11 Best Watches with Vibrating Alarms: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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A watch is far more versatile than merely a timepiece.

Today’s modern watches come with several distinct features.

Functionality for the chronograph, altimeter, temperature, depth gauge, and many more.

Some features are more beneficial than others, and various watch users may require different features.

A vibrating alarm is a feature that has the potential to be extremely practical and useful.

But since loud sounds can often be very irritating, most people just consider it more practical to have a vibrating alarm watch instead of a conventional alarm function.

It notifies you without bothering you or your companions by vibrating.

Everyone could benefit from wearing a vibrating alarm watch, whether they are deaf, would like to be discreetly reminded of the time when giving a presentation, wish to receive medical alerts, or for a variety of other reasons.

Having said that, people of all ages find them to be appealing.

Let’s look more closely at the top-rated vibrating alarm watches right away.

Which are the Best Watches with Vibrating Alarms?

Here are my recommended top 11 Best Watches with Vibrating Alarms:-

Timex: (Best Men’s Expedition Shock XL with Vibrating Alarm)

After my sister’s wedding, I wanted to give my brother-in-law the best watch with a vibrating alarm, but I wasn’t sure which one to get him.

My friend’s brother, who already had this watch, advised me to get it for him because it has some excellent options and performs well.

I gave him this watch as a gift, and he adored it.

He shared his experience with me and assured me that it is without a doubt the nicest watch he has ever had.



You can keep records of all the personal bests using the chronograph feature of the Timex Expedition Digital line.

By developing the ground-breaking Indiglo back-light system, Timex revolutionized the way people across the world tell time at night.

The Timex Expedition line was designed to resist anything life can throw at it as well as serves as a real outdoor companion. 

What Makes It Best:

It Supports wrist circumference measurements up to 8 inches with a flexible black 22micrometers resin band.

It features a 100-hour chronograph, a 24-hour counting timer, three vibrating as well as audible every day, weekday, and weekend alerts, and shock resistance that meets I.S.O. standards are all included.

Not just that, calendar with day, and three time zones.

Date, and time as well as the month, day, and 24-hour military time option are included. 

A negative digital screen, an Indiglo light-up watch dial, and a black 50-micrometer resin case are included.

200 meters (660 feet) of water resistance: In general, appropriate for professional maritime activities and major surface water activities, but just not scuba diving.


This watch is a perfect fit for all the people who want a versatile vibrating watch.

This watch not only features vibrating alarms but also a variety of options that will help in the daily functioning of people. 

  • It is shockproof.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • Has a resin casing.
  • Feels a bit hefty.

Casio W735H-1AVCF: (Best Cheap Illuminator Watch with Vibrating Alarm)

I had a long list of items to buy when I applied for a master’s program overseas after receiving my bachelor’s degree.

Most importantly, I was seeking a watch with a vibrating alarm.

My friend told me about this watch with long battery life.

Even though it has been two years since I purchased this watch, I am still grateful to my friend for making the recommendation.



If you need a reliable and practical wristwatch, this tough sports watch is an affordable option.

Resin is used to construct the 44mm, 15 mm-thick casing of the W735H-2AVCF  rear and band photo watch.

Any informal setting or sporting event is ideal for this watch’s manly styling and wide dial.

The resin-based adaptable wristband is also 38mm broad and men’s normal length.

It features a buckle latch for additional security, and switching bands is not too difficult.


You won’t ever need to wonder about which day, month, or date it is with the W735H-2AVCF watch’s additional features, including an automatic calendar.

With a 100m/330ft water-resistant rating, this sports watch is suitable for all types of athletic activity aside from scuba diving.

It features a 10-year battery ensuring long-lasting use, and thanks to the screw-back housing, replacing the battery is also pretty easy.

It even has a battery status low tone that serves as a reminder when the battery needs to be changed.

What Makes It Best:

This watch is a perfect example of Casio’s commitment to customer-valued sturdiness.

This ground-breaking timepiece was the initial shock-resistant timepiece to raise the bar on watch endurance.

All of their convictions work together to make Casio a pioneer in creativity, technology, and sustainability.

The Casio Men’s W735H-2AVCF Super Illuminator Watch is perfect for the Casio name and is a watch one can depend on for many years to come thanks to its straightforward features and modern features.


This chic timepiece, which is a member of the Casio Standard Series, has a black band and a grey dial.

Additionally, this digital sports watch made of resin has a 10-year battery performance making it unique among others.

  • Long battery life.
  • Unique design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Performs well.
  • It might lag sometime in showing time.

Casio GD350-1CR: (Best G-Shock Vibration Alarm Watch)

On the day of my exam, as I prepared to go for it, I realized that I couldn’t find my watch.

I looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it.

Panicking and scared, I nevertheless left the house because it was already very late.

I was contemplating purchasing a new watch as I made my way to the testing facility, but I was unsure of the ideal option because I wanted a fashionable, waterproof watch.

As I approached my friend, he was sporting one particular watch, and I instantly fell in love with it.

I received the same watch the very next day, and I adored it.

It is the best watch with a vibrating alarm. 



Since vibration is the primary function here, I should point out that it is not that powerful compared to the vibration of an Apple Watch, but it is still sufficiently strong.

It has never failed to awaken me.

The watch has five alarm-setting options, including daily and one-time modes.

They are simple to toggle as well as simple to set.

This watch makes it easier for people to set alarms than iPhone did.

The watch gives vibrations to alert you when switching between modes and returning to the primary time.

All things considered, the vibration is exactly what you require and expect it to be.

It is also sturdy.


The reverse screen on my watch was my greatest concern because it might not be very good.

However, I was delighted the moment I saw it on top of my wrist.

The contrast between the black backdrop and the yellow-amber numbers is remarkable.

Additionally, the screen is significantly sharper and crisper than some other G-SHOCKs I’ve used.

It is easily readable. You can view it in dimly lit areas.  

They are also smart.

Too vibrant.

They are sufficiently bright to illuminate a dim room at night. 

What Makes It Best:

The fact that this watch is larger than I anticipated was one of the initial aspects I observed about this watch.

Both the screen and the device are thick which is good.

This is the comfiest G-SHOCK I have ever worn, without a doubt.

The extra “wings” at the point where the strap joins the casing help to keep the watch in place and comfy throughout the day.

The resin is flexible and soft.

With little discomfort, I wore it for three to four days straight.

The only time you will notice the size of this watch is while wearing a tighter shirt cuff because it is also incredibly light.


This is the best G-SHOCK watch so far, and a lot of people are impressed.

For many wrists, it strikes the ideal feature and design balance, and the vibration alarm is fantastic.

Additionally, it is reasonably priced.

  • Readable dial.
  • Different time modes.
  • Value for money.
  • Perfect size.
  • No audible alarm.
  • The display contrast is not too good.

Timex TW4B02500: (Best Vibrating Alarm Watch Under $100)

Since I enjoy purchasing various watches, this watch has long been on my wish list.

But because I was short on cash, I had to wait until my payday before purchasing this watch for myself.

To say that this watch has several fantastic functions, particularly the best-vibrating alarm, is an understatement.

This feature, together with other features, was quite useful for me because I frequently travel.



This watch has a Black resin 16mm strap that is adjustable and suits wrists up to 8 inches in circumference.

It also features a 100-hour clock; a 24-hour counting down; 3 everyday, weekday, or weekend audio and vibratory alarms; this watch is also ISO-compliant and shock-resistance.

The watch has military time mode, 24 hours; Three time zones, event reminders, Monthly, day, or date calendar; a reminder for rehydrating.

It has an Indiglo light-up watch dial; a gray digital screen; black 50mm resin casing with an acrylic lens.

It has a 16 mm wide strap or lug.

This watch is also waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet): Generally speaking, appropriate for swimming and snorkeling but it’s not apt for diving. 


An illustration of a high-quality fashion watch’s construction can be found in the Timex TW4B02500.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this version is the high-quality materials and attention to detail.

An accurate quartz movement is shielded by a casing crafted of the finest materials.

A TW4B02500 watch’s case is built of robust, break-resistant plastic that is coated in a variety of colors.

The black band is light, strong, and extremely comfortable to wear because it is composed of high-quality silicone.

The multicolor dial is properly shielded from damage by a halite crystal.

You may swim or free dive without removing your watch thanks to its 100 meters of waterproofing.

The Timex TW4B02500 is housed in its original box and comes with a product warranty.

What Makes It Best:

A watch like this is best recognized for its durability and quality because its maker is among the biggest high-quality wristwatch makers in the world.

It is assumed that this watch will give precise time and efficient vibrating alarms.

This watch is special because it is quite robust, the dial is simple to read, and it complements many different styles.


This watch is the perfect gadget for someone looking for vibrating alarm watches and it also provides many other features that assist in everyday chores.

  • It is durable.
  • Features a calendar.
  • The dial is easily readable.
  • The strap feels a bit stiff.

Timex: (Best Affordable Water Resistant Watch)

It is simple to assert that this is the market’s top smartwatch with a vibrating alarm.

My uncle gave me this watch for my birthday, and I’ve worn it continuously ever since.

It has the best features and is simple to use.

Also has an amazing build and quality which is very helpful in daily life. 


Functionality And Built:

You can keep track of your individual bests using the Timex Expedition Digital collection’s chronograph feature.

Timex revolutionized the way people read time in the dark by developing the innovative Indiglo back-light mechanism.

The Timex Expedition line was created to resist anything life tosses at it and is a true expedition partner.

This shock-resistant resin enclosure contains three unique vibrating alarms that provide you with silent alerts when you’re outside.

This watch is among the most robust ones ever thanks to its 200-meter waterproofing and toughened mineral glass.

What makes it best:

My satisfaction with this purchase is excellent.

This watch is really simple to read, and the Indiglo function is effective at night.

Beautiful watch, too.

The embellishments in orange make it pop.

It’s undoubtedly a bigger watch, but that’s what I wanted.

I prefer Timex to Casio.

Over the decades, I’ve owned a lot of Timex timepieces.

And compared to their Casio equivalents, Timex watches are far more comfortable.

Despite being heavier, this watch is incredibly comfortable to wear.

This watch has earned my utmost satisfaction, and I heartily recommend it.


It is the best watch and the best vibrating alarm watches on the market.

Looking at the price and its features this watch is the best and outdid many watches of the same line.

  • Very robust.
  • Water-resistant.
  • ISO compatible.
  • The strap is a bit uncomfortable.

Casio GD350-1B: (Best G Shock Black Watch Under 100)

When my friend suggested this watch to me, I wasn’t initially interested in it because I was looking for the best timepieces for kayaking.

But she advised me to try the watch, adding that she had taken it off her hand and invited me to borrow it for the day.

After trying my friend’s watch for a day, I was delighted to use this watch.

I enjoyed the diving functions.

I immediately got this watch from the store.

It’s hands down the best watch with a vibrating alarm. 



This brand-new G-Shock is intended and built for those unique, covert missions that call for something extra.

A big, distinctively designed dedicated button for the timer function allows for swift and reliable use even in the most demanding circumstances.

You can choose between being informed by a vibrating operation or a sound with an led flash operation as the timer approaches the conclusion of its countdown.

The rear of the watch has a unique shock absorber construction that makes sure the writs can feel the vibration.

When the watch is turned to the face for viewing, an auto-light feature causes the face to glow for either one, three, or five seconds while a high-brightness led may be set to glow for one, three, or five seconds.

What Makes It Best:

This watch is waterproof which means it can be your best companion in your water activities.

I initially believed that this was a model with a larger face, but it is a perfect size.

I like the vibrating alarm as well as the color scheme.

The lighting button is simple to reach, and the dial is simple to read. 

I sometimes have night shifts at work, and I utilize this watch all day and night to record times for the log instead of my old Walmart watch.

It served its purpose, and this watch is also extremely beautiful, has superior features, and runs flawlessly.

I’ve used several G shocks for many years, and the most recent one was a madman where my friend’s dog was able to break a nut in the watch lug, and my watch got ruined.

However, this watch is robust.


Without further delay, you should get your hands on this watch.

As it’s robust and serves the purpose. 

  • It is robust.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • The dial is easily viewable.
  • Has led flash operations.
  • The backlight stops working.

Timex: (Best Vibrating Alarm Watch with Long Battery Life)

When I studied the watch’s characteristics and realized how many excellent features it has, I knew it would be the ideal gift for my brother’s birthday, and it’s also the best watch with a vibrating alarm. 

The finest watch for daily usage has a long battery life, is simple to read, and has many other functions.



This watch has a Black resin 16mm strap that is adjustable and suits wrists up to 8 inches in circumference.

This watch also features 30-lap memory for a 100-hour chronograph; a Counting timer of 24 hours, 3 everyday alarms, be it weekday or weekend; Two time zones, a day, date, and month calendar, and a 24-hour military time mode included in this little gadget and setting it apart from all other watches.

This watch also has Indiglo light-up show dial; a gray display unit; blue and black 38mm resin casing with an acrylic lens that is waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet): generally appropriate for snorkeling and swimming but not for diving.

What Makes It Best:

The Timex Ironman Classic 100 has a big display, quick 5-button accessibility to the stopwatch’s storage for 100 laps, and programmable interval as well as countdown timers.

100-meter water resistance with Timex Indiglo illumination.

This athletic watch that is unique among all others is lightweight and water-resistant.

Every timer, alert, and Indiglo backlight are easily accessible.


This is hands down the best watch ever which is excelling in the market with its features and functionality.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Has the ideal size.
  • All features are easily accessible.
  • Not apt for diving.

Casio: (Best Sports Watch with Vibrating Alarm)

I chose to give my dad my favorite GT because it has additional excellent features that are perfect for him given that he works in the field.

As running is my father’s preferred exercise, it is also the finest for that activity.

He is capable of getting alerts through vibrating alarms and he loves it. 



Time accuracy is the responsibility of the quartz movement.

The watch’s dark plastic casing makes it resistant to minor scratches.

The silicone used to create the black strap is known for its high rate of impact resistance and is lightweight.

It blends in flawlessly with the watch casing.

The mineral crystal that protects the black display is recognized for its exceptional durability against shocks or scratches brought on by regular use.

The watch may be used for deeper scuba diving or swimming because of its 200-meter waterproofing.

The complete box and warranty card are both included with the Casio G-SHOCK GD-350.

Countdown Timer:

This GD350’s main feature, a 24-hour countdown timer, is probably what has you interested in it.

For those who use a timer often, having one-button accessibility to it through the time display is undoubtedly a major advantage.

After pressing the button, the normal time is still shown whereas the countdown timer begins at the beginning of the home page.

However, to access the countdown timer, one must hit Mode.

This will disable the downward countdown mid-count.

(If you allow the countdown to reach zero, you can dismiss the alarm by pressing any key without first accessing the Countdown timer through Mode.)

What Makes It Best:

The everyday alarm wakes you up at the time you specify with an audible sound to remind you of recurrent events.

This model features five distinct alarms for customizable appointment reminders.

Synthetic resin is the perfect choice for wrist straps because of its exceptional flexibility and durability.

The watch has enough power from the battery to last for about five years.

Turning your wrist lights the watch screen exceptionally brightly and in color if the surrounding light starts to decrease.

The watch’s casing is thin and strong.

As soon as an alert, a countdown timer, or the hour signal is achieved, a lighting diode flashes.


Without any more delay buy this watch if you want a gadget that provides value for money and serves its purpose. 

  • It is shockproof.
  • Has audible alarms.
  • Resin strap.
  • The design is very common.

CASIO GW2310FB-1CR: (Best Shock Resistant Multifunction Watch)

I was on the hunt for this watch for my sister’s husband as he got promoted in his job.

I got him this watch with a vibrating alarm and he loves it so much that he wears it daily and tells how easy it is to use it. 



The best feature about this watch is that it is a Solar-powered multifunctional watch that has 4 everyday alarms, 41 globe different timezones, and a complete automatic EL backlight that is either manufactured in the United States or imported.

Additional features feature a countdown clock with a 1/100 second resolution and 12/24 hour formats.

It is also composed of a mineral display window in a 46.4 mm resin casing.

The bands or straps are composed of a resin band having a buckle.

This watch is Waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet).

Overall, this watch is appropriate for significant upper-level water sports or even professional marine operations, but again not for scuba diving. 

What Makes It Best:

Due to solar energy and precise timekeeping, I bought this watch.

There are no concerns because the battery charges quickly outside.

I also purchased this watch for its atomic timekeeping, which I found to be useful.

The watch performs the rest after a simple manual modification for your location and it is pre-loaded with time zones.

Viewing the negative screen is very easy, particularly under the sun and while wearing sunglasses.


This is a very budget-friendly watch with vibrating alarms and has a ton of features to help you in your daily routine. 

  • Black stealth design.
  • Perfect in size.
  • Amazing solar power.
  • Long battery life.
  • The auto light does not work properly.

Timex: (Best Smartwatch with GPS & Heart Rate Monitor for Women)

As a wedding gift, I gave my sister the best watch with a vibrating alarm, and she loved it.

She praised the watch’s performance and expressed his enthusiasm for owning it.

My sister sent me a nice thank-you note for giving him this watch.

She described to me how the size of this smartwatch is perfect for almost any wrist.



An adjustable Black resin 16mm strap that may fit wrists up to 8 inches in circumference comes with this watch.

The watch has three daily, weekly, or weekend audio and vibratory alarms in addition to a 100-hour clock, a 24-hour counting down, and other functions.

It is also shock-resistant and ISO-compliant.

The watch offers a 24-hour military time mode, three time zones, event reminders, a monthly, daily, or date calendar, and a reminder to hydrate.

It features an acrylic lens on a black 50mm resin case, an Indiglo light-up watch dial, and a gray digital display.

The strap or lug is 16 mm broad.

In general, this watch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not diving because it is waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet).

What Makes It Best:

As one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality wristwatches in the world, this watch is best known for its strength and quality.

This watch is guaranteed to provide accurate time and effective vibrating alarms.

The dial is easy to read, the watch is extremely durable, and it goes with many various styles, which makes it unique.


This watch is incredibly affordable, offers vibrating alarms, and has a good amount of features to make your daily activities easier.

  • Black and stealthy style.
  • The ideal size.
  • Incredible solar power.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • The strap might be a tough point. 

Casio F-108WH-1ACF: (Best Digital Display Watch for Unisex)

This is the best watch with a vibrating alarm and has other amazing features that suit many people be it, men or women.

This watch serves the purpose and works amazingly in so many domains of life.

Being a night shift worker this watch has helped me and since the build is so strong, it never breaks. 



Let’s begin with the watch’s appearance.

It has an understated elegance.

The size will fit everyone’s wrist because it is not too big or too little.

If you would like to change the date or time or if you wish to activate the special functions, there are press buttons affixed on the side of the watch.

You need not be concerned about the gadget’s durability because it is made of stainless steel.

The resin substance also guarantees that you won’t have any skin discomfort while wearing the watch for extended periods.


You’ll be happy to learn that this model has a battery life of around 7 years.

Therefore, you are spared the inconvenience of having to change the batteries frequently.

This is arguably the most desired feature in watches nowadays.

Most people would choose a watch that has these capabilities because having to take it off before taking a bath or engaging in any intense activity is bothersome. 

Dust grains won’t be an issue because of the mineral crystalline covering.

What Makes It Best:

This model employs a quartz crystal mechanism, resulting in a +/- 30-second monthly accuracy.

You will appreciate this version if you are concerned about maintaining exact time because it can withstand gravitational inaccuracy.

This watch is a wonderful asset to the Casio watch range, it may be mentioned.

It contains every feature you could ever want.

It is quite simple to wear for a long time thanks to its lightweight and comfortable grip.

It is more alluring to purchasers because of the reasonable pricing.

You should give this watch a shot if you’re seeking one that fulfills all your requirements without costing a lot.


This feature-rich wristwatch will fit everyone perfectly because it is made of high-quality, durable materials.

  • Unique design.
  • Very durable.
  • Performs in the most unique way.
  • It is not solar-operated.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best watches with vibrating alarms.

Do you guys have experience with the best watches with vibrating alarms?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any watches you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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