10 Best World Time Watches for Travelers: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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When you are traveling around the world time will be your biggest companion and enemy too.

Being a globetrotter it is very important to keep an eye on the time.

These classy world-time watches give you access to the times of multiple zones.

They display both the traveler’s local time zone and his home time zone.

These watches help you to have a glimpse of different time zones around the globe and make your journey easy, convenient, and according to your schedule.

These world-time watches for travelers are a new insight into this modern world.

Which are the Best World Time Watches for Travelers?

Here are my recommended top 10 Best World Time Watches for Travelers:-

SEIKO SSK001: (Best Sport Men’s Watch for Travelers)

I am a vlogger and a traveler.

I love to travel around the world and capture the best moments of my life.

Last year when I was packing up my stuff to go I realized that I needed to have a world time watch with myself to have a check on time.

I searched on the internet for the best World Time watches for travelers and then I came to know about the Seiko SSK001 5 sports men’s watch.

Trust me if you are a traveler just like me then it must be on your bucket list.


Stainless Steel Construction: 

It has a stainless steel body construction which ensures its durability and resistance against daily wear and tear.

It also gives the watch a fine and luminous touch and makes it an elegant choice to wear.


One of the amazing features of the Seiko watch is that it provides an effortless track of time in different time zones around the globe.

It has world-time functionality.

Luminescent Hands And Markers:

It has luminescent hands and markers which provide a clear and visible screen even in low-light conditions.


It has an amazing power battery with a 41-hour power reserve.

Date Display: 

The SSK001 features a date display window that provides you with a quick reference to the date without looking for a calendar.

Water Resistance:

The watch is water resistant so it makes it easy and convenient for you to wear it without worrying.

Why Is It The Best Watch To Use For Travelers:

it has an amazing stainless body, provides you with reliable time, and is water resistant which makes it the best choice for travelers.

It provides you comfort while traveling and ensures you check on different time zones across the globe.

It also displays the date for your convenience


Summing up the above I can say that I am recommending this sleek and amazing world time watch because I have used it.

Though it has some drawbacks its features are also amazing.

For a traveler like me, this is the most beneficial product to invest your money in.

It will greatly help you and be your loyal partner during your travels.

  • Water-resistant.
  • Sleek body and design.
  • Battery life.
  • Luminescent hands and markers.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Reliable timekeeping.
  • Display the date.
  • No advanced features.
  • Strap adjustment is limited.
  • No sapphire crystal.

Citizen: (Best Stainless Steel Bracelet Chronograph Watch)

I am a manager at a traveler management company and have to arrange different trips for the tours for different cities and states.

While traveling it’s necessary to keep an accurate check on time so I was looking for a good traveler watch.

One of my friends recommended me this classic citizen men’s Eco-drive watch.

This is a game changer in the world of traveler watches.



This watch comes with new technology and can easily convert any light into energy.

The energy is stored in the power cell and your watch is charged.

The watch charges in the light and there is no need to charge it by yourself.

Reliable Timekeeping:

This watch displays an accurate time ensuring your punctuality.


It features a perpetual calendar so you can always look up at your watch for the correct date.

It also gives the facility to set your alarm.

Two-Tone Stainless Steel:

The watch offers a two-tone silver and gold stainless steel case.

This combination gives a classy look to your watch and also makes it suitable for formal looks.

Sapphire Crystal Glass:

It offers a sapphire crystal, which is known for its durability and scratch resistance.

It protects your watch, maintains visibility, and gives a shine to your watch.

Water Resistance: 

This elegant watch is also water resistant which ensures its protection and durability outdoors.  

Why Is It The Best Travel Watch:

It is elegant design and fantastic features make it truly a traveler’s watch.

It has two-tone glass, eco-drive technology, water resistance, and sapphire crystal glass.

Though there are some drawbacks its advantages are far more appealing.


Concluding the above I can say that I have used this beautiful watch during my travels and I can assure you that its features will never disappoint you.

You can very conveniently use it while traveling and keep an accurate check on time.

You can buy it and experience its variability by yourself.

  • Two-tone case.
  • Water resistance.
  • Sapphire crystal glass.
  • Eco-drive technology.
  • Calendar.
  • Reliable time.
  • Heavy weight and large size.
  • Not a good luminescent material is used.

Tissot: (Best Swiss Automatic Watch with Rose Gold) 

I have been in search of a good travel watch for a very long time.

I have used many but always get disappointed by one of its features.

During a recent search, I came across this amazing Tissot men’s Chemin watch which instantly caught my attention.

I grabbed it and used and believe me it was one of my best decision to have it.


Swiss Automatic Movement:

The watch comes with Swiss automatic movement which utilizes the natural movement of the person and the wind of the watch.

It is an incredible feature of the watch.

Case Size:

The stainless steel case comes with PVD coating which ensures the durability and elegance of the watch It is 42mm in size and 12.52 in thickness.

Leather Strap:

It has a stylish leather strap that offers comfort on your wrist. 

Water Resistance:

It has water resistance up to the pressure of 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft.).

Date Display:

The watch also offers a date display function.

It allows you to keep access to the date along with reliable times of different zones.

Why Is It The Best Watch For Travelers: 

This is the best watch for travelers because it ensures the accuracy of time along with the date for the people.

It has PVD coating, water resistance, and Swiss automatic movement which are the amazing and advantageous functions of Tissot Chemons watch.


I have used this watch but not recommended because of it.

I am recommending it because of its feature as I know the moment you buy and will use it you will love the way this watch helps you out in telling you the accurate time and date effortlessly.

  • Leather strap.
  • Date display.
  • Swiss automatic movement.
  • Elegant design.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • PVD coating.
  • Do not offer much visibility in the dark.

Maserati: (Best Affordable Analog Quartz Watch)

I am an employee of a travel company where I have to travel and shoot the tourist attraction.

While traveling along with different essentials one more thing which is needed is the best watch for the travelers.

A good traveler’s watch will help you to catch up on time and make time for your companion.

I searched for some and then came up with the best of them, the Maserati Successo quartz watch.


Sleek Design: 

The watch comes with a sleek and elegant stainless steel case design.


This amazing watch works on a normal display so can catch on the time even if tracking a new record.


This watch also allows you to know how fast you run with its incredible tachymeter which works with a chronograph to measure the speed.

Water Resistant:

The watch is resistant to water so can submerge your watch in the water up to 50 meters without any possibility of the watch getting out of order.

Date Display:

The watch includes the feature to display dates for your convenience.

24-Hour Time Display:

The successor watch has a 24-hour time display which is an essential feature for travelers.

What Is The Best Watch To Use For Travelers:

Its sleek design, tachymeter, date display, and 24-hour time display are the most admirable features of the Successo watch that you cannot ignore.

Its features made it the best among others.

This watch ensures to keep you on track with time while traveling without any distortions.


Summing up the above I can say that this successful watch is need of an hour for all those people who love to travel.

While traveling it’s important to keep yourself alongside with time and this watch will serve you with this help efficiently.

  • Sleek and stainless steel case.
  • Have tachymeter.
  • Date display.
  • 24-hour time display.
  • Quality construction.
  • Limited water resistance.

Stührling: (Best World Time Watch for Travelers Under $400)

I was going to travel with my mother on a vacation trip last year.

When my plan was done I started getting all my travel essentials and that was the time I realized that a good travel watch is also very important while traveling.

At that time I bought Stuhrling original men’s watch and trust me it was incredible.

It provides you the comfort of accurate time while you are on your track.


Automatic Movement:

 The watch has an automatic movement that uses the movement of your wrist to keep the watch running without the use of batteries.

This is The most amazing feature of this watch that it does not require batteries.

Dual Time:

It offers time in two different zones with functional GMT.

This feature is essential for travelers who travel in different time zones.

Skeleton Dial: 

The silver see-through skeleton dial provides an eye-catching view of the watch’s automatic movement.

Stainless Steel Construction:

The body of the watch is made up of stainless steel which offers durability and aesthetic means.


The watch incorporates a unique day and night display on the screen.

This adds a touch to one’s aesthetic desires.

Why Is It The Best Watch For Travelers: 

The combination of its elegant sleek design and amazing features makes it to be the best watch for travelers.

It has some amazing new features among which no need for batteries are remarkable.


This is the best watch for travelers and I will recommend it to everybody.

It has the most elegant design with a blend of iconic features that serves you best in your travels.

If you are like me and are looking for an elegant travel watch this is the best stop to have.

You can buy and experience the luxury of this watch.

It will keep you everywhere on time.

  • Sleek body design.
  • Dual time.
  • Automatic movement.
  • No need for batteries.
  • Skeleton dial.
  • Heavy silver dial.

CIGA: (Best Skeleton Stainless Steel Wristwatch)

I have been looking for a good travel watch for a very long time which will provide me with the feasibility to travel with the provision of accurate time.

While I was searching I came to know about the CIGAZ series.

That is the best investment I have in the collection of my travel watches as this is the best.

It will make your travel easy and smooth with accurate times of different zones.


Automatic Movement:

It has an automatic mechanical movement which means that it has the power to detect and capture your wrist’s movement and store the kinetic energy.

Skeleton Dial: 

The see-through skeleton dial showcases the intricate structure of the watch creating a captivating view.

It adds aesthetics and sophistication.

Carbon Coating:

Its carbon coating offers durability and hardness to the case.

This coating gives an illuminated finish to the watch.

This carbon coating not only provides a stiff durable structure but adds a lustrous shine to the appearance of the watch

Elegant Case:

It has a well-crafted stainless steel body which is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The sapphire crystal provides a durable, visible, and clear dial adding to the elegancy.

Interchangeable Straps:

The watch comes with both a leather strap and a silicone strap.

These interchangeable straps provide an instant way to change the look of your watch.


It has a power reserve of 40 hours.

The watch uses your kinetic movement to restore its energy.

Time Feasibility:

This watch provides you with an accurate time for different time zones and keeps you on track with time.

Why Is It The Best Watch For Travelers: 

It has amazing features to offer to the people which make it the best watch among its competitors.

It has a sleek design, power puff battery charging, carbon coating, and much more.

It saves you from distractions and lets you engage with accurate time throughout your traveling. 


Summing up the above I can say that I am not only recommending this elegant watch because I have used this but also because I know that you will love its features.

It has amazing features that provide an accurate time on your journey and also fill your aesthetic needs.

It will be your best travel buddy ever.

You can use it on my recommendation and I can assure you that will never regret this.

  • Carbon coating.
  • No need to charge the battery.
  • Automatic movement.
  • Skeleton dial.
  • Power Battery.
  • Time feasibility and accuracy.
  • Interchangeable straps.
  • No water resistance.

MK: (Best Cheap Water Resistance Watch Under $190)

I am fond of traveling and traveling is my passion.

Whenever I go to travel somewhere I love to keep all my travel essentials with me.

Last time when I was traveling I thought of changing my travel watch and buying a new one as I don’t like it much.

I bought a watch after searching a lot online which is Michael Kors Lexington watch.

It is one of the best recommendations I can ever give to any travel lover.

It will keep you updated with the time as time is the best companion during your traveling.



It has an elegant body with a round stainless steel case and bracelet which has a brushed gunmetal finish.

This combination adds a touch of sophistication to the watch.

It has a case of size 44mm with a band of width 22mm.

Chronograph Functionality:

This watch has a quartz movement with a chronographic feature also which helps you to catch up on the elapsed time.

Water Resistance:

The watch is water resistant, ensuring the watch’s safety while traveling and preventing damage while swimming.

It can resist up to 100 cm and can be worn in shallow diving also.

Scratch resistant: 

These Michael Kors watches are scratch-resistant as they are made of mineral crystal glass.

It provides durability to its display screen.

This scratch-resistant display ensures a clear and visible display of time.

Date Display:

The watch provides a date display window providing access to the current date of the day through the watch.

It saves your time looking for the date anywhere and provides a date display window on the watch on the go.

Reliable Accurate Time: 

This watch ensures to keep you at the pace of time while providing accurate time in different time zones.

Wherever you are travelling it will never let you out of your time. 

Why Is It The Best Watch For Traveling:

The combination of adaptability and functionality makes it the best choice for travelers.

It has amazing features to offer especially the time accuracy which makes your travel easy and convenient.

It has a scratch-resistant dial which offers a clear and visible display of time and date also.

It will be the best buddy of your travels.


I have used this watch during my traveling and I am in love with its features.

You can also use it on my recommendation and I am sure that you won’t regret it.

It has amazing features to offer to you and it will make your travel easy while keeping you updated about time.

Your investment in this elegant travel watch will be your best decision today.

It is also an award-winning and world-renowned luxury accessories brand which adds points to its durability and functionality.

  • Sleek design.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Accurate time in different zones.
  • Chronographic functionality.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Date display window.
  • Limited strap adjustability.
  • Slight heavy case.

Casio: (Best World Time Watch for Men)

I am a manager in a company and have to attend a lot of official meetings worldwide.

I had to travel a lot as it was a part of my journey.

When I am traveling I also want to have a good travel watch as I must keep a check on time.

recently I came to know about an amazing travel watch that I love to review and recommend.

It not only provides easy and accurate access to the time while traveling but its sleek design also adds to my aesthetic needs.


10-Year Battery Life:

This watch has a longer battery life of 10 years which means that it will last approximately 10 years before you need a replacement.


Casio men’s watch is also water resistant up to 100m which means that you can swim and dove without the worry of damage to your watch.

You can swim and walk around without worrying about the watch going out of function.


This watch comes with an amazing feature that you can easily set your daily 5 alarms on the watch.

This is another amazing feature on the watch that you can set alarms on it.

LED Light Afterglow:

The watch has an LED light afterglow which makes your display clearer and visible even in low light.

Also, your watch displays are visible for a shorter period when the light is turned off.

World time: 

It provides you access to the time in different time zones.


 The watch offers a stopwatch function so you can calculate your elapsed time, especially while doing sports activities and tracking your walking and jogging.

Mute functions: 

It has a mute option with which you can mute the vibrations and sounds of your alarms and notifications.

Whenever you are out with people for any important meeting then you can mute your watch so it will not ring on notifications.

12/24-Hour Format: 

The watch has the potential to display time in both 12-hour and 24-hour formats according to your needs.

Why is the best watch to use for traveling:

It is one of the most amazing watches to use while traveling because it offers a lot of features.

It is water resistant, has alarms, mute options, and a large 10-year battery life.

These combinations of features and functions will deliver the best to you.

When you travel it not only keep you on track with time but its different features like alarms, and mute options also help you in a way.

This watch is a perfect choice for travel lovers out there as traveling needs a check on time.


Concluding the above I can say that this watch is my favorite travel partner as it keeps me on time and with so many other advantages also.

If you also travel a lot and do not have a good watch for traveling this is the time to never in this amazing watch.

It will be the best decision you make today I can assure you.

If you invest in this watch today, you will be enjoying it for a long time as it will provide you with the best of its features you.

  • 10-year battery life.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 12/24-hour format.
  • Stopwatch.
  • 5 alarms daily.
  • LED light afterglow.
  • Mute options.
  • Different time zones.
  • Not scratch resistant.
  • Small display.

MVMT: (Best Scratch Resistant Watch with Dual Time Zones)

I am a vlogger and travel a lot for my content.

A few years back when I was traveling I did not have a good travel watch which caused a lot of problems for me.

It happens often that my watch stops working in the middle of my way and suddenly I panic to check on the time.

Then I searched a lot for a good travel watch that makes it easy and convenient for me throughout my journey and here I came with one of the most amazing world traveler watches.

The Voyagers men’s watch with dual time zone is a game changer for me.

I will recommend all of you to check it on.


Sleek/Elegant Design:

This amazing watch for travelers has an amazing classy design that can be used for both formal and casual attires. The case has a size of 42mm.

Water Resistance:

Water resistance is another important feature for any watch as it assures the user that they will not have to worry about rain or swimming as their watch will remain safe.

This watch has a water resistance of up to 10 ATM water.

It is a perfect choice for carefree everyday use.

Dual; Time Zone: 

It offers its user dual time zone functionality which is impressive.

It has a dual time zone for any hour and latitude.

When you are travelling this is one of your important concerns of yours that it has a dual time zone.

You can not only have access to your current location but also to the other time zone.

Glass Case:

It has a glass case that ensures the safety and durability of the watch.

The glass case also provides visibility and an elegant design to the watch.

It is made up of a mineral crystal.

Quality Construction: 

It is built with good quality construction.

It is made up of stainless steel case which also has a scratch resistance power.

It has a minimalistic design that fulfills the stylish and aesthetic vibe.

Analog display: the watch has an analog display to offer which gives it a classic touch and simplicity.

Why Is It The Best Travel Watch For People: 

This watch has an elegant design and style and provides elegant features to people.

It has a dual time zone availability which is one of the best offerings of a travel watch to people.

You can use it even while swimming and it has a luminous crystal glassware display.

Its blend of features is amazing and appealing.


Concluding the above I can say that this is one of the best decisions I made.

I can very surely and openly recommend you to buy and use it because I know that it will never disappoint you.

It has amazing features to offer at your desk.

It is a blend of features along with amazing work adaptability in dual time zones.

It is water resistant so you can wear it without any worry.

  • Sleek design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Dual time zones.
  • Crystal glass care.
  • No interchangeable strap option.

Lola Rose: (Best Budget World Time Watch for Women)

I am a businessman and had to travel a lot because of my business meetings.

While traveling one thing for which I take a lot of precautions is time.

I don’t like latecomers and also not to be late myself.

While travelling I make sure that I have the best watch to keep my check on time.

Last year I bought a Lola Rose classy watch and trust it does not disappoint me.

It not only provides me with accurate time but also adds to my aesthetic and classic fashion.

Whenever I wear it I feel comfortable.

It provides me with convenient and effortlessly all the features I want.

I will surely recommend all of you to use this watch and trust me you will love it.


Water Resistance:

This beautiful women’s watch not only adds to aesthetics but has a lot more to offer.

This watch is water resistant and makes it easy for women to use without the fear of any damage to the watch.

It will make it easy if you are swimming outdoors while having the watch on your wrist.

It can resist up to 100 feet and 30m of water.

Green Dial:

It has a green malachite texture dial for women which also makes it a classic choice for women.

The green color can be refreshing and a classic choice and can fit with different colors and jewelry pieces for women.

The Watch Dial has a Size of 20mm*27mm.

Classy Design:

The Lola Rose Classy Watch has a sophisticated and elegant design suitable for various occasions.

It can be worn both casually and formally, making it a versatile accessory.

Quartz Movement:

The watch has a reliable quartz movement which is known for its accuracy.

2-YEAR Warranty:

This watch comes with a 2-year warranty also. 

Why Is It The Best Travel Watch:

I can say that it is the best travel watch for women because it not only provides elegant design and features but adds subtly to their aesthetics.

It has a lot to offer to its users.

It has an amazing blend of adaptability and functionality which make your travel easy and convenient.

It has an amazing durable body which makes you carefree regarding any damage to the watch.

I am not recommending it because I have used this but also because I know you will be amazed by its features.

Also, it comes with 2 years of warranty so that if anything happens to the watch the company will cater to it efficiently


Conclusion the above I can say that you will be going to make the best decision and invest in the best place if you are buying this watch.

It is an amazing essential to have if you travel a lot.

It will never disappoint you as it offers amazing advantages to the users.

I have used this watch and can assure you that it will keep you pace with time accurately.

  • Classy design.
  • Water resistance.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Green elegant and classy dial for women.
  • Quartz movement.
  • High price.
  • Limited color options.


  • Which watch is best for traveling?

The best watch for traveling depends on your specific needs and preferences.

However, some popular options among travelers include watches with features like multiple time zones, durable construction, water resistance, and long battery life.

Brands like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, and Casio offer models designed specifically for travelers.

  • What is the best world time clock?

There are several excellent world time clocks available, each with its unique features and design.

One highly regarded world time clock is the Patek Philippe World Time.

It displays the time in multiple cities simultaneously and is known for its accuracy and craftsmanship.

Other notable brands offering world-time clocks include Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin.

  • What is the world’s number-one watch?

Determining the world’s number one watch is subjective and can vary based on personal preferences and criteria.

However, Rolex is often considered one of the most prestigious and iconic watch brands globally, known for its precision, craftsmanship, and timeless designs.

Other highly regarded brands include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Omega.

  • What’s a good GMT watch?

A good GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watch allows you to easily track multiple time zones simultaneously.

Rolex GMT-Master II is a popular choice, known for its robust construction and functionality.

Other notable brands offering excellent GMT watches include Omega Seamaster GMT, Breitling Navitimer GMT, and Tudor Black Bay GMT.

Consider factors such as design, reliability, and features that suit your travel needs when choosing a GMT watch.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the Best World Time Watches for Travelers.

Do you guys have experience with the Best World Time Watches for Travelers?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any watches you have that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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