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About “Luis Cooper” and Thewatchesgeek



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About thewatchesgeek.com


Thewatchesgeek came into existence following a discussion between Luis Cooper and some friends. They wanted to know which watch is the best  for weddings and other events. Luis realized there must be many people trying to figure out what “the best thing for X” is.

If you are trying to figure out which product is best for you, we believe you will find thewatchesgeek useful.

Many people go with whatever product their friends recommend without doing any research. This is understandable. Not everyone has the time to do their research and read hundreds of reviews.

Luis discussion with his friends about the best watches ended in a watches store. They looked at thirty-six watches. Some were good, and some were great. Some were junk, and some were very expensive. After spending a few hours in the store, Luis left with nothing except a great idea for a website.


The idea for thewatchesgeek.com is to provide unbiased information about different watches products in the format of a “Best watches for AYZ” list.

We want this website to be the last destination for people as they pick the best product to fit their needs. You can find our unbiased reviews here on thewatchesgeek.