9 Best Smartwatches with Music Storage: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Are you planning to get your hands on the best smartwatches with music storage?

Doesn’t have any options?

No worries.

Here I’m going to mention some of the best smartwatches with music storage.

Smartwatches have quickly become a “must-have” accessory.

However, many people still don’t understand how they work or what exactly they can do.

The smartwatch market continues to grow as manufacturers develop new features and technologies. 

Choosing the smartwatch is tricky while staying within the budget.

But I’m going to make it easy for you.

Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the best smartwatches with music storage.

Which are the Best Smartwatches with Music Storage?

Here are my recommended top 9 Best Smartwatches with Music Storage:-

Garmin Fenix 6 PRO: (Best Smartwatch with Music Storage)

The Fenix 6 series is one of Garmin’s most impressive smartwatch series, giving you the absolute best of aesthetics and functionality.

The smartwatch limits its power not only for health and sports but also with its high-power sound system.

This is the best option if you want a smartwatch with a beautifully designed, sleek metallic body and a powerful music system.


It has a metallic, rust-resistant, and waterproof body, which will become your amazing partner while exercising and walking.

It comes with efficient health tracking features and can bear up to 10 ATM pressure.

Its body will satisfy your aesthetic desires, and its exterior never compromises on durability.

Large Battery Capacity:

It has a week-long battery life, which will be useful for all the athletic and fitness-conscious people out there who are always on the go.

The watch can last for more than 10 hours while listening to your songs and playlists and can last for 36 hours without playback.

Its battery is long-lasting and can protect you from an immediate breakdown, saving you power and time.

Music System:

It has the wonderful feature of offline music and can store up to 3000 songs within itself.

It has 32 GB of solid built-in memory and a powerful sound system.

The powerful soundtracks and the capability of having different music applications.


It has some powerful and amazing sensors that will record everything from your steps to your running to skydiving.

Its captivating features will never bother you.

Health Benefits:

It has outstanding features and sensors that will track your heartbeat, pulse, and breathing rate, also to ensure your safety.

You can check out your oxygen level and heart rate through its powerful wrist detectors.


If you’re looking for a watch that has it all, including health assistance, music, and battery life, this smartwatch is a must-have.

This product will never make you regret your decision.

  • Large battery life.
  • Offline Music System.
  • Sensors.
  • Health-insuring features.
  • Recording feature.
  • Expensive.
  • Quite bulky and heavy.

Garmin FENIX 7 Sapphire: (Best Garmin smartwatch for music storage)

The Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar is a game changer in the smartwatch race because it combines touch screen functionality with a durable body and solar charging system.

It basically takes everything good about Fenix 6 and improves it with incredible adaptability.

It has a sapphire display rather than gorilla glass.


The software is Garmin Connect and Garmin Express.

It has a metallic body with a powerful display and touch screen.

It has a bold, versatile body with water resistance and a perimeter for solar charging.

It also includes Bluetooth connectivity for various heart rate monitors.


If you are playing music and also tracking location, the battery will last for up to 10 hours, and it will rise to 57 hours when you are just exercising and not listening to any of your playlists.

Also having solar power charging feasibility, it is a benefit to charge it in hot regions immediately.


It also has a wonderful sound system and comes with storage to download your favorite songs.

A playlist is always by your side.

Data Recording:

When it comes to the new feature of having a touch-LED interface style, this watch will go first.

It will record your all-day tasks, including your steps, heartbeat, pulse rate, sleep, body battery, and more.

Health Insurance:

It is the perfect smartwatch for any athletic or fitness-conscious person and can easily check your pulse rate, oxygen level, and heartbeat, and insure your health and fitness.


Also, it will come with different maps while you are running, walking, cycling, or going golf.

Maps can easily be used offline, and there is no need to have connectivity all the time.

With this feature, you can easily use your maps to navigate your way around.


Except for these two cons of having a high price and solar charging in cold regions, this smartwatch is a treat for those who look for a watch with health tracking features and a music system in an aesthetic way.

If you are looking for a smart watch with all the features in one device, you have come to the correct place and product.

  • 32 GB of memory
  • Reliable GPS
  • Music downloAding
  • Mighty Battery Life
  • Health tracking sensors
  • Solar may not work in cold
  • High price rate

Apple Watch Series 7: (Best Apple smartwatch with music storage)

In 2021, Apple launched another astonishing series of smartwatches with more durability, a larger display of 41 mm, and a 45-micron processor that comes in three types of different finishes aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel.


The Apple Watch Series occupies a larger display area with a 20% broader area and is available in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes.

It is crack-resistant, has a crystal front, and is thicker than the previous series 6.

It is water-resistant to about 50 meters of depth in water.


The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with some amazing sensors that will support your workouts and exercise.

It will show you your breathing rate, oxygen level, and pulse, and ensure your health and safety.

Its sensors will make sure that the notifications do not pop up when you are not using it.


As far as the performance is concerned, it comes with an amazing S7 processor, which boosts its working efficiency.

It will give you powerful working and open apps without delaying or wasting time.


The Apple Watch offers all-day battery life.

It lasts for almost 18 hours on one charge.

The battery life is not that promising.

It takes only 45 minutes to go from the charging of 0% to the charging of 80%, which is an astonishing feature.


It will give you an insight into your fitness by helping you know your oxygen level, heart rate, ECG, and breathing.

It also monitors your sleeping patterns to ensure that you get enough rest.


It offers high connectivity and works with your iPhone and Wi-Fi.

You can make a call, send text messages, or listen to your playlist with just a single click.

The watch will connect you with hundreds of other applications, too.


It also offers you the chance to listen to your favorite music with air pods.

You can listen to music by connecting your phone to the Apple Watch.

It gives you access to a lot of songs on your wrist.

In addition to music, you can listen to podcasts that will help you with your nutrition and health.


If you are looking for something remarkable in the world of watches, this is the perfect
option to fulfill your desires and entice you.

  • Large display.
  • Faster charging.
  • Connectivity.
  • Battery life.
  • Workouts are ordinary.
  • Expensive.

Amazfit GTS 2: (best Amazfit smartwatch with music storage)

Another fantastic smartwatch that has entered the race is the Misfit GTS 2, which comes with a slew of impressive features.


At 24.7 grams, this watch is lightweight and extremely easy to wear.

It comes with an aluminum alloy body and front made of glass, along with silicon straps.

The body is water-resistant, so you can wear it while swimming, too.

The display features diamond-like carbon coding for high-quality dent resistance, as well as a resolution power of 348 * 442 pixels.

The touch is smooth and soft.

Health Features:

The GTS smartwatch has sensors and features to detect your blood sugar, breathing rate, and heart rate and ensure your safety.

It will track your sleep cycle and stress levels, too.


Another captivating feature is the music system, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs.

Its 3 GB internal storage and music control will ensure your memory while downloading music.


It contains more than 90 sports modes, which include cycling, walking, exercising, swimming, indoor gaming, outdoor fun activities, and meditation.


It has wonderful connectivity and connects your watch to your phone, Bluetooth, and WIFI.

You can answer phone calls and send messages while connected through WiFi.


It has a biological optical sensor for measuring your heartbeat rate and breathing.

It also has a light sensor and a pressure sensor.

It has a compass to navigate your way, a weather forecast sense, a barometer, and GPS.


The Amazfit GTS 2 has a 246-mAh battery that is said to last a week when used with the apps.

It can be charged to 100% within 2 hours.


In conclusion, we can say that this smartwatch, the Amazfit GTS 2, has all the features to tempt you to have it right now.

From having a powerful touch display to the sensors and music storage, everything is inspiring and acknowledgeable.

  • Lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Connectivity
  • 3GB internal storage.
  • Sports modes.
  • Powerful sensors.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Battery life is short.
  • Camera management is absent.

SAMSUNG GALAXY 5: (Best Samsung smartwatch with music storage)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best smartwatch you can buy in 2024, according to testing and experts.

The Galaxy Watch 5 comes in two sizes, 42 mm and 46 mm, and both offer a classic look with a classic, analog watch face.

It’s the first Samsung smartwatch to support LTE, so you can leave your phone at home and still receive texts and notifications.

It’s also compatible with the new Bixby Voice Assistant, which lets you control your smart home devices with your voice.

And it’s water-resistant, so it can handle sweating at the gym.

Plus, it has built-in GPS and GLONASS to track your activities, and it keeps track of your steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes in a beautiful classic design and is very light at 28.7 g.

It has a circular screen, which is a 1.19-inch display.

Its screen is large, bright, and responsive to the user.

The display has sharp colors and appeals to you for its beauty.

They upgraded the front by using sapphire crystal rather than cover glass for better quality.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch also comes with a music system with amazing sound effects.

Its applications will help you a lot in managing the content of your music list.

Application Traffic:

It comes with a lot of applications like a camera controller, calculator, find my phone, fitness masters, music, a gallery, and contacts.

Fitness Attitude:

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 comes with advanced features for health insurance.

It can track up to 100 workouts.

It may detect your heartbeat, breathing rate, and pulse rate and can also provide you with better sleep assistance via the sleep tracking system.

It will guide you towards better sleep and mental health.


The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy 5 is not that promising as it runs for 40 hours if you are doing exercise.

Though it charges very rapidly, you have to charge it every day at night for hustle-free next-day exercise.

Water and dust resistance:

The watch is water resistant to a depth of 164 feet for almost 10 minutes, which means that it has more durability, plus it is resistant to dust and other dirt particles in the atmosphere.

It can also survive and stay at extreme temperatures because of its MIL-STD-810H standard and is shock and environment-resistant.

Tracking Your Workout with Galaxy 5:

It provides you with 90+ applications to track your workout, including jogging, cycling,
swimming, indoor games, sports skydiving, and much more.

When you begin performing a specific exercise, the watch immediately begins tracking it and notifies you after a few seconds, and when you stop, the watch also notifies you of the data from your exercise journey.


In this context, we can say that, despite having a few cons, this smartwatch is actually a bundle of smart features, ranging from music to sensor and display to fitness.

So if you want to grab it, you can have it without any doubt.

  • The price is affordable.
  • Sleek design.
  • Sensors.
  • Visual display.
  • Internal storage is not remarkable.
  • The software is not updated.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: (best smartwatch with music storage)

This amazing smartwatch will complement many of your outfits beautifully and will offer you a lot of outstanding features as well.

Let’s have a look at it.


It has a sleek, round, beautiful body with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and stylish

It has a 1.45-inch display, which provides a wide and clear image.

Health Management:

If you want accurate data regarding your health, then it will provide this with full accuracy.

At one tap you will be available with your breathing rate, blood oxygen, heartbeat rate, and stress level.

Its biosensor will detect your SpO2 immediately for the assurance of your blood oxygen saturation.

If you are out of breath, it will also let you know about this.

It also has some 150+ watts of sports energy for your all-day activities.

Sleep Quality Assistance:

This watch will also detect your sleeping and nap time patterns and make sure that you are sleeping well.

It will also teach you how to live a carefree and stress-free life, as well as how to sleep well.

Water Resistance:

It has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, so you can enjoy swimming and diving without worry.


You can easily make calls, set alarms, and send messages with your voice without even touching the screen.

Your voice command will immediately be heard and achieved.


Its battery life is astonishing, lasting for up to The usage time is 12 hours.

Your watch will also charge easily and in less time and will provide you with long life while you enjoy all your applications and listen to its sound.

Listen to your music:

You can listen to your favorite music by connecting your watch via Bluetooth.

You can have your own independent playlists with up to 470 songs and enjoy them.

It will give you access to your playlists while exercising.


We can after having a detailed look into the features of the watch say that it has a lot of worthy benefits that make it worth buying.

If you are looking for a beautiful and efficient smartwatch you have an option to choose as your partner.

  • Sound commandments to attend a call.
  • Battery life.
  • Music storage.
  • With the assistance of sleep quality.
  • Display.
  • Health application.
  • Audio playback options are absent.
  • Sleep tracking is a little doubtful.

Apple Series 6: (Best Smartwatch with Music Storage Under $250)

Are you looking for a watch that can replace your phone and give you access to all of your apps?

The Apple Series 6 GPS smartwatch is the perfect tool for you.

This powerful wearable device combines all of your favorite apps, including maps, phone, music, and Siri, into one convenient device so you can leave your phone in your pocket.

Here are some of the benefits:

– Always-on display

– Built-in GPS

– ECG monitor

– Built-in music

– Built-in phone

Apple’s latest Apple Watch Series 6 is everything that we expected, and more.

It provides more workout tracking options than its predecessor, offers a built-in electrocardiogram sensor, and is much cheaper than its predecessor.

It’s extremely comfortable to wear, and it’s the most beautiful Apple Watch design to date.

The 40-millimeter display is slightly larger and brighter than its predecessor, providing sharper text and images.

When paired with an iPhone, it’s extremely responsive and useful, with an extremely capable built-in GPS and LTE network for calling and texting when you need it.

“I really love my Apple Watch.

It’s super easy to use and the ECG monitor has been super helpful.

I would highly recommend this watch to anyone.”


With GPS, waterproofing up to 50 meters, and built-in cellular, Apple Watch Series 6 lets you take your workouts, workouts, and more workouts.

And, with an array of apps including Activity, Apple Music, and Podcasts, it’s more than capable of keeping you entertained while you’re on the move.

  • High-end specs.
  • From Apple Music, you can download tracks.
  • The Spotify plugin supports the streaming of music.
  • A music speaker is integrated into the device.
  • A large amount of storage space.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Expensive.

Garmin Venu Sq:(Best GPS Smartwatch with Music Storage) 

The Garmin Venu Sq delivers solid performance, including an optional music mode, intuitive fitness tracking, and a good selection of preloaded activity options.

The touchscreen interface is bright and responsive, and the case has a rugged, waterproof design.

The watch can last through a day of moderate activity before requiring a recharge, and unlike some smartwatches, the Venu sq can be left in GPS mode for up to 6 hours at a time before the battery dies.

It has an easy-to-snug wrist dial, decent waterproofing, and accurate, responsive GPS.

In addition, its display is large and bright and shows our heart rate even when it’s not actively tracking it.

“I absolutely love this running watch.

It’s so comfortable and I love the large display.

I’ve also found it really useful for tracking my stress levels, which helps me better manage my stress.”

Do you want to keep track of your health and activity levels?

The Garmin Venu Sq Music Running Watch is perfect for you.

This powerful running watch features advanced fitness monitoring, including all-day stress tracking, so you can stay on top of your health.

Plus, it’s perfect for running, cycling, swimming, golfing, and more.

Here are some of the benefits:

– Long battery life, up to 6 days

– Support for Garmin Pay contactless payments

– Works with Garmin Pay contactless payments

– Works with Bluetooth headphones

– Comes with a charging clip

– Comes with a charging dock

– Comes with a charging cable


The Garmin Venu Sq Music is a feature-rich smartwatch with GPS, music storage, and contactless payment features.

It’s comfortable to wear, has a large, bright touchscreen, and long battery life.

  • Compatible with Garmin, Garmin Express, and iHeartRadio.
  • Works with Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.
  • There is 3.4 GB of music storage on the device.
  • Multiple workout modes.
  • Tracks run, bikes, swims, and more.
  • Connects automatically to compatible devices, such as cell phones and GPS units.
  • Chroma display.
  • No altimeter or barometer.

Garmin Vivoactive 4: (Best Fitness Watch with Music Storage)


Do you find it hard to keep up with your fitness goals?

Do you struggle trying to keep up with your workouts?

With this watch, you can finally track your progress while you work out.

This powerful fitness tracker can store up to 30 days of activity data and sync to your phone or tablet, which means you can keep up with your workouts even when your phone isn’t around.


– Keep track of your energy levels, PulseOx (this is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition), respiration, menstruation cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate, hydration, and more.

– Download playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer to your watch, and listen to music without touching your phone (may require a premium subscription).

– Record all your movements with more than 20 GPS and indoor sports apps, including yoga, running, and swimming.

– Use your watch screen for easy-to-follow workouts, including cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates.


The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a full-featured GPS smartwatch for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and anyone else who’s serious about their fitness.

Its battery life is excellent, and it features built-in music storage, a heart rate monitor, and Garmin Pay mobile payments.

However, the Vivoactive 4’s screen isn’t as sharp as we’d like, and its screen isn’t touch-sensitive.

Overall, though, it’s an excellent fitness-oriented smartwatch that’s worthy of your money.

  • Music can be stored offline.
  • Provides support for Deezer, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.
  • Plays a variety of audio formats.
  • Waterproof design (IP68).
  • Battery life is very good.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Good user-interface.
  • Smooth run performance.
  • Large and heavy.
  • Bulky design.

Things To Consider:


Basic smartwatches are little more than a timepiece with notifications.

We liked models that can perform music playback, track activity, and offer spoken notifications without tapping the screen.

Screen Size:

Small screens will be easier to wear but will be harder to read.

Screens between 1.3 and 2.5 inches are ideal.

Fitness Features:

Apps like Fitbit and Garmin Track offer a range of options to track fitness, including steps taken, resting heart rate, and calories burned.

Music Storage:

Some models can store up to 500 songs for offline listening, but we recommend at least 1,000.

Battery Life:

Most smartwatches are good for a day or less, so battery life is a priority.

Water Resistance:

Some models can take a dip, but most smartwatches aren’t water-resistant.

Can we store Songs on a smartwatch?

Yes, it is possible to store songs on your smartwatch.

A smartwatch is a wearable device that has a variety of features, including the ability to store songs.

You can use a smartwatch to listen to your music offline or even to control the playback of your songs.

Can you listen to music on a smartwatch without a phone?

Smartwatches are now becoming popular as they offer many features that are not found on traditional watches.

One of the features that smartwatches offer is the ability to listen to music.

To use this feature, you need to have a smartwatch that supports Bluetooth connection.

Once the Bluetooth connection is established, you can start listening to music.

The music will be streamed directly from your watch to your headphones or speakers.

There are some limitations to this feature.

For example, you cannot control the music playback.

You cannot pause, resume, or skip the song.

You also cannot control the volume of the music.

However, the main advantage of this feature is that you do not need to carry your phone with you when you want to listen to music.

You can do this without any inconvenience.

Which smartwatch can use Spotify without a phone?

Yes, you can use Spotify on a smartwatch without having to connect your watch to your phone.

You can use Spotify on your watch either through the watch’s own app or by using a third-party app.

You can also control playback, song selection, and more from the watch itself.

Buying Guide:

Looking for the best smartwatch?

These smartwatches are hands down the best and easiest to use.

* Built-In Storage:

 Since smartwatches need to store music, look for one with built-in storage.

* Streaming Services: 

Most smartwatches support Google Play Music and Spotify, so you’ll have no problem streaming your music from your watch.

* Battery Life:

Some smartwatches have a removable battery, which is convenient.

However, others come with a built-in battery.

* Display:

The best smartwatches have a screen that uses touchscreen technology.

* Compatibility:

Look for a smartwatch that works with your phone.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches with music storage.

Do you guys have any experience with the best smartwatches with music storage?

What is your thought on them?

is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your comments below?

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