rate and can measure four health metrics with a single tap. 


This is the best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.

It can make and receive calls. Also, you are provided with your health and fitness routine every day.

Your sugar level is tested without the use of any blood tests.

Everything is displayed on its vibrant display, and you will be amazed by its quality. 

  • Dual GPS band for reliable and accurate location tracking.
  • Amazon Alexa allows for voice commands.
  • Ability to make and receive calls through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Over 150 sports modes are featured.
  • Long battery life.
  • Insights in your heart rate and blood oxygen.
  • AMOLED display for vibrant and sharp visuals. 
  • Limited compatibility. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy 3: (Best Smartwatch with Advanced Health Monitoring Using CGM)

I enjoy wearing watches and like to switch them out occasionally, so at the start of this year, I wanted to do the same because the watch I was wearing was getting on in age since I had worn it for 1.5 years.

I intended to get a watch that was well-known for being among the best smartwatches with blood sugar monitors, easy to use, and stylish.

I’m very glad I bought this watch after my friend suggested it to me.



The tactile bezel was useful and enjoyable when I tested the mechanism for my initial Samsung Galaxy Watch evaluation.

Swiping or attempting to push at the round display using the finger was not as effective as spinning the dial, which worked nicely with all side buttons.

The second or third time around, the bezel stands up and feels considerably better as Samsung makes the Galaxy Watch 3 thinner.

Compared to the original Galaxy Watch, it is 15% lightweight, 14% slimmer, and 8% tinier.

However, in comparison to my Apple Watches, the 41mm, 1.7-ounce Mystic Bronze version I examined seems bulky.

It looks less similar to a high-tech watch and more like a conventional one as a result.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 stands as a fashionable piece, although I might forgo my Apple Watch for a fancy meal or a date night.

Even better, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has authentic leather bands that complement the color of the case and give it a more upscale appearance.

Performance And Display:

The 360 x 360-pixel display of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is clear, sharp sufficiently to be visible in bright sunshine, and is constantly on.

I’ll be honest, Apple Watch issues make me anxious.

The Galaxy Watch 3, which has 40 complexities and 80,000 distinct watch faces, makes things a lot easier for me. 

The numerous menus on the Galaxy Watch 3 are very customizable and filled with practical applications.

The bezel makes navigating simple, and I used the two keys and it to reach the place I needed to go.

What Makes It Best:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can monitor 40 different activities including workouts etc.

Seven of these can be recorded automatically, so you won’t necessarily need to choose the type of activity you’re doing in advance.

The Galaxy Watch 3’s built-in GPS precisely determined my regular course.

With an ECG monitor that has received FDA approval, the Galaxy Watch 3 can detect atrial fibrillation symptoms.

In a congested smartwatch industry, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 distinguishes out.

Samsung was able to build an equilibrium between both fashion and fitness tracking even though there are many fashionable smartwatches and great fitness trackers available today this watch stands out the most.


A rotatable bezel, ECG tracking, and fall warning are all features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

It is currently the best, most versatile Android smartwatch available.

  • Slimmer style compared to the original.
  • Real rotating bezels are back.
  • ECG readings with FDA approval.
  • Battery life is shorter.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus: (Best GPS Smartwatch with Blood Sugar Monitor Using CGM)

I was looking for a watch with my friend before going on a trip to the Maldives, so I came across this watch and after reading its specification I knew I had to buy it.  

It offers all the features I was hoping for.

The best watch with blood sugar monitor and other important functions is without a doubt this one.


Design And Performance:

Almost similar in appearance to the classic Venu 2, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a 43mm casing as opposed to the 40mm and 45mm cases of the original watch.

It strikes an excellent balance between size and comfort for smaller wrists, being spacious enough to accommodate the additional components of the modern watch.

Such as Venu 2, the Venu 2 Plus has a high durability of water rating of 5ATM, which qualifies it for bathing and swimming but is not suitable for diving or fast-paced watersports.

The touchscreen AMOLED screen on the Venu 2 Plus is vibrant, high-resolution, and appears responsive when being used.

Although there is an always-on mode, the battery life is shorter.

Battery Life:

The battery life will constantly vary according to how you utilize the watch’s different functionalities, especially SpO2 and Global positioning.

The watch can operate in smartwatch settings for up to nine days, power saving mode for up to ten days, Navigation, and music for a maximum of eight hours, or GPS only for 24 hours.

I recorded one workout routine while using the Venu 2 Plus, and I discovered that the charge depleted at a pace of about 10% each day, which is higher than the claimed figures and admirable for a potent AMOLED smartwatch.

What Makes It Best:

The inclusion of a mic is indeed the main distinction between Venu 2 and Venu 2 Plus.

As long as your smartphone is under the Bluetooth range, you can utilize voice assistance on your phone and place and receive calls.

During my tests using the watch linked to an Android smartphone, Google Assistant was able to interpret my queries without any issue because of the superb sound clarity from the mic.

In addition, even when I wasn’t exercising, I found myself utilizing Google Assistant far more frequently than I would normally because of how convenient it was to have it practically on my wrist.


With its inbuilt voice assistance and fitness functions, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus is among the best smartwatches and beats its competitors in the market.

  • Accept calls from the watch.
  • Voice assistance feature.
  • Bright display.
  • 10 days battery life.
  • Not too many sizes.

Amazfit Bip U Pro: (Best Affordable Smartwatch with Blood Sugar Monitor Using CGM)

My father was leaving us and moving to Canada in quest of employment out of necessity for money.

I was quite worried about my father’s health because he had diabetes, and this was the first time he was leaving us.

I wanted to present my father with something that would enable him to monitor his health before he departed.

Giving him this watch was the best thing you could do.

It is the best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.


Design And Performance:

People may mistake the Amazfit Bip U Pro watch for an Apple Watch due to its form and simplistic appearance.

However, the Amazfit wristwatch has several capabilities hidden beneath the surface that are intriguing for a low-cost smartwatch.

The 1.43-inch LCD colored touchscreen that shows all of this info has a quality of 320302, whereas the 1.57-inch touchscreen on the Apple Watch Series 6 possesses a resolution of 394324.

For a low-cost smartwatch, the Amazfit comes fairly close.

The Amazfit Bip U Pro is a waterproof smartwatch with a 5ATM rating, just like an Apple Watch, and can withstand submersion up to 50 meters deep.

Health Tracker:

Four dots can measure an enormous amount of information and these dots are on the back.

The tracker 2 PPG optic sensor continuously monitors your heart rate.

Additionally, it can measure the amount of oxygen in your blood, it also calculates your breaths every second to provide you with a real-time assessment of your health.

As you walk, the accelerometer records your activity and counts your steps.

Your orientation is recorded by the device’s integrated gyroscope, along with other factors, to aid in identifying particular movements.

It is aware of things like when you lift your wrist to rouse it or when you change your position while you are sleeping.

The instrument array is completed with a geomagnetic sensor, which measures your Amazfit Bip Pro U’s placement concerning the North Pole.

What Makes It Best:

The Amazfit Bip U Pro, which is advertised as a starter fitness tracker, may end up being all you ever need.

It is well-equipped for an inexpensive smartwatch, able to track everything including sleep and activity to stress values, respiration, and levels of blood oxygen. 

It offers excellent value for the money thanks to Alexa and integrated GPS.

This Amazfit smartwatch is suitable for a broader audience, perhaps assisting an increasing number of us in keeping an accurate record of our health thanks to its 60 sports settings and helpful alerts.

It would be helpful to have options for downloading third-party apps and downloading music instantly to the watch which would allow for offline listening. 


With more than 60 sports monitoring options and a wealth of health-related functions, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is an excellent wearable device keeping in mind its price.

The Alexa smart assistant and integrated GPS are the show’s real highlights.

  • Integrated GPS.
  • Accurate sleep monitoring.
  • Very affordable.
  • Beautiful design.
  • The application needs upgrading.
  • The screen aims to pick up fingerprints.

3Plus Cruz Hybrid: (Best Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor)

I gave my mother my favorite watch for Mother’s Day.

To ensure that she will enjoy using it as well, I wanted to gift her something that I enjoyed using.

I loved the battery life of this watch and how well it worked with both Android and iPhone for more than a year.

In my opinion, it is the best smartwatch with a blood sugar monitor.



Considering the robust metal body, this watch is one of the lightest I’ve ever worn.

I enjoy it.

The Nixon Mission’s interfaces have deteriorated pogo pins, but the watch gets charged inductively.

Since the watch needles are wireframes, the screen is visible through them. 

The battery is barely affected by the hours-long operation of the pulse rate sensor on the back.

An LED on the charging dock shows three different states: off, charging, and completely charged.

Which is nice.

The interior of the band has a leather-like texture or finish, and it is easy to use as it releases quickly, so it never tangles with your arm hair. 

What Makes It Best:

This watch has a built-in heart rate monitor which helps you keep track of your health.

This watch gives you the most accurate health information which gives you a better insight into your health.

The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices which makes it a feasible option for a lot of people.

If you want to wear this watch for daily use, it is the perfect fit for that as well.

Because it is designed and built in a way that suits every style and wardrobe. 


This watch is the best smartwatch in the industry, with its unique and efficient features this watch outperforms many watches and takes a lead. 

  • Accurate health sensors.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Compatible with IOS and android.
  • Not water resistant.

Kenneth Cole: (Best Smartwatch with Health Technology Under $100)

One of my friends’ brothers used this watch, and he enjoyed it so much that he recommended anyone seeking a quality smartwatch with heath features must acquire it.

He called it the best watch with a blood sugar monitor.

He described a watch that had a good display and a health notice, and as soon as I thought of my uncle, I called him and begged him to buy the watch.

He called me a week later to tell me how much he cherished that watch.



Your pulse rate, the oxygen level in your blood, blood pressure, and body temperature may all be tracked with Kenneth Cole’s Wellness smartwatch.

The wristwatch not only lets you monitor your health statistics but also connects with your phone to display notifications.

You may also respond to messages and take calls straight from your wrist.

In addition to these functions, the smartwatch lets you regulate media performance and listen to your music.

You may also take pictures with the Wellness smartwatch using your smartphone.


Kenneth Cole, a well-known fashion brand, combines good habits with chic style.

The touch screen allows you to change the watch displays to your liking.

When purchasing the watch, a black silicone band with an embossed Kenneth Cole logo is included.

You have the choice to swap it out with a different leather strap.

The Kenneth Cole Wellness Watch has a battery life of 7 to 10 days.

The smartwatch has a magnetic charging wire and can take up to two hours to fully charge.

Kenneth Cole created this sport modes-equipped wellness smartwatch to assist you in keeping track of your regular runs and workouts.

What Makes It Best:

A variety of functions tailored to fitness and health are included in the Kenneth Wellness smartwatch.

The smartwatch nevertheless maintains an elegant, modest, and vintage appearance.

The Wellness smartwatch has a luxurious finish thanks to its metallic crown and dial.

With a battery capacity of 7 to 10 days, the Kenneth Cole Wellness Smart Watch is a fantastic choice.

This smartwatch for health just needs two hours to be charged fully.

With a battery performance of 7–10 days, utilizing the wellness features of this watch to the fullest extent won’t be an issue.


This a very affordable option in terms of a smartwatch, especially the one that comes with such amazing health features that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Monitors your sleeping patterns.
  • Consists of smart notifications.
  • Enables a do-not-disturb setting.
  • Incorporates smartphone functionality.
  • Time tracking and alarms.
  • Offers water-resistant housing.
  • Not appropriate for swimming.
  • Only provides a few sports options.
  • Unable to dial or receive calls.

Ending Paragraph:

Alright, guys, We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches with blood sugar monitors.

Do you guys have experience with the best smartwatches with blood sugar monitors?

What are your thoughts on them?

Which smartwatches are best for construction workers? 

Is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your comments below?

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