8 Best Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Alexa built-in plays a vital role in people’s lives.

It works as your personal/voice assistant to maintain your daily rituals. 

People working with a busy schedule need a helper to overcome their problems, manage calls and messages, set alarms, answer questions, etc. 

Smartwatch with Alexa built-in assists you in your daily routine work. 

Here I have listed one of the best smartwatches with Alexa built-in to help you choose the best suitable watch for your needs.

Which is the Best Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In:-

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TOZO S2: (Best Cheap Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In) 

I’m a professional line cook working at one of the finest restaurants in town. 

While cooking, I need to have a voice assistant.

I was searching for some recipes while cooking or ingredients that make it difficult while cook. 

So I bought the ‘TOZO S2 smartwatch with Alexa built-in fitness detector with heart rate. 

However, at first, it wasn’t feasible to use it, but with time, I started using it, and this became my perfect partner. 

This smartwatch has Amazon Alexa, which answers my questions accurately, plays sounds, checks the weather, etc. 

It’s perfect if you need a voice assistant.



Amazon Alexa has been installed in it so that you can ask questions, play music, check the weather, set alarms, and talk to your watch efficiently.

Moreover, a microphone has been installed to help you speak to the eye.

It can get connected by Bluetooth. 

Large Screen:

I love big-screen smartwatches that are easy to see.

It has a large 1.5-inch HD touchscreen.

It makes for a smooth operation and a resolution of 240×280. 

With better color saturation and reproduction, it’s much easier to see everything. 

Moreover, watch faces can be customized with various watch faces available for men and women, and you can make them more elegant.  

Health Tracker:

It has a health tracker.

Heart rate, sleep, blood, and activities can be tracked.

It provides a detailed analysis of our sleep patterns. 

With the TOZO smartwatch, your calories, active minutes, blood saturation, daily steps, distance, and physical condition can be detected during exercise. 


The S2 mini smartwatch is attached to the application through Bluetooth, so you can control the music player and local weather today and support your mobile functions. 

Let’s talk about compatibility.

It’s compatible with most iOS, Android, and Bluetooth smartphones. 

Long Lasting/Waterproof:

It has a 210 mAh battery and a low-power design that offers resistance. 

This battery can last up to 7 days when you are in heart rate monitoring mode, and for the same seven days, you are in detection mode. 

This smartwatch is designed with a waterproof rating of 5 ATM, so you can wear it while swimming and sweating. 


I recommend using the TOZO S2 smartwatch, which is the best with Alexa built-in. 

Using this smartwatch will help you detect your health profile and fitness profiles. 

This smartwatch is best if you need a watch with Alexa built in. 

  • Built-in GPS.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • Value for money.
  • Tracks fitness and health.
  • App sync issue.
  • Alexa isn’t instrumental. 

Amazfit GTS 2: (Best New Smartwatch for Women with Amazon Alexa Built-In)

I have been so busy in the last few days at my office.

I needed an assistant to answer my calls, check the weather, etc. 

My friend told me about Alexa’s built-in function.

I bought ‘Amazfit GTS 2 New Smart Watch for Women, an Amazon Alexa Built-in smartwatch. 

It quickly answers your calls with a click on your wrist.

And it makes sure you don’t miss your important call. 

It also has a heart rate detector that notifies you of irregular heart rates so that you can improve them. 

You will get health and assistance with a single watch. 


Alexa Phone Calls:

Just ask your wrist and Alexa if you want to set a timer, check the climate, control home appliances, etc. 

The new version of Amazfit GTS 2 microphone and speaker have been added.

Calls and messages can be answered through a watch.

It makes sure you don’t miss your important calls and messages. 

Health Protection:

It has a 24-hour heart rate detector and notifies you of your abnormal heart rate so that you can improve it. 

Also, it detects your blood saturation, level of sleep, and stress level to maintain your health accurately.

Built-in health assessment has been provided to make sure of your intuitive score. 

The Sports Mode And Waterproof:

It has 90 sports modes, and six sports modes eliminate the manual setup of sports modes. 

Because of 50 meters of water resistance, this smartwatch can be worn for swimming. 

Storage And GPS Mode:

Phone music playback can get controlled, and you can also transfer 300-600 of your favorite songs to the watch as it has a massive storage of 3GB for music.

Also, it has GPS navigation mode to track your route. 

Color & Clarity:

The Amazfit features the best AMOLED display than the best display worldwide.

It has 340 PPI pixel density to make the presentation clear, smooth, and accurate to life to ensure smooth readability. 


It handles your agendas, notifies you of calls and messages, and gives a sedentary reminder.

This watch tracks your daily steps and events with a do not disturb option, forecasts, timers, and alarms. 


It’s one of the best smartwatches with Alexa built-in.

If it has a clear display, notifications, good storage, health protector, etc.

With a microphone and speaker, your calls can be received with a single tap on the watch. 

  • Great battery life.
  • Easy to read on the screen.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Sleek design.
  • Lightweight. 
  • A bit hard to set up.
  • Not durable. 

Amazfit GTS 4: (Best Mini Smart Watch for Unisex with Fitness Tracker)

At a cafe, I met my old friend. 

After finishing our last year of university, he shifted to another city.

He informed me about his problem.

He was agitated as a fitness trainer but couldn’t take calls all the time in the gym.

Also, he needs to keep an eye on his fitness as well. 

I suggested he get ‘An amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch for Women Men, Alexa Built-in, GPS, Fitness Tracker with 120+ Sport Modes’ for maintenance of his fitness and taking calls without taking out his phone. 

The Alexa built-in feature can set alarms, ask questions, get translations, etc. 

This voice assistant turned out to be so good for him.



The Amazfit GTS 4 supports five satellite systems to help you make your journeys to the amazing outdoors.

It uses circularly polarized technology to improve position performance and accuracy. 

Its water resistance depth is up to 50 meters. 

Alexa Built-In:

With the watch’s amazon Alexa feature, you can easily set alarms, ask questions, get translations, and more. 

It is packed with low power-consuming zep OS, which features ten mini-applications.

It has a home-connected third-party app to make your daily life easy. 


Get your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and stress level with a single tap within 45 seconds.

This watch also detects your sleep quality to make sure your health is on point. 

Sports Mode & Recognition:

It has different sports modes, which include walking, running, cycling, yoga, etc.

You can get it in the fitness tracker whatever sports you find challenging.

And quickly jump into the recognition of a smartwatch. 


It has a water resistance of 5TAM which means your watch can stand up to 50 meters of water pressure.

It means the sports mode will detect your swimming data whenever you go to a pool party. 

Long-Lasting Endurance:

This smartwatch has ultra-compact, which packs a powerful 270 mAh battery and can stand for up to 15 days of usage and 45 days in battery-saving mode. 


I recommend using Amazfit GTS 4 mini smart as your voice assistant. 

The excellent Alexa built-in answers your questions accurately, set alarms, gets translations, etc. 

It’s the best smartwatch with Alexa built in. 

  • The battery is fantastic.
  • A health tracker is available.
  • Comfortable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Beautiful display. 
  • A bit expensive.

Amazfit GTR 4: (Best GPS Smartwatch Under $200)

As a businessman, I need to check my health and fitness.

Due to an excessive workload, I needed a smartwatch with excellent battery life. 

I consulted with one of my colleagues and learned about different smartwatch options. 

The best smartwatch for health and fitness, as well as your assistant, was ‘Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch for men. 

With circular polarized GPS technology, it works as a fantastic GPS locator. 

It has 150 sports modes and a fitness tracker to track my swimming data.

Isn’t it amazing?

It also has a fantastic battery life which allows continuous use of functions. 

I highly recommend using this smartwatch as it works as an all-rounder.

And it is perfect for assisting you.


GPS Tracker/Navigation:

Circular polarized GPS technology, like airplane and car fields, can enjoy a strong position that is more accurate than a GPS locator. 

Also, you can navigate through the ZEP app, which is downloaded from the path file. 

Designed For Action:

This smartwatch is the industry’s first watch with anti-reflective technology on a glass bezel cover.

It has a large 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with an anti-fingerprint coating to keep your watch looking elegant. 

The combination of medium one-piece aluminum alloy and stainless steel navigation makes the watch fashionable. 

Fitness Support:

It has 150 sports modes and eight sports of intelligent recognition.

The fitness tracker tracks swimming data and supports water pressure of up to 164.0 Ft.

You will receive notifications through watch for sports such as heart rate, hydration, etc. 

Health Management:

This smartwatch has a new bio tracker 4.0 ppG sensor to monitor your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and stress level. 

The health tracker also detects your respiratory rate and quickly measures these health essentials with a single touch. 


The battery-saving mode of this smartwatch allows continuous use of functions, including sports modes, measurement health metrics, and more, while saving battery energy. 

Personal Assistant:

Amazon Alexa is integrated and is compatible with voice assistants.

With the Bluetooth connection, you can receive and make calls easily. 


I recommend Amazon Alexa as your assistant as it will help you assist with your voice. 

It will help you make calls and receive calls too.

This voice assistant works amazingly. 

I recommend Amazfit GTR for sure as your assistant.

  • Battery life is fantastic.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Clear and big screen.
  • Auto pause doesn’t work sometimes.
  • Doesn’t connect calls or messages. 

Amazfit GTS 3: (Best Smartwatch for Women with Alexa Built-In)

As a businessman, I more often visit different sites, but on the other hand, I need to ensure my health and fitness are on point. 

For that purpose, I can’t have the internet all the time but watches work with the internet. 

I needed a watch which works without the internet. 

I bought this ‘Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch’, which worked amazingly to help me maintain my health, fitness, and work. 

This is an offline voice assistant and can get operated without the internet. 

I highly recommend buying this Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch.


Integrated & Offline Assistant:

The integrated Amazfit GTS3 smartwatch will help you set the alarm, ask questions, get a translation, and much more. 

Whenever I’m away from the internet, I can perform operations such as activating sports modes and opening health metric functions with an offline voice assistant. 

Navigation System:

The Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch has a barometric altimeter to help detect the altitude and air pressure of your outdoor activities and supports GPS.

The satellite tracks your route. 

The sports mode and water resistance:

This sports watch is an easy-to-use smartwatch with more than 150 sports modes that suit your activity.

Health issues can be tracked, including heart rate, calories burned, and specialized data such as oxygen absorption, recovery time, training load, and effect. 

It is water resistant for up to 5 ATMs which helps you enjoy swimming and the sea. 

Health Metrics:

Sometimes I need health statistics without cycling through different applications. 

With this smartwatch, you can test several things, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, stress levels, and breathing level, with a single touch.

You will get the information so you can continue your day. 

Body Of The Watch:

It has a body 0.346-inch elegant watch made of light and durable aluminum alloy.

The ocean-like curved glass screen is designed in beveled designs. 

This will immerse your screen.

It has navigation with a rotating crown and an ultra AMOLED screen that has 341 PPI and that is visible in bright light. 

ZEP Operating System:

This smartwatch has an intuitive Zep operating system, so you can find what you want. 

It has most animations reaching 60 FPS with a user interface.

The Zep system makes navigation that requires a perfect interaction that consumes less energy. 


Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch is highly recommended as it works as your offline assistant. 

It makes sure to set alarms, answer your questions, get everything translated, etc.  

Also, it doesn’t require the internet to operate this smartwatch.

Whenever I’m out of the range of the internet, I can still use sports modes and health features. 

  • Functional watch.
  • Dual-band satellites.
  • Quality is exceptional.
  • Fitness tracker.
  • Long battery life.
  • Sleek design.
  • Not durable.

Amazfit Verge: (Best Fitness Tracker for Men with Alexa & GPS Built-In)

Buying ‘The Amazfit Verge Smartwatch fitness tracker for men’ was a fantastic experience. 

It helped me a lot during business meetings when I could not get calls through my cell phone. 

With a single tap, I’m able to receive calls.

And the best part is I never missed any important calls while having this. 

Because it has Alexa built-in, which works as your assistant. 

For sure, I recommend using this Amazfit verge smartwatch.


Bluetooth Call On Your Wrist:

With Amazfit Verge, I never missed a call.

Whenever you receive a call, your smartwatch will vibrate and ring. 

The calls and messages can be answered without using your phone. 

Looks Good:

It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen which provides accurate color and clarity.

Different lights can be used in several environments wherever you go and whatever you do.

It has a hypoallergenic bracelet which guarantees long-term comfort. 

Sports Monitoring:

This fitness smartwatch offers several lifestyle-improving features like sports and fitness.

It has 12 sports modes and a waterproof GPS satellite system.

Which tracks your activities and tells you how many calories you have burned. 


The Amazfit verge uses state-of-the-art optical sensors for accurate heart rate detection and low power consumption. 

The sleep tracker detects sleep patterns, total, light, and deep sleep, and measures waking time. 

Stay Active And Notified:

It helps you stay active all day with email, text, and other notifications from your favorite applications. 

You just have to raise your wrist and check messages on your smartwatch without taking your smartphone out. 


I recommend buying Amazfit Verge if you are looking for a voice assistant. 

It helps you receive calls right on your wrist.

Whenever you receive a call, you’ll be notified. 

  • Simple watch.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Excellent for the price.
  • Fitness tracker.
  • Lightweight.
  • Doesn’t work well with the iPhone.
  • It has connectivity issues. 

Fossil Women’s Gen 5E: (Best Affordable Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa & Heart Rate)

As a mother, it’s difficult to manage kids.

One of my friends suggested buying a smartwatch with Alexa built in. 

I bought ‘Fossil women’s GEN 5E’ as it has Alexa built-in, which works as your voice assistant. 

It also has a Google app with compatible features that may vary between platforms and countries. 

I surely recommend buying fossil women’s GEN smartwatch to help you. 


Google App:

You can use the latest version of wearos by Google app on your iPhone or Android.

The compatible features it has may vary between different platforms and countries. 


Twenty-four hours or more battery mode varies daily, depending on the use and installation of applications. 

It has a USB cable with a magnetic charger that fits the rings on the watch and rotates it to 360 for ease. 


This smartwatch has always been on display with more than a hundred watch faces customization. 

It has different apps like fitness, payments, social news, games, music, etc., and has a moisture-proof design that makes it easy to carry. 


This watch automatically tracks your goals, steps, sleep, cardiovascular level, pulse rate, etc. 

Because of its attached GPS, it keeps you on the correct road with distance and path. 

The advanced sensors provide data to boost all your health and fitness apps. 


It helps you stay connected with notifications of calls, messages, applications, time, and calendars. 

You will never miss a call, which can be answered through a single tap on your watch. 

Amazon Alexa:

Android users can download Amazon Alexa for smartwatches from the play store to get fast news and information, check the weather, set timers, control home appliances, and much more. 


I highly recommend using the ‘fossil women GEN 5E smartwatch as your voice assistant. 

It helps you check the weather, set timers, control home appliances, and assist with your voice. 

This is the best smartwatch if you want a smartwatch with Alexa built in. 

  • A health tracker is available.
  • Great integration with Google OS.
  • Functional watch.
  • Great watch for the price.
  • The band needs to get large.
  • Not durable. 

Skagen Gen 6: (Best Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In Under $270)

After I got a second heart attack last year. 

The doctor suggested I get a smartwatch that detects my fitness profile and helps me manage it. 

Due to my busy schedule, I need to manage my health, but I don’t have much time to take out my phone and constantly check my health profile. 

My friend asked me to buy a ‘Skagen Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In’. 

As it has an Alexa built-in feature, it provides you with your fitness report with voice. 

Whenever I feel like checking my fitness profile, I open my smartwatch, and with a voice, it provides me with the profile. 

Buying this smartwatch was a fantastic option.



The Google OS watches are compatible with iOS and Android having new versions. 

It has a new Qualcomm chipset with improved performance. 

More power, reliable connection, and Bluetooth 5 are available in this smartwatch. 


It monitors all the activities like goals, steps, sleep, heart rate, cardio, and blood oxygen. 

The GPS activity modes keep you on track with your distance and path. 

This smartwatch has advanced sensors that power all your health and fitness tracking applications. 


It is always on display with many pixels and unique colors. 

Thousands of watch faces can get customized and always see the time. 

Several applications are present, like music, social networks, news, stopwatches, etc. 


You will stay connected with calls and messages on your mobile phone. 

Auto sync is available for time zones and calendars. 

Answering and making calls is much easier with this smartwatch when you don’t have a phone in your hand.

It has a speaker, microphone, and customizable buttons. 


It has a magnetic charger with fast charging.

80% is charged in 30 minutes.

The optimized battery life with simple battery modes.

It has a 3ATM swim-proof design for all your activities. 

Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Alexa is perfect for Android users.

It can be accessed easily to get quick news and weather information, set timers and alarms, control home devices, etc., with your voice only. 

Wrap Up:

I highly recommend using the Skagen Gen 6 touchscreen for your assistance. 

Amazon Alexa is excellent for android users and efficiently works with your voice. 

It has a magnetic charger for fast charging, and it gets charged fast. 

  • Precise design.
  • Charges fast.
  • Accurate full-featured.
  • Always on display.
  • Lack of documentation.
  • GPS needs to get improved. 

Conclusion Paragraph: 

We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches with Alexa built in. 

Do you guys have experience with the best smartwatches with Alexa built-in?

What are your thoughts on them?

Is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Please leave your comments below.

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