5 Best Watches for Army Basic Training in 2024

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Luis Cooper

Here, we’ve reviewed and chosen the top military timepieces for 2024.

These strong and resilient timepieces are ideal for people who need a dependable wristwatch that can survive challenging circumstances.

These people include soldiers, police officers, hunters, climbers, hikers, tourists, and other fans of tactical gear.

As a national survivor, you should have the proper watch for your requirements.

Men in the armed forces enjoy donning watches that express their personalities and serve as fashion accessories.

People who are unfamiliar with fundamental training watches should be aware that they are made of the best materials and are intended to withstand extreme weather conditions, making your time spent exercising, hiking, or working outdoors enjoyable.

Which are the Best Watches for Army Basic Training?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Watches for Army Basic Training:-

Infantry: (Best Wristwatch for Army Basic Training)

Since my brother started his army training last week, I thought it would make him happy if I gifted him this amazing army watch.

Since it comes in amazing and classy shades as well, he would love to wear it to his training sessions. 



A Day and month calendar is included in this watch’s 12/24-hour military time display.

The tactical watch is simple to comprehend and use because it offers both English and Spanish. 

5ATM Water Resistant:

The military-grade timepiece is made to survive rain, splatters, and brief recreational swimming sessions.

Please be aware of the fact that it is not appropriate for long-term underwater activities like diving and scuba diving, as well as heated water or steam baths.

The majority of indoor and outdoor activities are ideal. 

What makes it the best:

Japanese Solid Analog Mechanism:

This watch has a Japanese quartz digital movement that was imported, along with a long-lasting battery.

Tactical Grade:

With a robust stainless-steel body, a black silk band, and an anti-scratch crystal dial window, this tactical watch is made to last.

Anybody looking for a durable watch they can wear every day should go for this one.


In conclusion, people looking for an uncomplicated and dependable water-resistant wristwatch in a basic army style might consider the Infantry Tactical Watch.

  • 5ATM of water resistance.
  • Crisp date as well as day show.
  • Strong nylon strap.
  • No extra functionalities.

Casio: (Best Rugged Watch for Army Basic Training)

My father has been in the army for 20 years now, and the last time he went to London, and bought himself this very classy watch that also goes very well with his personality, and given the amazing features of the watch he tends to enjoy wearing it.



The Casio 9600 is robust and long-lasting.

The 6900 Army watch is made to be incredibly robust and long-lasting.

It is built with premium materials that can survive challenging conditions, making it ideal for those who enjoy adventure, the outdoors, and a hectic schedule.

Because of the watch’s use of shock-resistant advancement, it is capable of withstanding drops and abrupt impacts without suffering any damage.

This wristwatch will be a dependable travel companion that can withstand the difficulties of your trips, whether you’re trekking, camping, or participating in sports.

Military-Inspired Style:

The wristwatch has a tough and rough appearance thanks to the military-inspired style.

It has a wide, simple-to-read display and a striking, sturdy design.

Its overall attractiveness is increased by its gloomy and muted scheme of colors, which reinforces its military look.

The watch’s aesthetic not only conveys a sense of flair but also highlights its robust build quality and dependability, qualities frequently found in military gear. 

What makes it the best:


The 6900 Army watch is water-resistant by design.

It is appropriate for usage in damp locations or during thunderstorms because it has a liquids-resistant grade that enables it to endure exposure to water.

You won’t be concerned about removing the watch while you engage in water-related pursuits or unforeseen weather circumstances thanks to this feature.

It’s important to keep in mind, too, that while it can withstand splashes and short submersion, it might not be appropriate for diving in deep waters or extended water exposure.

Multiple Purpose:

The watch has several practical features that make it suitable for everyday usage and a range of sports.

A timer or stopwatch for keeping records of tasks, and various alarms, for scheduling events are some typical features.

It might also contain a backlight or other illumination features that make it simple to see the time in dimly lit areas.

The amalgamation of these capabilities guarantees that the watch performs double duty as a reliable tool to monitor your daily duties and activities as well as a time management device.


In summary, the Casio 6900 Army watch is the ideal watch for outdoor lovers and lovers of the recognizable G-Shock ruggedness because of its great quality and elegant design.

  • Military-inspired layout.
  • 6900 series sturdiness.
  • Robust and resistant to shock construction.
  • Bulky and huge on the hand.

G-Shock: (Best Solar-Powered Watch for Training)

I was confused about what to gift my brother for his first army training as a motivation booster then after conducting some research I came across this amazing watch which I believe my brother will love because of its versatility.



The CASIO GWF-A1000-1AJF wristwatch recharges using solar energy, doing away with the need for regular battery replacements and guaranteeing accurate timekeeping.

Diver’s Watch:

Created specifically for scuba diving aficionados, this timepiece has resistance to water as well as features like a depth indicator and a tidal graph to help with underwater activities.

What makes it the best:

Hard and Resistant:

This watch, which is made with the famed G-Shock toughness, can withstand severe handling, unexpected events, and impacts, which makes it appropriate for outdoor activities and sports. 

Genuine Japanese Home Model:

The fact that this watch is a true Japanese Home Model guarantees top-notch craftsmanship, exacting engineering, and dependability for an extended period.


The luxurious dive watch, the CASIO a G-S FROGMAN, is ideal for diving veterans as well as tech-savvy buyers interested in purchasing a high-end wristwatch.

  • Excellent solar-powered wristwatch.
  • Cutting-edge functions.
  • A diving layout.
  • Pricey.
  • Functions may require a greater amount of instruction.

Luminox: (Best Military Dive Watch with Water Resistant)

This beautiful watch was recommended to me by my best friend as I am starting my army training next week and upon reading its features this watch seems to be a great addition to my collection.


Army Dive Watch with Durability:

The Luminox Military Seal wristwatch is made to withstand the rigors of military service.

It is a solid option for anyone looking for a durable and dependable timepiece because it can withstand adverse situations and is made to last. 

Water-Proofing up to 200m:

This timepiece is waterproof for a maximum of 200 meters, or about 20 feet.

The wristwatch can be utilized in a variety of aquatic pursuits, including snorkeling, swimming, and even leisure underwater exploration, without fear of water damage because of its excellent level of waterproofing.

What makes it the best:

Timekeeping Reliability:

The Luminox wristwatch has a precision movement design that guarantees reliable time management.

This watch will tell you the right time, enabling you to handle your time properly and arrive at appointments on time. 


The Luminox Naval Seal wristwatch is made with sturdiness in consideration.

It is robust and durable.

It can withstand challenging jobs, harsh situations, and impacts because of its durable materials and construction.

This wristwatch is made to resist the rigors of everyday use, whether you’re participating in outdoor pursuits, sports, or business endeavors. 


The Luminox Naval Seal is a superb option for military members and swimmers who require dependable timekeeping equipment because it specializes in waterproofing and readability.

  • Include sturdy construction.
  • 200 m waterproofing.
  • Luminous markings for nighttime vision.
  • Minimal additional functionality.
  • Simple design.

KXAITO:(Best Tactical Army Wrist Watch for Men)

My father bought me this watch as a congratulatory gesture for my acceptance into the armed forces.

The timepiece is good with a very classy color, now I don’t have to worry about buying a good army watch as I’ve already gotten one from my father.


Both a mechanical and digital clock are included on this wristwatch, giving you the option of conveniently seeing the time in several forms.

Although the digital screen offers more functionality, the analog digits provide a more traditional appearance.


The wristwatch has a stopwatch and timer feature that you can use to track the passage of time as well as set timers for various events.

Timing exercises, sporting activities, or any other tasks that require attention might benefit greatly from this.

What makes it the best:

Waterproof Layout:

The watch’s waterproof construction makes it appropriate for a variety of outdoor pursuits and athletics, even when it’s raining.

You don’t have to be concerned about the wristwatch getting damaged while swimming, taking a shower, or out in the weather thanks to its water-resistant features. 

LED Illumination:

The watch has an LED backlight function that makes it simple to read the time in dim or low-light conditions.

The watch’s screen is visible in darkness, whether you’re hiking at night, touring a cave, or just need to see the time. 


The KXAITO masculine Analog Athletic Watch, with a timer and a sizable dual screen for precise timekeeping throughout athletic endeavors, is an affordable solution for those who enjoy the outdoors and athletes.

  • Economical.
  • LED timer for athletics.
  • Large double display for simple viewing.
  • The simple design.
  • May not be as robust as that of luxury brands.

Buying Guide:


This quality is essential for military timepieces. Due to the use of extremely durable substances, we only included timepieces that provide outstanding scratch and shock resistance in our review. They are all water resistant as well. Many of the watches include sapphire lens materials, which are much more resistant to scratches than mineral transparent material, which is more frequently used.


For watches worn by military troops, hunters, and other types of tactical outdoorsmen, an army watch ought to have a strong design and be in an opaque distinct color that won’t attract too much notice. All of the timepieces featured in this study have tough designs and are available in dark hues including black, dark grey, and forest green.

Battery Life:

The GPS timepieces have a significantly shorter lifespan for the batteries, but they additionally have more functions. The chosen watches without GPS can all operate for a minimum of a year without needing a new battery. All of the GPS watches examined here come with strong lithium-ion battery packs.

Tactical/Military Functions:

A military wristwatch should contain more sophisticated features, such as an altimeter, compass, and barometer, in addition to fundamental characteristics such as time, day, and date. Whilst the barometer gives you information on air pressure that can be utilized for predicting the weather, the altimeter and compass are helpful for direction. Some military timepieces also have complex tactical and military capabilities including storm alarms, sunrise/sunset times, lunar calendars, and others. 


How should you prepare for Army basic education?

In any scenario, don’t forget to pack a cheap, simple, black digital wristwatch. When you’re running, it’s usually helpful to have a digital wristwatch. They also work well as personal timers. It’s a little challenging for me to get up by myself at four in the morning. You ought to bring as well a watch that displays the military time.

Watches are permitted in the Army?

According to this sentence, soldiers are allowed to wear watches, a wrist devotional or identification bracelet, and a maximum of two rings (a wedding set counts as one ring) while wearing Army clothing, unless the officer in charge forbids it for health or safety reasons.

What type of watch am I allowed to wear to basic training?

The watch you choose for your armed forces training must include crucial components that will support you throughout your training exercises. The watch you have chosen ought to be crafted with durability and sturdiness in mind. Its dual resistance to shock and water is by far its most significant quality. For your convenience, other features include solar charging capabilities, GPS tracking, an altimeter, an elevation tracker, and an easy-to-read screen.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent military watch?

Reliability: Whether it has a mechanical or digital movement, a military watch must always be dependable. Moves must be capable to operate in harsh temperatures as well as at high altitudes. If a battery is used to power the motion, its battery should be very effective and long-lasting.

Which type of watch is ideal?

In our recent study, Casio is one of the top-rated models and our top choice for the best wristwatch for Android users. Fitness monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, GPS, and an extended battery life are all included, along with an impact-resistant, tough build.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the Best Watches for Army Basic Training.

Do you guys have experience with the Best Watches for Army Basic Training?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any best watches you used that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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