The 12 Best Smartwatches for Diabetes Patients: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide and requires constant monitoring to maintain good health.

With advancements in technology, smartwatches have become an increasingly popular tool for people with diabetes to manage their condition.

These wearable devices not only offer advanced health monitoring features but also allow individuals to track their blood sugar levels with ease.

Smartwatches equipped with glucose monitoring capabilities can be incredibly helpful for diabetes patients.

They can provide real-time data and notifications about glucose levels, helping individuals make informed decisions about their health.

Furthermore, smartwatches also offer other health-related features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and stress management tools, making them versatile and convenient devices for those with diabetes.

When selecting a smartwatch for diabetes management, it’s essential to consider factors such as accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

The device should also be compatible with other health monitoring tools and software that the individual may already be using.

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right smartwatch can be a daunting task.

However, the good news is that there are several high-quality smartwatches that cater to the needs of diabetes patients and can help them manage their condition effectively.

Which are the Best Smartwatches for Diabetes Patients?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best Smartwatches for Diabetes Patients:-

Google Pixel: (Best Smartwatch for Diabetes Patients) 

I enjoy wearing watches and like to switch them out occasionally, so at the start of this year, I wanted to do the same because the watch I was wearing was getting on in age since I had worn it for 1.5 years.

I intended to get a watch that was well-known for being among the best smartwatches for a diabetes patient to keep track of my health, easy to use, and stylish.

I’m very glad I bought this watch after my friend suggested it to me.

Key Features:


The watch has an amazing display that lets you view the screen with bright and vivid colors.

The watch has an amazing heart rate tracker that gives you the most accurate reading.

More than 40 different workout kinds may be tracked by the watch, which can also tally your steps and regularly check your heart rate.

The heart rate readings amazed me because they swiftly changed throughout exercises and updated continuously on watch displays with heart rate complexities.

I always used my Apple Watch Series 7 and Google Pixel Watch during yoga sessions, and I discovered that the Pixel Watch reported my pulse rate variations at least a half second quicker than my Apple Watch.

The Pixel Watch may record ECGs in addition to monitoring heart rate to look for potential atrial fibrillation symptoms.


This watch works best for people who are very skeptical about their health and want to keep an in-depth eye on their health.

This looks great on all sorts of wrists and has several features that make this watch very versatile and apt to use on a daily basis.

The comfort of this watch is also a feature worth mentioning, the watch’s strap is also very easy and comfortable to put on and the additional buttons allow you to fasten your watch easily, which then adds to the comfort of this watch. 

What Makes It Best:

This watch serves as the best means to keep track of your health and gives you the style that you need to look classy even if you use this watch daily.

This watch gives you an accurate reading of your heart rate and keeps you at peace knowing that you are keeping track of your heart and nothing will go wrong.

The watch works way more efficiently than Apple watches, which makes it the best among many competitors.


This watch is the best for people to use occasionally and even on daily basis.

With style and amazing features, this watch gives value for money.  

  • Simplistic design.
  • Best depiction of Wear OS.
  • Dependable Fitbit fitness tracking.
  • Excellent Google Assistant performance.
  • Feels a bit heavy.

Ticwatch Pro 3: (Best GPS Smartwatch for Diabetes Patients)

I was looking for a watch with my friend before going on a trip to the Maldives, so I came across this watch and after reading its specification I knew I had to buy it.  

It offers all the features I was hoping for.

This is the best smartwatch for diabetes patients and other important functions are without a doubt this.



Your exercise and health data are tracked in real-time with the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Global positioning system.

With enhanced 100+ pro sports options, IP68 waterproofing, pool swimming compatibility, a microphone, and speaker built-in, a barometer as well as sleep tracking, body oxygen levels, stress tracking, and 24-hour pulse rate tracking are all part of this watch, and features that this watch offers efficiently.

There are new features like IHB/AFib Recognition and Fatigue Evaluation etc.


The design of this watch is also very unique.

It is robust but looks very stylish at the same time.

If you like to go hiking or if you want to wear it to any professional setting this watch will fit both styles very nicely.

The dial of the watch looks very classy and fits on almost all the wrists.

The strap of the watch looks classy but is also very comfortable and feels light on the wrist. 

What Makes It Best:

If you want a watch that gives you both style and performance this is the safest option in the market.

This watch provides value for money and never lets the user down in terms of performance.

The built-in speaker allows you to talk to people on call very easily and efficiently.

Both the speaker and microphone are great and work with the best audio quality.


If you’re looking for style and performance, then you should get this watch and its features and the style still tops the market.

  • It is lightweight.
  • The style is unique.
  • The watch has unique features.
  • Has a built-in speaker and mic.
  • It is quite pricy.

SAMSUNG Galaxy 4: (Best ECG Monitor Tracker for Health)

My father was leaving us and moving to Canada in quest of employment out of necessity for money.

I was quite worried about my father’s health because he had diabetes, and this was the first time he was leaving us.

I wanted to present my father with something that would enable him to monitor his health before he departed.

Giving him this watch was the best thing you could do.

It is the best smartwatch for diabetes patients.

Key Features:


The tactile bezel was useful and enjoyable when I tested the mechanism for my initial Samsung Galaxy Watch evaluation.

Swiping or attempting to push at the round display using the finger was not as effective as spinning the dial, which worked nicely with all side buttons.

The second or third time around, the bezel stands up and feels considerably better as Samsung made the Galaxy Watch 4 thinner.

Compared to the original Galaxy Watch, it is 15% lightweight, 14% slimmer, and 8% tinier.

However, in comparison to my Apple Watches, the 41mm, 1.7-ounce Mystic Bronze version I examined seems bulky.

It looks less similar to a high-tech watch and more like a conventional one as a result.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 stands as a fashionable piece, although I might forgo my Apple Watch for a fancy meal or a date night.

Even better, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has authentic leather bands that complement the color of the case and give it a more upscale appearance.


The 360 x 360-pixel display of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is clear, sharp sufficiently to be visible in bright sunshine, and constantly on. 

I’ll be honest, Apple Watch issues make me anxious.

the Galaxy Watch 4, which has 40 complexities and 80,000 distinct watch faces, makes things a lot easier for me. 

The numerous menus on the Galaxy Watch 3 are very customizable and filled with practical applications.

The bezel makes navigating simple, and I used the two keys and it to reach the place I needed to go.

What Makes It Best:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can monitor 40 different activities including workouts etc.

Seven of these can be recorded automatically, so you won’t necessarily need to choose the type of activity you’re doing in advance.

The Galaxy Watch 4’s built-in GPS precisely determined my regular course.

With an ECG monitor that has received FDA approval, the Galaxy Watch 4 can detect atrial fibrillation symptoms.

In a congested smartwatch industry, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 distinguishes out.

Samsung was able to build an equilibrium between both fashion and fitness tracking even though there are many fashionable smartwatches and great fitness trackers available today this watch stands out the most.


A rotatable bezel, ECG tracking, and fall warning are all features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

It is currently the best, most versatile Android smartwatch available.

  • Slimmer style compared to the original.
  • Real rotating bezels are back.
  • ECG readings with FDA approval.
  • Battery life is shorter.

Amazfit GTS 2e: (Best Smartwatch for Women Under $150)

I gave my mother my favorite watch for Mother’s Day.

To ensure that she will enjoy using it as well, I wanted to gift her something that I enjoyed using.

I loved the battery life of this watch and how well it worked with both Android and iPhone for more than a year.

It is, in my opinion, the best smartwatch for diabetes patients.

Key Features:


The hardware and interface for the Amazfit GTS2E are top-notch.

It has the appearance and feel of a product designed to cope with the more pricey smartwatches available today.

It is also more pleasant to use compared to the Amazfit T-Rex 2, which I just reviewed, because of its lightweight and thin construction.

Fortunately, you can quickly switch out the bands using the conventional watch springs bar system, to which you may hook any 22mm smartwatch strap of your choice.

Each of the sensors is located on the watch’s backside.


Instead of Google’s Watch OS, the Amazfit GTS 2E uses the industry’s proprietary “Zepp OS 2.0.”

While working with the T-Rex 2, I got a feel for this specific OS, and it’s really simple but effective.

Zepp OS’s pleasant ease of use is what I adore the most about it. 

If you are switching from another smartwatch, you will quickly become accustomed to this interface.

I didn’t see any ghost footsteps being tracked, and the step count tracking itself was generally accurate.

The watch can recognize movement and begin logging it as exercise.

What Makes It Best: 

There is a little reduction in the size of the AMOLED touchscreen.

Additionally, the watch is completely waterproof (up to 5 ATM/50m; I tried it in a swimming pool).

With this watch, you can always monitor your pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and stress level.

The smartwatch will also monitor other data, such as menstrual period, quality of sleep (also includes naps), and some other data.

Amazfit promises a larger 475mAh battery that will be good for 14 days of typical use.

The battery life is amazing.


From its early years, Amazfit has evolved a long way.

The GTS 2E is unquestionably one of the greatest watches the company has ever created, and it demonstrates how these watches have also advanced over time.

  • Amazing battery life.
  • Beautiful AMOLED screen.
  • Precise tracking of fitness. 
  • A lot of setting options.
  • Ugly watch faces.

Fitbit Sense: (Best Budget Smartwatch for Diabetes Patients)

One of my friends’ brothers used this watch, and he enjoyed it so much that he recommended anyone seeking a quality smartwatch with heath features must acquire it.

He called it the best smartwatch for diabetes patients.

He described a watch that had a good display and a health notice, and as soon as I thought of my uncle, I called him and begged him to buy the watch.

He called me a week later to tell me how much he cherished that watch.

Key Features:


Especially if you’re active in exercising using pulse rate zones, the Sense’s activity tracker features are excellent.

There are several choices for activity monitoring, and the watch and Fitbit application work together to give you a set of statistics related to your workout once it is over.

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch has a stylish design.

Its display design is quite identical to the Fitbit Versa series; it has a square screen and curved edges that, according to Fitbit’s creators, are influenced by the contours of the person’s body.

The stainless-steel casing gives the device a premium appearance.

Bright, clear, and responsive describe the Gorilla Glass-encased color display.

A comfortable silicone band is included in the Fitbit Sense.


The Fitbit Sense has a maximum life battery of six days, but constant usage of its numerous sensors and utilization of the always-on display can affect it a bit.

Charging the Sense is easy; it comes with a compact USB charger and a square dock that magnetically fastens to the smart watch’s pack when everything is time to top it off.

The magnetic connection makes it difficult to misalign, and it is incredibly simple to operate. Additionally, the Sense’s integrated mic lets you dictate the text message replies while receiving call or Message alerts from your phone.

The Sense is ideal for swimming or wearing it in the sea because of its 50m water resistance.

What Makes It Best:

This is the best smartwatch that one can use to monitor their diabetes as it has all the features that are best for diabetic people and for individuals who like to keep an eye on their activities and health-related elements.

With long battery life, this watch is best for longer use. 

  • The design is great.
  • Has multiple health features.
  • The display has vivid colors.
  • The screen size is perfect.
  • Steps count is not always accurate.

Fitbit Versa 4: (Best Fitness Smartwatch with 24/7 Heart Rate)

This s the best watch for diabetes patients as it allows one to monitor their sugar level and keep track of their health.

My father’s friend also uses this watch, and he also adores this watch just as much.

Key Features:


If you do not utilize the “always on” screen option, the battery life is excellent, and Fitbit’s usage of the Pixel Watch’s UI structure makes its smarter functions, particularly notifications, easy to access.

It’s certainly adequate for anyone who wants to sloppily track daily runs or hikes.

The Fitbit Versa 4 and Versa 3 share a striking visual similarity.

It has a square face and a pleasant appearance.

The glass protecting the screen is rounded.

The back is plastic, whereas the bezel is aluminum. 


The Fitbit Versa 4 is a durable, user-friendly device that soars above the fitness watch and smartwatch categories.

If you don’t turn on the always-on screen option or regularly check your alerts, it can go for around a week without charging.

This watch has the recognizable Fitbit design aesthetic yet manages to be more approachable and gender-neutral than nearly all of its competitors.

In contrast to the competitors, it does not appear nerdy yet is a watch that is obviously “techy.”


The Fitbit Versa 4 is a comprehensive fitness smartwatch that offers a range of features designed to help you track your health and fitness.

With its stylish design, GPS tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and 40+ exercise modes, it provides a wealth of information to help you stay on top of your health.

However, the limited battery life, limited app availability, and limited third-party integration may be a drawback for some users. Ultimately, the Fitbit Versa 4 is a solid choice for those who are looking for a comprehensive fitness smartwatch.

  • Daily Readiness Score: Provides a comprehensive overview of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • GPS Tracking: Tracks your outdoor activities and provides accurate distance, speed, and route information.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring: Continuously tracks your heart rate and provides alerts for elevated or irregular beats.
  • 40+ Exercise Modes: Customizable exercise modes that cater to a variety of activities and help you track your progress.
  • Sleep Tracking: Automatically tracks your sleep patterns and provides insights into the quality of your sleep.
  • Multiple Health Features: Tracks steps, calories burned, active minutes, and other key health metrics.
  • Water-resistant: Can be worn in the shower, pool, or during other water-based activities.
  • Stylish Design: Comes in a stylish Pink Sand/Copper color that appeals to a wide range of users.
  • Limited Battery Life: With heavy usage, the battery may last only 1-2 days.
  • Limited App Availability: The app store is limited compared to other smartwatches.

Garmin 010-02172-31: (Best Affordable Watch Under $200)

This watch was given to my father by my sister as she is a doctor and she is always very careful about our health.

So she gave me the best smartwatch for a diabetes patient to my father and my father loved its functions and wears it almost every day.



One of the biggest differences between the Vivoactive 4 and its forerunner is the fact that it is available in two sizes, including a 40mm “S” variant designed for people with thinner wrists.

In comparison to the standard 45mm smartwatch, the compact device is lighter, weighs a little less, but lasts only a few weeks between charges.

The smartwatch now includes a music player as standard, featuring offline storing for Spotify as well as Deezer, drawing inspiration from the Vivoactive 3 Music.

With its illustrated guided exercises and Garmin’s “Coach” function, the Vivoactive 4S is far more suitable for newcomers to jogging and the gym than prior models.

In addition to the standard Global positioning system, pulse-rate monitoring, and sleeping track functions that come with a Garmin fitness watch, there are a variety of other unique features including the Energy Battery function and blood-oxygen tracking, which makes this watch unique. 


The Body Battery functionality, which debuted on the Vivosmart 4, is now available on both the Vivoactive 4 as well as 4S.

Your existing energy levels are graded out of 100 using the information on your activities, level of stress, and sleep quality.

It is, in essence, a function that seeks to provide you with a quick, simple method of determining when it is a great time to go to the gymnasium and when it would be best for you to take some rest.

Although it may seem gimmicky, I’ve discovered that this works effectively in practice.

The Vivoactive 4’s Pulse Ox detector is the other noteworthy new feature.

This provides you with information on the levels of blood oxygen as you sleep and when you need it, which might be helpful.

What Makes It Best:

The gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, optical pulse rate monitor, integrated Global positioning/GLONASS/Galileo, pulse oximeter, barometer, and thermometer are just a few of the fitness-tracking sensors that are included in the Vivoactive 4s.

Due to the addition of additional sensors, the heart rate sensor and GPS are more precise and effective than those found in earlier Garmin watches.

The Vivoactive 4s has storage for songs as well, and all Vivoactive 4 smartwatches come with integrated music space as a common feature.

That implies that you won’t have to pay an additional fee for it. 


The Garmin Vivoactive 4s has become the most widely accepted model since it is so distinctive, and fashionable compared to other smartwatches in the market and you should try one.

  • The health tracking sensors are precise.
  • The design is unique.
  • Has several health features.
  • Comes with music storage.
  • It is a bit pricy.

MorePro: (Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor)

During our trip my mother took the best smartwatch for diabetes patients with her as she knew she’ll be consuming lots of sugary stuff, so to keep an eye on sugar level at all times she took this watch with her and my mother loved how it performed. 


Heart Rate Monitor:

Continuously tracks your heart rate and provides alerts for elevated or irregular beats.

Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Non-invasive monitoring of your blood pressure.

Blood Oxygen (SPO2) Monitoring:

Measures the amount of oxygen in your blood.

IP68 Waterproof:

Can be worn in the shower, pool, or during other water-based activities.

Sleep Tracking:

Automatically tracks your sleep patterns and provides insights into the quality of your sleep.

Sports Bracelet:

A stylish and comfortable bracelet that is designed for sports and fitness activities.


Tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.


Provides notifications, call and message reminders, and other features of a smartwatch.


Designed with women in mind, with a stylish and comfortable design.

In summary, the MorePro Fitness Tracker is a comprehensive fitness tracker that offers a range of features to help you track your health and fitness.

With its heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring, it provides valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Additionally, its IP68 waterproof design, sleep tracking, and pedometer make it a versatile and useful tool for tracking your health and fitness.

What Makes It Best:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can monitor 40 different activities including workouts etc.

Seven of these can be recorded automatically, so you won’t necessarily need to choose the type of activity you’re doing in advance.

The Galaxy Watch 3’s built-in GPS precisely determined my regular course.

With an ECG monitor that has received FDA approval, the Galaxy Watch 3 can detect atrial fibrillation symptoms.

In a congested smartwatches industry, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 distinguishes out.

Samsung was able to build an equilibrium between both fashion and fitness tracking even though there are many fashionable smartwatches and great fitness trackers available today this watch stands out the most.


A rotatable bezel, ECG tracking, and fall warning are all features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

It is currently the best, most versatile Android smartwatch available.

  • Slimmer style compared to the original.
  • Real rotating bezels are back.
  • ECG readings with FDA approval.
  • Battery life is shorter.

Pavlok 3: (Best Personal Life Coach on Your Wrist)

This best smartwatch for diabetes patients was recommended to my grandfather by his doctor.

As the doctor wanted him to keep track of his sugar level as it was getting serious.

We got this watch for him and loved the way it would give accurate readings.

key Features:


Your pulse rate, the oxygen level in your blood, blood pressure, and body temperature may all be tracked with Kenneth Cole’s Wellness smartwatch.

The wristwatch not only lets you monitor your health statistics but also connects with your phone to display notifications.

Straight from your wrist, you may also respond to messages and take calls.

In addition to these functions, the smartwatch lets you regulate media performance and listen to your music.

You may also take pictures with the Wellness smartwatch using your smartphone.


Pavlok, a well-known fashion brand, combines good habits with chic style.

The touch screen allows you to change the watch displays to your liking.

When purchasing the watch, a black silicone band with an embossed Pavlok logo is included.

You have the choice to swap it out with a different leather strap.

The pavlok Wellness Watch has a battery life of 7 to 10 days.

The smartwatch has a magnetic charging wire and can take up to two hours to fully charge.

Pavlok created this sport modes-equipped wellness smartwatch to assist you in keeping track of your regular runs and workouts.

What Makes It Best:

A variety of functions tailored to fitness and health are included in the pavlok smartwatch.

The smartwatch nevertheless maintains an elegant, modest, and vintage appearance.

The Wellness smartwatch has a luxurious finish thanks to its metallic crown and dial.

With a battery capacity of 7 to 10 days, the pavlok Wellness Smart Watch is a fantastic choice.

This smartwatch for health just needs two hours to be charged fully.

With a battery performance of 7–10 days, utilizing the wellness features of this watch to the fullest extent won’t be an issue.


This a very affordable option in terms of a smartwatch, especially the one that comes with such amazing health features that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Monitors your sleeping patterns.
  • Consists of smart notifications.
  • Enables a do not disturb setting.
  • Incorporates smartphone functionality.
  • Time tracking and alarms.
  • Offers water-resistant housing.
  • Not appropriate for swimming.
  • Only provides a few sports options.
  • Unable to dial or receive calls.

CanMixs: (Best Cheap Touchscreen Watch for Unisex)

My brother uses this watch as he is diabetic so his friend gave him this watch he says it’s the best smartwatch for diabetes patients that allow them to keep an eye on their sugar level and also has multiple other features that make this watch the best among others.



An adjustable Black resin 16mm strap that may fit wrists up to 8 inches in circumference comes with this watch.

The watch has three daily, weekly, or weekend audio and vibratory alarms in addition to a 100-hour clock, a 24-hour counting down, and other functions.

It is also shock-resistant and ISO-compliant.

The watch offers a 24-hour military time mode, three time zones, event reminders, a monthly, daily, or date calendar, and a reminder to hydrate.

It features an acrylic lens on a black 50mm resin case, an Indiglo light-up watch dial, and a gray digital display.

The strap or lug is 16 mm broad.

In general, this watch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not diving because it is waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet).

What Makes It Best:

As one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality wristwatches in the world, this watch is best known for its strength and quality.

This watch is guaranteed to provide accurate time and effective vibrating alarms.

The dial is easy to read, the watch is extremely durable, and it goes with many various styles, which makes it unique.


This watch is incredibly affordable, offers vibrating alarms, and has a good number of features to make your daily activities easier.

  • Black and stealthy style.
  • The ideal size.
  • Incredible solar power.
  • long-lasting battery.
  • The strap might be a tough point.

Apple Watch Series 7: (Best Water Resistant for Diabetes Patients)

This waterproof, best smartwatch for diabetes patients works the best and has a long-lasting battery.

Everyone who has used this watch has the same reviews and is very happy with their purchase. 



It is designed for functions like Always-On Screen, the updated watch OS 7 styles, and a Keypad for messaging.

The display is 20% bigger than the one in the Apple Watch Series 7 and supports these functionalities.

The well-known side click button as well as the digital crown, which are utilized in conjunction with the screen to explore the Apple Watch Series 8’s side, are visible.

A WR50 rating ensures water resistance at approximately 50 meters of submergence, and the watch easily fits on my wrist.

I adore the way it looks, with its squire form.

Battery Life:

The Apple Watch has consistently been a trustworthy everyday watch, and the Series 7 is no exception.

The Apple Watch Ultra offers succeeding endurance, but this device has ample battery for whole-day usage without worrying about running out of power.

I have finished each day while using the Apple Watch Series 7 with between 40% and 30% of the battery still left.

One day I strapped on the Series 8 at 7:00 am, and by 9:30 night I was still wearing it with 48% battery life.

That came and have used Apple Fitness+ to monitor a 20-minute ab workout, receive numerous alerts during the day, set a few timers while preparing supper, and turn on the always-on display.

What Makes It Best:

The Apple Watch Series 7 logs a wide range of health parameters to track your performance during the day.

It monitors your pulse rate around-the-clock, calories, range, relaxing and activity energy, and moves. 

There is also a SpO2 monitor for automatic and manual blood-oxygen level monitoring, an ECG application to obtain on-demand ECG measurements, and sleep monitoring to gauge the frequency of your ZZs at night.

You have the option of using only a few of these functions, utilizing all of them, or disregarding them all.

Apple Watch Series 7 has accident detection for cars.

The Series 7 will question you whether you’re fine with a to call emergency services if you’re ever involved in a serious accident.


The greatest smartwatch available today gets better with the addition of a skin temperature sensor, reduced power mode, as well as accident detection with the Apple Watch Series 7.

However, what makes Series 7 stand out, in particular, are the appearance and watchOS 9.

  • Sleek and cozy design.
  • The large and stunning display.
  • Superior health characteristics.
  • Fast charging rates.
  • There are very few temperature sensors.

Fossil Gen 6: (Best Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In)

Monitoring your health status is very important these days, especially after covid 19, it has become the most important thing.

And there is no other better way of doing this than owning the best smartwatch for diabetes patients, which makes a lot of things easier. 



The Fossil boasts a fully circular screen at the front, maintaining the recent pattern for Wear OS watches; happily, there isn’t any “flat tire” black bar all over the bottom to be seen here.

In other words, you experience the entire round smartwatch without having any parts of it cropped off.

The Fossil’s screen is clear, and colorful, and offers lots of good contrast.

When used indoors, it is luminous enough to produce the full, vibrant, vivid, and pigmented effect at around midway brightness.

It’s not nearly as good outside in the strong daylight, but it’s still feasible to see.

Hot weather won’t affect your ability to view the time or see notifications, while intense sunlight may require some straining.

What Makes It Best:

In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch 7, this watch Fossil Gen 6 is the most advanced and gives its full range of functionalities to all Android and iOS phones.

Enjoy switching between watch faces?

The Fossil Gen 6’s screen is excellent, with sharp detail and vibrant color, making it ideal for using more intricate faces using Facer or any other apps.

However, be aware that the battery life will deplete more quickly. 

The Fossil Gen 6 is a gorgeous watch with buttons and a crown that give it a more elegant appearance and make it resemble classic watches without being overly complicated.

A nice compromise between inexpensive smartwatches and Montblanc-caliber complex timepieces.


The Fossil Gen 6 is a good option for anyone looking for a quality watch that functions with both android and iOS.

  • Sleek style.
  • Swift motion and easy navigation.
  • Amazing display.
  • Battery life is shorter.


  • Can we check sugar with smartwatches?

Yes, you can check sugar levels with smartwatches that too with the most accurate readings.

You can also make use of several health apps to do this job, so keeping an eye on your health status is pretty easy. 

  • Are these watches very expensive? 

The price range varies from product to product and depends on several factors.

There are both pricy and cost-effective watches in the market. 

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