5 Best Smartwatches for Triathlon: (2024 Buying Guide & Reviews)

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There is a vast variety of smartwatches available right now more than ever before.

These watches can handle everything from basic run mileage monitoring to onboard tunes to navigation and more.

The displays with touchscreens on modern smartwatches function well, and they can run for as long as two months on just one charge.

The number of watches is increasing, and they now have incredibly sophisticated features such as running on energy.

Check out our expert-tested recommendations below for evaluations and quick facts you won’t discover anywhere else.

Which are the Best Smartwatches for Triathlon?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Smartwatches for Triathlon:-

Garmin 945: (Best GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch with Music)

In today’s day and age, it has become a trend to invest in good watches but as an athlete, I’ve been meaning to invest in the best smart watches for triathlon.

A friend of mine gifted me this watch and I’ve fallen in love with it.

It has all those features that an athlete would prefer having in their smartwatches.


GPS Tracking:

The Garmin 945 uses cutting-edge GPS tracking innovation to precisely track your walks, bike rides, and various other outdoor adventures.

It supports multiple satellite networks, including GLONASS, GPS, and Galileo, ensuring accurate tracking and trustworthy navigation even in adverse conditions.

You can accurately track distance traveled, speed, and elevation using this tool.

Playback Music:

The Garmin 945’s capability to save and play audio straight from the wristwatch makes it one of its notable features.

Your favorite songs or albums from compatible audio streaming services, like Spotify or Deezer, can be easily transferred and stored on the device, where you have access to your favorites without using your cellphone thanks to storage space for as many as 1,000 tunes.

Without having to carry a separate device, you may use this feature to listen to your favorite music while exercising.

What makes it best?

 Performance Tracking:

This watch has a wealth of performance-monitoring capabilities that can be used to evaluate and enhance your workouts.

It offers comprehensive metrics including VO2 max, intensity of training, exercise state, and the effects of both aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

These measurements provide you with information about your level of physical activity, recovery, or exercise efficacy, enabling you to make well-informed choices to optimize your training program.

Notifications and Intelligent Connectivity: 

Smart compatibility and notifications are possible with the Garmin 945 thanks to the use of Bluetooth, which lets you get smart notifications right on the watch.

While traveling, you may stay in touch by receiving phone calls, emails, texts, and notifications from the app.

Furthermore, this smartwatch features Garmin Pay, which makes it possible to conduct payments via contactless technology using your wristwatch and eliminates the requirement for wallets for on-the-go transactions.


The Garmin 945 smartwatch, in all, provides a rich selection of characteristics that meet the requirements of joggers, triathletes, and gym lovers.

With features like precise GPS tracking, audio playing, enhanced performance tracking, and intelligent connection, it strives to improve your workouts and assist you in reaching your fitness objectives.

  • Efficient GPS.
  • Quickly respond.
  • Worth the price.
  • Redundant features.
  • Lacks solar charging.

Ticwatch Pro 5: (Best Budget Smartwatch for Triathlon)

This watch was bought by my father on his trip to the UK.

Since he is a fitness freak so he likes to keep track of his running mileage therefore he had been meaning to invest in one of the efficient smart watches.

This watch tends to satisfy his desire to own a good smartwatch.



The Pro 2020 is designed to withstand the demands of a vigorous way of life.

It is composed of carbon fiber that has been bonded with high-strength polyester, and it has an IP68 rating for significant durability against sweat, fluid, and dirt.

The band maintains things cozy while still sporting a fashionable appearance.

Real Italian leather is used on the exterior, and skin-safe silicon is used inside.

Collectively, they provide a band that is perspiration- and breathable-resistant.

Smart Mode:

When the stunning, full-color AMOLED screen is activated, Wear OS by Google and the Pro 2020 are fully accessible to you.

Access to numerous Google and independent applications on the Google Play store is made possible by Wear OS.

Google Maps for directions, Spotify for music streaming, Google Pay for cashless transactions with the Pro 2020, and Google Assistant are some of these applications.

You may speak instructions and inquiries to Google Assistant while keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket.

What makes it best?

Essential Mode:

The FSTN LCD is activated in Essential Mode, providing a vividly colored monochromatic panel that is simple to read in bright sunshine.

You may see your time, date, number of steps you’ve taken, plus your present pulse.

If the Pro 2020’s increased functionality is not required, this mode is great since it allows you to save the battery.

The display can add two to thirty days to your battery’s life expectancy.

Battery Life:

When it comes to the battery’s lifespan, Samsung is a touch hazy, saying that 50 hours are feasible with “standard utilization” and that as much as 132 hours (5.5 days) may be attained with “low utilization.”

In addition, the manufacturer notes that “Actual life of the battery differs by networking environment, functions and applications used, the number of messages and calls, number of times charged, and numerous other variables.”

But this does not mean the watch does not serve a good battery life, it does. 

The wearable device does include a rapid charge feature, though.


With its integrated GPS, you may use the Professional 2020 for simple, straightforward directions or to find your way home while having an adventure outside.

You can exercise yourself without going overboard because a continuous heart rate tracker tracks your stress and effort levels.

  • Beautiful layout.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Very efficient. 
  • Sometimes might lag.

Garmin 955: (Best Running Smartwatch with Solar Charging Capabilities)

Having a good smartwatch battery life is a blessing and this watch truly lives up to the expectations of what a long-lasting battery life a smartwatch must have.

As an athlete, I tend to spend a lot of hours wearing my smartwatch to keep track of my physical activities. 


Solar Charging:

The Pioneer 955 Solar’s capacity for solar charging represents one of its most notable characteristics.

Solar panels on the watch’s display use the energy from sunlight to power the screen and prolong battery life.

Longer-lasting power is possible with solar recharging, especially when engaging in outside activities.

Participants in triathlons who participate in longer training or competitions where battery endurance is critical will especially benefit from this feature.

Advanced Multisport capabilities:

Triathletes are the target market for the Garmin 955 Solar’s comprehensive variety of multisport capabilities.

It provides specific profiles for activities like swimming, biking, and more.

It properly tracks your outdoor activities using the GPS that is built-in and provides crucial data like distance, speed, and elevation.

Additionally, the wristwatch is waterproof, enabling you to monitor your swim data and switch between sports with ease during triathlons.

What makes it best?

Performance Tracking And Training Statistics:

This timepiece offers thorough performance tracking along with training metrics to assist triathletes in competing better.

The watch has sophisticated features including VO2 max calculation, race predictor, training position, and recovery adviser.

Your degree of fitness, the efficiency of your workouts, and your state of recuperation are all revealed by these indicators.

You may schedule your exercises, track your development, and make changes to improve your training program using this data.

Enhanced Tracking:

The Garmin 955 Solar delivers greater connectivity and sophisticated functions that will keep you updated and engaged.

You may get phone calls, emails, text messages, plus app alerts straight on the watch thanks to its integration with smart notifications.

Additionally, the watch supports contactless payments using Garmin Pay, which makes it simple to make purchases while on the road.

Furthermore, it includes amenities like Garmin Coach, which gives tailored training routines for different fitness objectives, as well as sophisticated sleep tracking, stress observing, and other functions.


In conclusion, the Garmin 955 is an advanced smartwatch made especially for triathletes.

It seeks to give triathlon competitors the tools they need to manage their training, improve their race results, and maintain their connection throughout their training sessions and races through its solar charging capacity, smart multisport attributes, thorough performance tracking, and better connectivity.

  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Expensive.

Google Pixel: (Best Wristwatch with Fitness Monitoring)

I gifted this watch to my brother who is a swimmer.

I noticed my brother’s old watch was misplaced and he had been on a hunt for the best smartwatches for a triathlon so I decided to make him happy and get him this watch.

He loves it so much that he doesn’t only wear it for swimming but also casually around the house.


Android Wristwatch with Fitbit Fitness Monitoring:

The Pixel SmartWatch from Google blends superior Fitbit activity monitoring capabilities with the basic features of a Samsung smartwatch.

It easily interfaces with the Android cell phone, enabling you to use applications, receive alerts, and manage multiple features all from the comfort of your wrist.

Furthermore, you may monitor your everyday steps, mileage traveled, and burned calories, as well as establish goals to keep active while maintaining an active routine using Fitbit fitness tracking.

Watch for Pulse Monitoring:

This Watch has precise heart rate tracking features that let you retain close attention to how well your heart is functioning.

The watch uses sophisticated sensors that continuously track your heartbeat during the day, providing you with real-time information about how your heart is performing while participating in various activities.

This function is beneficial when working out because it allows you to monitor how you’re doing over time and optimize the workout strength.

What makes it best?

Sleek Layout:

The Pixel Watch from Google has a classy and robust matte black metal case, delivering a sleek and high-end appearance.

This case is paired with an ebony active strap.

The watch is appropriate for both informal and active lives because it is made to endure everyday use.

It has an Ebony Active strap that is ideal for exercises and outdoor pursuits because it is not only pleasant to wear but also sweat-resistant.

Wi-Fi Support:

Thanks to this Watch’s integration with Wi-Fi, you can join wireless connections and use internet functions right from the wristband.

Without depending on your cell phone, you may effortlessly surf the web, listen to songs, install apps, and link with your preferred internet-based resources.

If Wi-Fi is widely available or you prefer to keep your cell phone at home, this feature gives you more freedom and convenience.

  • New tests are good.
  • Better built quality.
  • Best Layout.
  • Not very sturdy.

Ddidbi: (Best Touchscreen Watch for Triathlon Under $50)

A friend of mine recommended me this watch since she knows as a sportswoman I go for long runs every morning.

And to keep track of my running mileage she asked me to invest in a Ddidbi smartwatch and honestly I couldn’t be more thankful to her, because this watch is so good that it has made my life super easy.


Stay In Touch And updated:

Having its built-in audio system and Bluetooth connection, this Ddidbi smartwatch also enables you to initiate as well as receive calls and works as a multimedia player for your cell phone.

It also allows informational alerts and social network alerts (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.).

Every notification is shown on your smartwatch and alerted by a buzz, ensuring that you won’t lose any crucial calls or texts whilst taking a stroll or exercise, regardless of whether you keep your cell phone in your back pocket.

IP68 Waterproof:

This monitor for fitness features more than 100 sports in both indoor and outdoor options, including running, walking, biking, skipping, football, basketball, and more, to suit the demands of the majority of sports fans.

It is also IP68 water resistant. It creates your health report and logs your workout information, including steps, pulse, calories burned, and length.

This phase of the counter watch may be utilized even during stormy days or whilst diving thanks to its IP68-level waterproof capabilities.

What makes it best?

A Versatile Digital Assistant:

This wristwatch for men as well as women is equipped with a variety of useful daily functions, such as a timepiece, stopwatch, timer, audio control, forecasting the weather, inactive reminder, locating telephone, camera management, and others.

It can serve as a useful assistant in our lives, making it easier, wiser, and healthier for us to live.

It is built around a 280mAh large-capacity low-power source, which has a 7-day average runtime and a 15-day standby time.

Phenomenal Service:

This iOS-Android smartwatch is suitable for the majority of Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and later devices (Not for the personal computer, iPad, and Tabs).

Ease and experience are the top priorities when investing in smart wearable technology.


Smartwatches from Ddidbi teach us more about our physical well-being.

The watch has a built-in, very effective optical detector that can track our pulse continuously, throughout the day, in real-time.

Additionally, it continuously checks upon your sleep patterns during the night and offers a thorough analysis of how well you sleep (including deep slumber, restless sleep, and awake).

  • Premium feel.
  • Good battery life.
  • Sleek.
  • No music storage.

Buying Guide:

  • Battery Life:

A single triathlon competition can span anywhere from a few hours to a few days, however on a typical basis, it takes 3–4 hours to complete.

To avoid dying on one’s wrist shortly after the finish line of the race, erasing all the information and your reputation for the future while providing no evidence that you finished the race, an excellent tri wristwatch ought to be capable of surviving at least six to eight hours in GPS function.

For instance, the Suunto 9 Baro and Coros Apex both have a GPS battery life of up to 110 and 120 hours, respectively.

  • Water Rating: 

As was already said, tracking swimming could be challenging with a wristwatch that is not water-resistant to a minimum of 50 meters.

The finest triathlon smartwatches can track sophisticated diving metrics like punch count, SWOLF, and speed, in addition to measuring pulse on the wrist while underwater.

  • Multi-Sport Mode:

The ability to switch amongst sporting modes without pushing too many buttons is also crucial.

After exiting the water, you’ll be too busy to discover the proper menu setting to convert from tracking diving to tracking biking.

You’ll also be too busy removing your diving suit and donning your bike gear.

Most high-end watches include one-button multisport conversions and, for extra ease, even come with a special triathlon mode.

  • Comfort/Fit:

During the several hours that a race lasts, you are unlikely to want to be fiddling with the timepiece on your hand at regular intervals because it keeps reading your pulse incorrectly.

You would want a flexible rubber strap and a silky casing material to ensure a snug fit.

The rounded form of watches like the Polar Vantage V and the Suunto 9 Baro makes it simpler to wrap the watch firmly around your hand.


  • In a race such as a triathlon, is a digital wristwatch permitted?


As a result, racers are going to make sure that whatever watch they carry is water resistant so that they may use it while doing the triathlon’s diving, bike, and running legs.

  • What is a reasonable time for a triathlon?

Men complete the marathon race in a median time of 2:53 and women complete in an overall time of 3:07.

We have taken into account this variation in the 5150 series outcomes, which for men runs from a typical Olympic final time ranging from 2:21 to 3:27.

  • What brands of smartwatches do athletes wear?

Venu 2 Plus by Garmin.

Not just elite athletes wear Garmin smartwatches.

The Venu 2 Extra is a fashionable wristwatch that rivals the Apple watch and Versa 3 by Fitbit it’s strong enough for motorcycle trips, strength training, and playing with your children.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the Best Smartwatches for Triathlon.

Do you guys have experience with the Best Smartwatches for Triathlon?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are any smartwatches used for triathlons that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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