12 Best Smartwatches for Sleep Tracking: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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A lot of people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

On certain mornings, getting out of sleep feeling rejuvenated and prepared to face the day is effortless.

You question whether you slept the previous night on another.

The greatest sleep monitor watches provide a more detailed view of your actual sleep patterns, even if there are several reasons why you could struggle with irregular sleep.

To assist us in comprehending how long we’ve slept, how often we’ve woken up in the late hours of the night, as well as the stages of a nap we were in, slumber tracker watches gather important physiological data.

With this knowledge, we may create healthier sleep habits so that we wake up feeling more rested and less lethargic.

These are some of the greatest smartwatches available.

Which are the Best Smartwatches for Sleep Tracking?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best Sleep Trackers in 2024:-

Milouz: (Best Cheap Smart Watch for Men Women with Bluetooth Call)

My father gifted me this watch last month and it is the best watch I have in my collection because of its amazing features like Bluetooth Calls, medical facilities, voice controllers, and many other features that make this watch unique and reliable


Bluetooth Call Capability:

This smartwatch allows users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Alexa Built-in:

With built-in Alexa functionality, users can easily access voice-activated assistance and control smart home devices directly from the smartwatch.

What makes it the best:

Health Monitoring:

The watch features comprehensive health-tracking capabilities, including blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate tracking, sleep analysis, and a fitness tracker, providing users with valuable insights into their well-being.

Customizable 1.8-inch DIY Dial:

The watch offers a personalized touch with a 1.8-inch customizable dial, allowing users to choose or create their watch faces to suit their style.


This smartwatch seamlessly combines communication features with advanced health tracking, smart home integration through Alexa, and a customizable design, making it a versatile and stylish companion for both Android and iOS users.

  • Bluetooth Call Capability.
  • Health monitoring.
  • Integrated Alexa.
  • Customizable design.
  • Difficult to set up for new users.

Anyloop: (Best Smart Watch with 24/7 Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Monitor and Sleep Tracking)

Recently I purchased this watch from a nearby shop and I’m not at all regretting it after buying it. I would recommend this watch to others because of its superb quality


24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring:

The smartwatch offers continuous heart rate monitoring, providing users with real-time insights into their heart health throughout the day.

Blood Oxygen Monitor:

With a dedicated blood oxygen monitor, this watch enables users to track and monitor their blood oxygen levels, offering a comprehensive view of their overall well-being.

What makes it the best:

Sleep Tracking:

The device includes advanced sleep tracking features, allowing users to analyze and understand their sleep patterns for better sleep quality and overall health.

Activity Tracking:

Equipped with a step counter and calorie tracker, this fitness watch helps users stay on top of their daily physical activity goals, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.


Anyloop’s Smart Watch combines essential health monitoring features, including 24/7 heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, with comprehensive sleep tracking and activity monitoring.

With compatibility for both iOS and Android phones, it serves as a versatile and effective tool for individuals aiming to prioritize their health and fitness.

  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Oxygen monitoring.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Versatile.
  • Not durable for too long.

Google Pixel Watch 2: (Best Smartwatch with Stress Management and Skin Temperature)

My friend bought me this watch yesterday as a gift and I am 100% sure you all will give positive comments after buying it because of its beautiful appearance and excellent features.


Heart Rate Tracking:

The Google Pixel Watch 2 offers accurate and continuous heart rate monitoring, allowing users to keep a close eye on their cardiovascular health during various activities.

Stress Management:

With built-in stress management features, this smartwatch helps users understand and manage their stress levels by providing insights and suggestions for relaxation techniques.

What makes it the best:

Safety Features:

The watch includes safety-oriented features, enhancing user security with functionalities like emergency SOS and location sharing, ensuring peace of mind in various situations.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, the smartwatch allows seamless connectivity for updates, notifications, and other online functionalities, enhancing its overall versatility.


The Google Pixel Watch 2 combines the best of Fitbit and Google technologies, offering a sophisticated smartwatch experience.

With health-focused features such as heart rate tracking and stress management, along with safety features and Wi-Fi connectivity, it caters to users looking for a comprehensive and connected wearable solution.

The Champagne Gold Aluminum Case and Hazel Active Band add a touch of style to its functionality.

  • Smart features.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Safety features.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • The strap could be more comfortable.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 6: (Best Advanced Sleep Coaching Smartwatch)

I purchased this watch last month and I am very impressed by its features.

I would surely recommend it to you all to purchase it for an excellent experience


Personalized HR Zones:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 offers personalized heart rate zones, tailoring fitness tracking to individual users for more accurate and personalized health insights during workouts.

Advanced Sleep Coaching:

With advanced sleep tracking and coaching features, this smartwatch provides a detailed analysis of sleep patterns and offers personalized recommendations to improve overall sleep quality.

What makes it the best:

BIA Sensor:

The inclusion of a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor enhances health monitoring by measuring body composition metrics, providing additional insights beyond traditional fitness tracking.

Big Screen:

The Galaxy Watch 6 boasts a sizable display, offering a visually immersive experience for users to easily navigate through apps, notifications, and health data on the smartwatch.


Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6, with its blend of personalized heart rate tracking, advanced sleep coaching, BIA sensor technology, and a large screen, delivers a comprehensive and user-friendly smartwatch experience.

Designed for fitness enthusiasts and those focused on overall health and wellness, it stands out as a feature-rich wearable in the smartwatch market.

  • Personalized HR Zones.
  • Feature-rich device.
  • Big Screen.
  • Advanced Sleep Coaching.
  • A little Bulky.

Fossil Gen 6: (Best Sleep Tracker on a Budget)

This watch was gifted to me by my elder brother and it is the best watch I’ve ever received because of its many features.


Alexa Built-In:

The Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition comes with built-in Alexa support, allowing users to access voice-activated assistance and control various smart devices directly from their wrist.

Fitness Tracker:

With dedicated fitness tracking capabilities, this hybrid smartwatch helps users monitor their workouts, track activity levels, and stay on top of their fitness goals.

What makes it the best:

Sleep Tracker:

The inclusion of a sleep tracking feature enables users to analyze their sleep patterns, helping them understand and improve their overall sleep quality and wellness.

Smartphone Notifications:

The watch provides seamless integration with smartphones, delivering notifications for calls, messages, and other apps directly to the wrist, ensuring users stay connected without needing to check their phones constantly.


Fossil’s Gen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smart Watch combines the convenience of Alexa integration with essential fitness and sleep-tracking features.

With music control and smartphone notifications, it offers a well-rounded wearable experience for users looking to stay connected and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Built-in Alexa.
  • Fitness tracking.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Durable.
  • Limited Color.

Ticwatch Pro 5: (Best Sleep Tracker to Quantify the Quality of your Nightly Rest)

Last year I bought this watch and still, I’m not regretting buying it at all.

It has many unique features which makes it more unique and versatile.


Snapdragon W5+ Processor:

The Ticwatch Pro 5 features a Snapdragon W5+ processor, providing efficient performance for smooth operation and responsiveness.

80 Hours Long Battery Life:

With an impressive battery life of up to 80 hours, this smartwatch ensures extended usage between charges, making it suitable for extended outdoor activities and daily use.

What makes it the best:

Health Fitness Tracking:

The device includes comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor their physical activity, heart rate, and other relevant health metrics.

5ATM Water Resistance:

Designed with 5ATM water resistance, the Ticwatch Pro 5 can withstand water pressure equivalent to a depth of 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming and water-related activities.


The Ticwatch Pro 5 offers a powerful Snapdragon W5+ processor, an impressive 80-hour battery life, comprehensive health and fitness tracking, and 5ATM water resistance.

This makes it a versatile and durable choice for users seeking a feature-rich Android smartwatch with an emphasis on performance and longevity.

  • Good battery life.
  • Fitness tracking.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Efficient.
  • Fewer aesthetics.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5: (Best Overall Fitness and Sleep Tracker)

This beautiful timepiece has given me the opportunity to track my health and sleep schedule like a Pro in a very efficient manner.


Body, Health, Fitness, and Sleep Tracker:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is equipped with a comprehensive suite of tracking features, including body metrics, health monitoring, fitness tracking, and sleep analysis, providing a holistic view of your well-being.

Improved Battery:

With enhanced battery technology, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers extended usage on a single charge, ensuring that the smartwatch can keep up with your daily activities without frequent recharging.

What makes it the best:

Sapphire Crystal Glass:

The watch features durable sapphire crystal glass, providing a high level of scratch resistance and durability, enhancing the longevity and robustness of the device.

Enhanced GPS Tracking:

The built-in GPS functionality is improved, offering more accurate and reliable tracking of your location and activities, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 stands out with its comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities, improved battery life, durable sapphire crystal glass, and enhanced GPS tracking.

This smartwatch caters to users looking for a reliable and feature-packed device that seamlessly integrates into their active and health-conscious lifestyles.

  • Efficient.
  • Reliable.
  • Improved Battery life.
  • Sapphire glass.
  • Less sturdy.

Fitbit Versa 2: (Best sleep tracking functionality)

My husband got me this amazing watch and due to its swim tracking feature, I can go on swimming while wearing this watch carefree.


Heart Rate Monitoring:

The Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition includes continuous heart rate monitoring, allowing users to track their heart rate throughout the day and during various activities for a comprehensive understanding of their cardiovascular health.

Music Playback and Storage:

With built-in music capabilities, this smartwatch enables users to control and store music directly on the device, providing a convenient way to enjoy their favorite tunes without needing a separate device.

What makes it the best:

Alexa Built-In:

The integration of Amazon Alexa allows users to use voice commands for tasks like setting reminders, checking the weather, or controlling smart home devices, enhancing the overall convenience and functionality of the smartwatch.

Sleep and Swim Tracking:

The Versa 2 Special Edition offers advanced sleep tracking features, providing insights into sleep patterns and quality.

Additionally, it is swim-proof, allowing users to track their swimming activities and ensuring durability in water-related environments.


The Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition stands out with features such as heart rate monitoring, music playback, built-in Alexa, and versatile tracking capabilities for sleep and swimming.

This makes it a well-rounded choice for individuals seeking a stylish and functional health and fitness smartwatch that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.

  • Sleep and Swim Tracking.
  • Stylish.
  • Integrated Alexa.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Not so durable.

Polar Vantage M2 : (Best Sleep and Recovery Tracking Watch)

There are certain investments that I made and I’m proud of them.

One of those investments is this watch.


Integrated GPS:

The Polar Vantage M2 comes with integrated GPS, allowing accurate tracking of outdoor activities without the need for a connected smartphone, providing users with detailed route and distance information.

Wrist-Based Heart Monitor:

Featuring a wrist-based heart rate monitor, this smartwatch enables continuous heart rate tracking, offering real-time insights into your heart rate during daily activities, workouts, and recovery periods.

What makes it the best:

Daily Workouts – Sleep and Recovery Tracking:

The watch supports daily workout tracking, monitoring various activities to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Additionally, it includes sleep and recovery tracking features, providing insights into sleep patterns and recovery status for overall well-being.

Music Controls, Weather, Phone Notifications:

With music controls, users can conveniently manage their music playback directly from the watch.

It also provides weather updates and phone notifications, keeping users connected and informed during their daily routines.


The Polar Vantage M2 stands out as an advanced multisport smartwatch with integrated GPS, wrist-based heart monitoring, comprehensive workout tracking, sleep and recovery insights, and additional features like music controls, weather updates, and phone notifications.

It caters to users seeking a versatile and feature-rich device to support their active and health-conscious lifestyles.

  • Integrated GPS.
  • Versatile.
  • Workout tracking.
  • Features could be more advanced.

Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2): (Best High-Performance Smartwatch with Advanced Sleep Tracking)

Garmin watch has advanced technology which makes it more fascinating.

I love my watch very much and highly recommend it to others.


Advanced Training Technology:

The Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) Sapphire Edition is equipped with advanced training technology, providing users with detailed metrics and insights to enhance their performance across various activities, making it an ideal companion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Built-in Flashlight:

This smartwatch features a built-in flashlight, adding an extra layer of functionality for outdoor activities and ensuring users have a convenient light source when needed.

What makes it the best:

Sapphire Edition:

The watch comes with a Sapphire Edition, featuring a durable sapphire crystal lens, offering high resistance to scratches and ensuring the display remains clear and intact even in challenging environments.

High Performance:

With a focus on high performance, the Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) is designed to meet the demands of users engaged in intense physical activities, providing robust features and durability for an active lifestyle.


The Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) Sapphire Edition impresses with its advanced training technology, built-in flashlight for outdoor versatility, sapphire crystal lens for durability, and overall high-performance design.

It caters to individuals who require a rugged and feature-rich smartwatch to support their demanding training routines and adventurous pursuits.

  • Built-in flashlight.
  • Feature-rich.
  • High performance.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • Broad straps.

POLAR Ignite 2: (Best smartwatch for sleep tracking in 2024)

I gifted my father this watch which helps him track his heart rate and keep his health under surveillance.


Integrated GPS:

The POLAR Ignite 2 is equipped with integrated GPS, allowing accurate tracking of outdoor activities and providing users with essential location and distance data during their workouts.

Wrist-Based Heart Monitor:

With a wrist-based heart rate monitor, this fitness smartwatch enables continuous heart rate tracking, offering real-time insights into heart rate variations during workouts and throughout the day.

What makes it the best:

Personalized Guidance:

The watch provides personalized guidance for workouts, recovery, and sleep tracking, tailoring recommendations based on individual data to help users optimize their fitness routines and overall well-being.

Music Controls, Weather, Phone Notifications:

Featuring music controls, users can manage their music directly from the watch.

Additionally, it offers weather updates and phone notifications, keeping users informed and connected during their daily activities.


The POLAR Ignite 2 stands out as a fitness-oriented smartwatch with integrated GPS, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, personalized guidance for workouts and recovery, and additional features like music controls, weather updates, and phone notifications.

It caters to individuals seeking a comprehensive fitness companion that goes beyond basic tracking to provide personalized insights and support.

  • Health monitoring.
  • Advanced features.
  • Music Controls.
  • Stylish.
  • Little bit Expensive.

Garmin Venu 3: (Best Value Fitness and Health Tracker)

This watch is worth the investment.

I love it because of its amazing features.


AMOLED Touchscreen Display:

The Garmin Venu 3 features a vibrant 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, providing clear and colorful visuals for a rich user experience.

Stainless Steel Bezel:

The smartwatch comes with a slate stainless steel bezel, adding a touch of durability and a sleek aesthetic to the device.

What makes it the best:

45mm Black Case and Silicone Band:

With a 45mm black case, the Garmin Venu 3 combines style and functionality.

The silicone band offers comfort during wear and ensures the watch stays securely on the wrist.

Smartwatch Functionality:

Beyond fitness tracking, the Venu 3 offers smartwatch features such as notifications, music controls, and additional apps, enhancing its versatility for daily use.


The Garmin Venu 3 impresses with its AMOLED touchscreen display, durable stainless steel bezel, stylish 45mm black case, and smartwatch functionality.

It caters to users seeking a combination of advanced fitness tracking and a sleek, versatile design suitable for both active pursuits and everyday wear.

  • Stainless layout.
  • Sleek.
  • Versatile.
  • Suitable for everyday wear.
  • Costly.

Buying Guide:


To guarantee that the information gathered is trustworthy, the sleep tracker’s accuracy is crucial. Seek for goods that have undergone testing and validation from outside agencies.


It’s crucial to pick a sleep monitor that is pleasant to wear because it will be used at night. Seek for items with supple, breathable fabrics and low weight.

Life of a Battery:

A sleep tracker’s battery lifespan should be taken into account, particularly if you intend to use it for several nights at a time. Seek for goods that are simple to power up and have an extended lifespan for the batteries.

Information Analysis:

Understanding how to evaluate and decipher the information gathered by the sleep monitor is crucial if you want to learn more about your sleeping habits. Seek for items that provide clear, concise reports together with in-depth analysis.


The sleep tracker must be compatible with your cell phone or different gadgets to readily access and examine the data it has collected. Seek products with user-friendly apps and compatibility with common devices.


Are Watches That Track Sleep Accurate?

Indeed, contemporary smartwatches can measure sleep duration precisely. Based on information gathered from a person’s heart and breathing rates, the gadget will probably make accurate assumptions regarding the stages of sleep, which are, in general, light, deep, and REM. Regardless, the technology found in sleep monitoring watches yields remarkably precise data that users may utilize to enhance their sleep hygiene.

What Is Monitored by Sleep Trackers? What Advantages Do They Offer?

The length of sleep is the main factor that trackers keep an eye on. Putting a device that tracks to bed allows the gadget to track your sleep patterns and wakefulness. You can use this information to determine if you’re receiving excessive or insufficient sleep. In a similar vein, sleep monitors can record and chart mid-night sleep disruptions to assist you in assessing the general caliber of your nocturnal sleep.

Is Sleep Apnea Detected By A Smartwatch?

A wristwatch should never be used to figure out a medical condition like apnea or sleep apnea, but it might be useful to track typical sleep patterns or disruptions with a sleep-tracking watch. The information that sleeps monitors provide on the phases of sleep and the length of deep slumber may come in handy for your doctor when you see them again.

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