Best Fossil Smartwatches Under $250: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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You might be looking for the best fossil smartwatches under $250, so you have chosen the right spot because we have discussed all the top smartwatches from this brand with all their aspects and functionality.

Happiness and budget-friendly smartwatches are listed.

Health monitoring, sleep tracking, and healthy battery life, that needs in a single product.

A quality smartwatch can provide all these features in a single smartwatch, and fossil is a well-known brand in this race. 

But before going deeper, look for quality and affordable smartwatches under $250. 

It’s more satisfactory to buy a smartwatch with a wide variety of features at a reasonable price. 

It is all possible by fossil, but not only this; more features are listed below.

So let’s dive into the article to learn about the best fossil smartwatches under $250. 

Which are the Best Fossil Smartwatches Under $250?

Here are my recommended top 10 Best Fossil Smartwatches Under $250:-

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Fossil Gen 6: (Best Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In)

At a cafe, I met one of my old friends. 

After graduation, he went out of the country due to his job.

He had health issues after shifting to another country.

I inquired about his business and schedule.

He was very stressed due to his busy schedule. 

So he’s unable to maintain his health due to his business life.

He asked me about a solution to this problem. 

I suggested he buy this fossil Gen 6 smartwatch to maintain his health.

As he set up his new business, he couldn’t afford an expensive watch. 

It amazingly works as your companion. 

This smartwatch helps monitor all his daily activities and provides a daily profile for them. 



I chose fossil Gen because it’s compatible with the latest iPhones and Android versions. 

Its new feature, the Qualcomm 4100+ chipset, improves by 30% of the performance. 

With its new feature, Improved power has provided more reliable connections and four times the range of Bluetooth. 


It automatically detects activity goals, counts steps, monitors sleep, and measures heart rate, cardio, and blood oxygen. 

Its GPS helps maintain the distance on the road with its activity modes.

The advanced sensors featured in it provide the data for health and fitness profiles. 


The always-on screen featured in this watch is now brighter with more colours and pixels. 

A variety of watch faces has been installed in it to customize everyday looks. 

It also has several applications featured in it, like fitness, contactless payments, music, social apps, news, stopwatch, etc. 


This smartwatch helps me stay connected with call notifications, messages, and social media applications. 

Automatic time zone and calendar syncing are available in this fossil watch. 

It also has the ability to answer calls with a single click on the wristwatch.

This smartwatch has a speaker, mic, and customized buttons. 


I like that its back cover has a magnetic charger for fast charging than its other models. It gets charged within 30 minutes till 80%. 

The 3 ATM design is perfect for swimmers and provides the watch with waterproof features. 

Amazon Alexa:

As an android user, I get another additional feature with this smartwatch, built-in Alexa. 

This application provides me easy access to news information, checks weather conditions, sets timers and alarms for me, controls home devices, etc., with a single voice of mine. 


I highly recommend purchasing this fossil Gen 6 for your daily activity recording. 

The battery life it provides is phenomenal on such a fantastic budget. 

This fossil smartwatch is perfect for under $250. 

  • Always on display.
  • The customizable watch faces.
  • Elegant look.
  • Qualcomm 4100+ chipset.
  • Swim-proof design. 
  • Poor battery life.
  • Health features still need to be completed. 

Fossil Gen 5E: (Best Stainless Steel Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor)

My sister came back to Dubai. 

She shifted to Los Angeles after her marriage.

After she shifted there, she had a lot of health issues, and with kids, she needed to maintain them. 

She asked me to suggest a smartwatch to maintain her health, but on the other hand, the watch must be under $250. 

I suggested she purchase this fossil men’s gen 5E, which stays within the budget and maintains health. 

It’s the best fossil smartwatch for under $250. 

At such a reasonable price, a fantastic battery is provided. 

It helps detect all health issues and provides a daily health profile. 

Fossil has never let us down, and this smartwatch lives up to its reputation. 



The Google wear OS app would be perfect for a reasonably priced smartwatch. 

Also, it’s compatible with iOS and Android, which may vary on several platforms. It can accommodate most smartwatch users. 


I like that this gadget has a battery of more than 24 hours; however, it depends on the use and installation, which is an excellent reason for this purchase. 

Its USB cable with a magnetic charger fits the ring on the backside of the watch and rotates at 360 degrees, making it easy to use for users. 


It is always on display with a wide variety of custom watch faces at such a reasonable amount. 

The hundreds of apps installed, like social, news, music, stopwatch, payments, etc., makes it reasonably priced. 

Its swim-proof design makes it unique for all your physical activities. 

Health And Fitness:

The automatic detection of activity goals, steps, sleep, heart rate, cardio level, etc., makes this smartwatch perfect for health patients and fitness lovers. 

Its GPS helps the users stay on track.

Also, it provides advanced sensors to cover all the data, including fitness and health applications. 

Moreover, the featured wellness improvements help the users track their health history, detect rest, and set their sleep goals, which is fantastic for the price. 


Helping patients stay connected with calls, notifications, and messages through a watch is more feasible.

They don’t have to take their phone out. 

The user can never miss a call as it allows you to answer calls and messages from your smartwatch, which is an excellent package for under $250. 


I recommend this fossil men’s gen 5E, the best smartwatch under $250. 

It helps detect daily activities and health issues and provides all the notifications from your smartphone. 

This smartwatch is best if you are on a budget.  

  • A brighter display.
  • A variety of watch faces are available.
  • Custom battery modes.
  • Fitness tracking.
  • Speaker is useful. 
  • Not eligible for wear OS 3 update.
  • The battery needs to be improved.

Fossil Machine Gen 6: (Best Hybrid Smartwatch with Activity Tracking)

I have tried many smartwatches, but I love fossil machine gen six hybrid smartwatches. 

This is an excellent smartwatch with great battery life. 

Compatible with all mobile phones, it tracks users’ lifestyles, is waterproof, and has reliable battery life. 

This smartwatch works amazingly for fashion lovers. 

So customized watch faces and backlights are available for night lovers. 

Isn’t it amazing at such a reasonable price? 

This smartwatch fits the user’s budget perfectly. 



The best feature of this smartwatch is gen six hybrid compatibility with new iOS and Android versions. 

Its improved power, reliable connection, and four times range make it my perfect companion. 


This fossil smartwatch helps me track my daily activities with automatic training detection, monitor my health profile, sleep ups and downs, and an improved heart rate sensor. 

Which is more than enough in this affordable smartwatch. 

Its 3 ATM feature makes it perfectly waterproof for all activities. 


This smartwatch is for fashion lovers. 

Its electronic ink reading screen makes it always on with watch faces, notifications, and customized metrics. 

Moreover, it also features easy-to-read mechanical hands and time indicators. 

Its backlight is featured for night owls and is redesigned with an intuitive screen. 


In such an affordable amount, it provides smartphone notifications and alerts, keeps an eye on the calendar and weather conditions, controls music, etc. 

Automatic time zone display and calendar syncing are also got featured in it. 

It has a microphone and customizable buttons to control smartphone applications on the watch. 


It also includes a magnetic charger that gives you two weeks of battery life on a reasonable budget. 

Its battery gets charged up to 80% in 60 minutes.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, it is. 

This smartwatch works as my best companion. 


It is one of the best smartwatches for the budget if you want excellent all-rounder performance, great features, healthy battery life, and customizable watch faces. 

  • More intuitive dashboard.
  • Upgraded heart rate sensor.
  • Customizable watch faces are available.
  • Waterproof with 3 ATMs. 
  • The text is hard to read.
  • A little heavier. 

Fossil: (Best Fossil Smartwatch Under $250)

As a businessman, I need to take every call.

But it’s not possible that every time I have to take my mobile phone out. 

I bought this fossil men’s collider hybrid smartwatch for my daily use, which fits my budget amazingly. 

It’s a valuable addition, and I intend to keep and use it for the rest of my life.

This smartwatch is so fantastic. 

It receives all calls and other notifications of the smartphone on the watch. 

That saves most of my time. 

Not only this, but it helps me maintain my healthy lifestyle for such an affordable amount. 

This smartwatch is an all-rounder. Works great for all. 

Moreover, it provides two weeks of battery life on a single charge and a magnetic charger. 

This smartwatch is highly recommended for users who want great quality smartwatches at an affordable price. 



This feature is the best and should be present in every smartwatch model. 

This hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android phones. 


This smartwatch provides two weeks of battery on a single charge which is fantastic for this affordable price. 

Not just this, a magnetic charger is available in the package. 


It has a heart rate sensor that monitors the health profile and tracks steps, activities, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep, which is suitable for most patients suffering from diseases. 


This smartwatch is capable of receiving and watching smartphone notifications. 

It displays all the alerts, calendar, and weather updates and controls the smartphone’s music, etc., from your smartphone. 

Also, it is waterproof for up to 164ft which is perfect for all daily activities. 


At an affordable price, this smartwatch provides an innovative design with mechanical hands and is always on display. 

The case size it provides is 1654 in, its strap size is 0.866 in, and these are interchangeable with all fossil bands. 


Fossil men’s collider hybrid smartwatch works perfectly as your companion. 

It helps maintain the user’s health and receives notifications from smartphones.

That saves most of your time. 

This watch is the best fossil smartwatch for under $250. 

  • E-ink display which is perfect for battery and visibility.
  • Premium and stylish design.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Monitors health profile. 
  • No GPS options.
  • Limited software features. 

Fossil: (Best Fossil Smartwatch Under $250)

I told you I was a fitness teacher in a gym. 

A student from my training class came up to me and said she couldn’t buy an expensive smartwatch for his daily use. 

She has struggled a lot with financial issues, and her mother declined to buy her an expensive watch. 

I was happy to see her enthusiasm toward her health. 

So I recommended she buy this Fossil women’s charter hybrid smartwatch which fits perfectly into her budget. 

I have also owned this smartwatch for the past few years. 

This smartwatch is simple to use. 

Has an affordable and phenomenal battery life. 

It has an innovative design and tracks the user’s daily health routine. 



This hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and android mobile phones. 

It’s perfect for users with all models of iOS and Android. 


It helps users enjoy a long battery life.

In this budget, more than two weeks’ battery is provided. 

Also, a magnetic charger is included with this smartwatch for all users. 


This hybrid smartwatch is equipped with a heart rate sensor for wellness tracking. 

It helps track users’ steps, active minutes, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep. 


This smartwatch receives and notifies users of smartphone alerts. 

It also helps view the calendar, weather updates, control music, and more on your smartwatch. 


I love that this smartwatch has an innovative design with mechanical hands and is always on display. 

This always-on screen helps users read the screen with selected information at a glance. 


I highly recommend buying this fossil women’s charter hybrid if you are on a budget. 

It’s perfect for enthusiastic women who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

This is the best fossil smartwatch.

  • Classy and elegant.
  • Great battery life.
  • Tracks health daily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Scratch proof.
  • Innovative design. 
  • The screen is a bit to read.
  • The backlight is a little dim. 

Fossil: (Best Affordable Watch for Women Under $200)

 At a cafe, I met my old friend. 

After graduation, it had been a long time since we didn’t meet. 

She got busy after her marriage.

I inquired about her married life. 

She was distraught as, with kids, she’s unable to manage her health correctly. 

My friend asked me to suggest a good battery life that comes within budget as she got health issues because of not maintaining it. 

I recommended she purchase this fossil women’s Scarlett mini hybrid smartwatch, which works amazingly as a health monitor while staying on budget. 

It detects the user’s health and gives a health profile at the end of the day. 

At such an affordable price, it provides thousands of features. 

I highly recommend buying this fantastic smartwatch for daily use. 



This smartwatch has 1496 clock Scarlett hybrid features in a gold tone that’s amazing for everyday use. 

It’s a gold stainless steel bracelet that has an always-on display. 


It provides two weeks of battery life on a single charge which isn’t pricey. 

Also, it has a magnetic USB charger that is free of cost. 


It monitors the user’s heart rate and daily activities so that if there’s any issue, the user is aware of it. 

Sleep ups and downs are monitored through it with deep wellness statistics. 


Notifications, alerts, and calls are received directly on the smartwatch from your smartphone. 

Not just this but weather updates, calendars, music controls, and much more are provided. 


This hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iOS and android mobiles. 

For such a fantastic amount, it provides various features to the users. 


I recommend this fossil women’s Scarlett smartwatch, which works fantastic for all women. 

It helps users receive smartphone alerts right on the smartwatch. 

This smartwatch works amazingly for your daily use while staying within your budget. 

  • Classy and elegant.
  • Durable smartwatch.
  • Detects daily health issues.
  • Battery life is fantastic. 
  • The screen is dark.
  • The backlight is dim. 

Fossil Gen 4: (Best Budget Smartwatch for Men Under $250)

My friend works at a newly launched firm. 

He needs to work long hours there as it’s a newly launched company. 

With all this work, he needs to maintain his healthy life too.

I inquired about his health. 

He told me he had a heart attack last month, but now he’s okay.

I got worried. 

I told him about this fossil men’s gen four sports smartwatch to keep an eye on his heart situation. 

It’s not very pricey and provides impressive features.

I owned it before. 

This smartwatch has sensors that detect the user’s heart rate and other health-related concerns. 

For such an amount, I believe it’s a perfect choice for everyone. 



It provides affordable prices for heart rate tracking, Google pay, GPS, fast charging, smartphone notifications and alerts, touch screen function, and Google Assistant. 

It also provides a microphone, music storage and controls, custom watch faces, lens, alarm settings, and various time zones. 


This waterproof smartwatch has a battery life of 24 hours, depending on usage. 

It has a fast charger, and different third-party applications are available through the Play Store on the smartwatch. 

About smartwatch:

The aluminum case size is 1693 with a strap size of 0.866, and the case colour is light smoke grey. 

The appearance of this smartwatch is a blue silicone strap with buckle closure, and the bands are interchangeable with fossil watches. 


It is equipped with Google wear, compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. 

Bluetooth has low power, and WiFi has features.

Compatibility varies between different platforms. 


Fossil has been a well-known brand for years now.

For such an affordable price, it provides fantastic features. 

This smartwatch works best for all users with all needs.

For sure recommend this fantastic product.  

  • Unique style smartwatch.
  • Comfortable on the wrist.
  • Soft and flexible band.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • WearOs is a bit slow.
  • Unreliable GPS. 

Fossil: (Best Hybrid Smartwatch with Always-On Readout Display)

My father loves fossil smartwatches. 

I planned to give him a smartwatch on his birthday, but my budget was low as I’m a student. 

My father has an iPhone and an Android phone.

I needed a watch which connected to both phones. 

I drove my friend with me to the mall.

The shopkeeper showed me several options. 

The best one I could choose that fits my budget was this fossil men’s Everett hybrid smartwatch. 

The best feature of this smartwatch is it’s compatible with iOS and android mobile phones. 

I gifted it to my father, and he was amazed. 

At such an affordable price, we have a vast range of features in one watch. 

It’s highly recommended from my side. 



At this point, smart unites the style.

This smartwatch has stainless steel design, a fantastic daily wear option. 

It has an always-on display that detects the user’s heart rate, message previews, weather conditions, etc. 


At such an affordable price, two weeks of battery life is provided on a single charge. 

It is a fantastic offer at a reasonable amount. 


The sensors featured in this smartwatch detect heart rate, daily activities, and sleep ups and downs. 

It provides users with daily wellness statistics right on the smartwatch. 


I think Fossil Men’s Everett is an absolute pleasure for the users as it receives all your smartphone alerts, notifications, and weather updates and helps users control the music application. 


This smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and android smartphones. 

It’s perfect for users with all mobile phones. 


Fossil men’s Everett hybrid smartwatch is the best fossil smartwatch for under $250. 

It fits your budget perfectly.

Not just this, it has a fantastic battery life of two weeks on a single charge. 

The fossil provides an affordable smartwatch with a wide variety of features. 

  • Looks fantastic.
  • Battery life is phenomenal.
  • Watch face is easy to see.
  • E-ink displays are available.
  • The background is customizable. 
  • The heart rate chart isn’t accurate. 

Fossil: (Best Cheap Smartwatch with Amazing Battery Life)

I needed a smartwatch for my office time.

Because of less time, I can’t receive all the calls from my mobile. 

I need a watch that has the ability to attend calls and receive notifications on the smartwatch. 

My sister suggested that I buy this Fossil men’s Latitude hybrid smartwatch. 

It perfectly fits my budget and provides high-quality features. 

This helps me attend calls from my smartwatch, a fantastic feature. 

It saves most of my time from attending calls from smartphones. 

This smartwatch provides quality and affordability in one purchase. 



This HR hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile phones. 

It is perfect for users having iOS and android smartphones. 

Battery Life:

I like its battery lasts up to two weeks at such an affordable price. 

A magnetic USB charger is included in the package that doesn’t get the user the hassle of taking the charger everywhere. 


The heart sensor featured in this smartwatch detects the user’s well-being. 

The step counter tracks the steps and monitors active minutes, calories burned are detected, heart rate is monitored, and sleep ups and downs are detected. 


The user can quickly receive and view smartphone notifications on their smartwatches. 

On the smartwatch calendar viewing, weather updates are provided, controls music, and much more.


It has an innovative design with integrated mechanical hands and is always on display. 

At such a reasonable price, these features are provided. 

Its case size is 1969; the strap size is 0.945, which is interchangeable with all fossil bands. 

This smartwatch is waterproof up to 98.4 ft.

That’s a fantastic option for daily activity. 


Fossil men’s latitude hybrid smartwatch is an outstanding watch for managing your time and daily activities with all features you need to get through your work. 

This smartwatch looks flawless, has an innovative design, and is highly recommended for managing your time smoothly. 

  • The step counter is reliable.
  • Stylish design.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • See your heart rate in bright light. 
  • No white activity menu on the screen.
  • Workout stats can only be viewed via fossil apps. 

Fossil: (Best Stainless Steel Smartwatch with Smartphone Notifications)

I have never seen a smartwatch with such an extraordinary battery life at such a reasonable price. 

As a bank manager, I needed help managing my work life with my sleep routine. 

One of my friends recommended purchasing a smartwatch, but I couldn’t find one. 

I needed a smartwatch under $250 as I only have a small budget to buy such an expensive watch. 

My friend suggested I buy this fossil men’s machine stainless steel smartwatch to maintain my health. 

Such a fantastic smartwatch it is. 

Its tracker tracks daily activities and sleeps routines to maintain my health. 

These unique features make this smartwatch the best. 

With my work routine, I can’t manage to charge again and again, so this watch provides me with 12 months of battery life without charge. 

Affordability and uniqueness in a single watch. 



This smartwatch is compatible with iOS and android mobile phones. 

This feature is perfect for users with iPhones and android. 


This smartwatch’s best and latest feature is that it doesn’t need to be charged. 

It has an easy-to-change coin battery that lasts for 12 months.

That’s why it’s perfect for users who don’t have time to charge the battery. 


It tracks daily activities and sleeps ups and downs that help maintain daily activities and sleep.

These applications installed are complementary and set goals to track on the device. 


These features make this smartwatch the best option.

It receives all smartphone notifications.

The contacts on your smartphone that matter to you most with discreet hybrid variations and hand movements. 

It helps customize buttons to control the music, ring the mobile phone, and much more. 

What’s in it?

It does look like a watch, but it works as a smartwatch.

Its case size is 1772, which is perfect for daily wear.

Its strap size is 0.945 and is interchangeable with all fossil bands. 

Moreover, it’s waterproof for up to 164 ft that’s made to meet all your daily activities. 


I highly recommend this fossil men’s machine stainless steel smartwatch which is the best fossil smartwatch under $250. 

It doesn’t require charging; a coin is enough for 12 months of battery life.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, of course. 

Also, you don’t always need to keep your smartphone in your hand.

Just with a click, you can operate your phone from your smartwatch. 

  • Stylish design.
  • The sleep tracker works amazingly.
  • UTC at the press of a button.
  • Customizable buttons.
  • Waterproof.
  • Battery life is measured in months. 
  • There is a better step tracker.
  • The face cover is not scratch-proof. 

Conclusion Paragraph: 

We have finalized our discussion about the best fossil smartwatches under $250. 

Do you guys have experience with the best fossil smartwatches under $250?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any smartwatches you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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