11 Best Budget Smart Watches for Men: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Several finest smartwatches from different brands are reasonably priced for almost everyone.

Several models can give you ECG report generation and fitness trackers whenever you start your workout.

With many options, including fitness tracking, health tracking, and receiving calls or messages, we’re here to help you choose the best affordable watch.

Over the past few decades, we have found a variety of smartwatches that fit your budget perfectly.

I have listed the most durable, budget-friendly, adaptable, and understandable smartwatches.

Their watches are reasonably priced and equipped with the most innovative features.

Over the years, we have evaluated many budget-friendly smartwatches for men.

We have compiled a list of the best budget smartwatches for men reviews if you want a perfect daily routine at a good price.

We thoroughly tested dozens of smartwatches to develop this selection of the finest ones. 

Which are the Best Budget Smart Watches for Men?

Here are my recommended top 11 Best Budget Smart Watches for Men:-

ANDFZ: (Best Cheap Smartwatch for Men)

The best budget-friendly smartwatch is sometimes crucial; I have found one from Andfz, the finest on the market.

Since I have had smartwatches for years, Pro Duct can match the quality of this one.

This is an excellent activity tracker, and it’s great that it has fitness tracking and a voice assistant.

I adore the voice assistant that helps you receive the call and make calls real quick.

This smartwatch is simple to set up and functions well.

It works great with the app’s capabilities.

You can select pictures of your choice for watch faces.

You can pair this up conveniently.

If you want a decent fitness tracker smartwatch, this one is worth it, with the best smartwatches for men’s reviews.

As I have used it, I have been recommending these devices to anyone which are affordable and wearable. 


Calls And Messages Alerts:

After you connect it to Bluetooth, you can instantly dial the contact on the watch to pick up the call, and you can synchronize the discourse book and call logs.

With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can respond/make/reject calls on the spot from your wrist; it allows you to do more remote and inventive exercises than any other watch.

You can receive messages, alerts, and applications. 

Large 1.8-Inch Display with Multiple Faces:

Through its advanced technology, this smartwatch is perfect for Android.

The iOS phone is readied with an ultra-clear 1.85-inch full-color touch display, 240 x 286, which makes this an outstanding fitness watch for men and women more modern and enduring.

They have carefully developed a beautiful user interface and multi-sphere faces for you so that you can change the style of the sphere through the application at any moment according to your attitude and occasion.

24-Hour Health Monitoring: 

The advanced smartwatch helps you to get a 24-hour real-time pulse rate and documents your activities throughout the day, like steps, calories burned, miles walked, and minutes of action.

It also subsidizes numerous workout ways and tracks all your training and fitness distances during exercise. 


I’m glad with how simple it would be to set up.

The app is preferably to select pictures of your choice for watch faces.

It notifies you quickly after this watch tracks your activity.

The bright display helps you monitor everything correctly and shows it accurately.

In terms of a smartwatch, I’m delighted with the results. 


Brand Andfz
Measurements of the item 10.08 x 0.87 x 0.39 Inches
Mass of the product 5.4 ounces
The model number of the product CS08
  • Setup is fairly easy.
  • The app lets you select pictures of your choice for watch faces.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Affordable price.
  • Bright display.
  • A variety of watch faces.
  • Notifies you quickly.
  • The font size is too small.

A-TGTGA: (Best Waterproof Smartwatch for Fitness)

We purchased this smartwatch to monitor our fitness.

I bought this excellent watch to track my fitness game, and it provided everything accurately.

It is of good quality, and the operation is simple.

If you want to check your health and fitness, it has a feature to track your health profile and notifies you.

The software is easy to operate and has long-lasting battery life.

After owning smartwatches, this one is undoubtedly the finest smartwatch for men.

This is a smartwatch that can give you accurate readings.

It has been proven that it can function effectively in fitness tracking.

You can keep an eye on the changes happening in your body.

It offers excellent quality to that of the competitors in addition to value.

If you can buy a smartwatch, this is the best for men. 


Smartwatch With The Audio Call:

This great smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Sharp audio call, heartbeat checked, blood pressure sensor, steps monitor, calories counter, sleep tracker, stopwatch, countdown, weather display, breathing, message reminder, sedentary reminder, find phone, music control, capture photos, inflate the wrist to brighten up the screen. 

Advanced Activity Monitor/Alerts:

It features 28 types of sports way trackers and maintains real-time activity.

4 pins of faces can differ at will on the watch and more in our application.

You can also customize the sphere with your favorite image.

Moreover, after you have connected this smartwatch to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can turn on or off the reminder procedure in the “Da Fit” application, and your application can be shown synchronously on the display, such as incoming calls, SMS, and all social media platforms. 

Long Battery Life: 

This smartwatch embraces the ultra-low capability Realtek prepared with a durable barrage of 235 mAh, rapid indicting for 1.5 hours, which can be on standby for more than 15 days, and supports everyday activities of up to 3 to 5 days.

A true high-performance and low-power smartwatch that outlines the humiliation of needing to accuse every night. 


It is an excellent smartwatch for men with exceptionally long-lasting battery life.

You get alerts on your smartwatch, which is a great feature.

Your health and fitness monitor provides you with quick alerts.

There are no issues in using 28 Sports mode due to its high-quality software.

This watch is well worth the price with effortless operation and overall quality. 


Measurements of the item 8.86 x 1.57 x 0.39 Inches
Mass of the product 4.8 Ounces
The model number of the product Is a-F30-22
  • Long battery life.
  • Phone alerts are a great feature.
  • You can answer calls and talk from the watch if you like.
  • The readings are accurate.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Does not track your steps accurately.

Fossil: (Best Budget Smart Watch for Men)

My neighbor wanted to build a gym at home, and as a fitness trainer, I recommend the fossil men’s Watch.

As I also have previously bought Fossil smartwatches, they are excellent.

This activity tracker is straightforward to operate.

It has an innovative design that gets paired with all your outfits perfectly.

I also enjoyed that you could use this watch unlimitedly with long battery life.

The device is practical to use. 


HR Smartwatch/Extended Battery Life:

This HR hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile phones.

You can enjoy a long battery life.

This smartwatch’s battery can last more than two weeks on a single charge.

The magnetic USB charger is included in this package. 

Activity Monitor/Innovative Watch Design: 

Your every activity is monitored with this smartwatch.

It includes Heart rate, exercise, and sleep tracking with in-depth well-being statistics.

It helps you get and regard smartphone information and alerts, perspective calendar, weather updates, regulate your music, and much more.

Moreover, it has an imaginative watch developed with integrated mechanical hands and an always-on reading exposition that demonstrates information at a glance. 


This is an excellent, high-quality, good-value activity tracker.

This fossil men’s watch works great and impresses with everything.

It is easy to operate.

E-ink displays make sure of excellent battery and visibility.

You can use this watch to maintain your fitness and health.

Great value for money, and I highly recommend it. 


Brand Fossil
Measurements of the case 45 millimetres
The thickness of the case 14 millimetres
Band Material Leather, Stainless Steel
Width of the band 22 millimetres
Band Colour Brown
Special features Time display 
  • Its E-ink display is excellent for battery and visibility.
  • Premium quality, sleek design.
  • More than two weeks of battery life.
  • The heart rate monitor is wrong sometimes.
  • No GPS tracking options.

Amazfit: (Best Men’s Smartwatch Under $100)

I wanted to upgrade my current smartwatch, and I bought this watch because I need to keep an eye on my fitness and health profiles.

It is easy to operate and has a sleek design.

I’m very happy with the recent Amazfit Bip 3 smartwatch and the ability to see clearly from its large display.

You can explore the world through a satellite positioning system. 


Large Display/Exploring The World:

You are in the super large and colorful 1.69-inch HD screen and see all your text messages and incoming calls in an innovative and comprehensive display.

You can see better of yourself with 50 editable watch faces and contraptions or customize them with your images.

This watch is also Water-resistant for up to a depth of 164.0 ft.

The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro smartwatch supports four satellite positioning procedures to help you precisely track your activities outdoors. 

Excellent Power/Significance In Health: 

When planning a trip, you can Unplug for up to 15 days with typical use.

The Bip 3 Pro smartwatch includes a powerful battery in its super delicate and glow body so that you can pack something additional fun than a charger in your case.

It is a tremendous device for a healthfuller and more enthusiastic life that can equip a measure of blood oxygen saturation, monitoring of heart rate throughout the day and abnormal warnings of heart rate, stress levels, and sleep tracking, as well as record the female menstrual period.


This smartwatch has made me very pleased.

It provides excellent and elegant design with a wide display.

It detects your health and fitness profiles.

I adore it because it is user-friendly and works great with the applications. 


Brand Amazfit
Measurements of the item 1.73 x 1.43 x 0.37 Inches
Mass of the product 1.17 Ounces
The model number of the product A2171-Black
  • Its sleek design and excellent display for the price.
  • Good overall sports and fitness tracking.
  • Work amazingly with Strava and Google Fit.
  • Heart rate inaccuracies.

Amazfit GTS 4: (Best GPS Mini Smart Watch with Alexa Built-in)

After getting admitted to the hospital and facing severe knee pain, my doctor suggested I keep an eye on my fitness profile.

He suggested I switch to Amazfit GTS 4 because it has a better display.

I appreciated the satellite positioning system that helps you make your trips wonderful.

The settings were elementary to use and determine.

The always-on mode works great and shows two clock hands.

It always sees every single thing and records everything accurately.

For the price, I recommend buying this smartwatch. 


Position With Precision:

This Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smartwatch has five satellite positioning procedures that enable you to make the most of your trips and uses circular polarised antenna technology to improve positioning enactment and accuracy. 

The Integrated And Influential Operating System for Zepp:

This can readily set up an alarm, inquire about a question, get a translation, and more, with the Amazon Alexa characteristics of the watch.

Equipped with a smooth and low-power Zepp operating system, which has additional than one mini-applications, including the third-party Home Connect Applications, to help improve your daily life.

Effortless Health: 

You can quickly test your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and stress level simultaneously with a single touch of the smartwatch for a result as fast as 45 seconds.

In addition, this watch provides better sleep quality control to keep you on top of your health. 


It was simple to operate this smartwatch.

The smartwatch has a long-lasting battery with impressive features.

This smartwatch has high-quality materials with careful design and function considerations. 


Brand Amazfit
Measurements of the item 1.64 x 1.44 x 0.36 Inches
Mass of the product 0.96 Ounces
The model number of the product Is W2176OV1N
Batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
  • This watch has a hugely better display than the previous model.
  • The always-on mode works well for the face I use; it just shows two clock hands, with full details available on an arm lift.
  • The battery life works great.
  • The Zepp app continues to be a bit hit-and-miss.
  • The lift-the-arm gesture to trigger full display mode feels slow to respond.

Ticwatch E3: (Best Health Monitor Fitness Tracker)

I wanted to invest in a smartwatch for my office work and wanted to keep my health monitored.

I bought it because of the Ticwatch smartwatch’s price.

This smartwatch has improved and works noticeably better than the previous one.

Because it creates such a significant difference, I’ll purchase more of these smartwatches to replace my previous watches.

I’m satisfied with the advanced innovations and one of the best smartwatches for men.

More than a hundred professional training modes are featured to improve usage indoors and outdoors.

This smartwatch has excellent features and can be used for several purposes.

I would call it the finest in the market, and it has a decent considering price. 


Advanced Chipset With A Better Experience:

You can use Google’s OS smartwatch with the Qualcomm platform and the Mobvoi dual-layered strategy.

It has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, allowing trickier performance and more detailed interactions.

The NFC fee is consistent with Google Pay.

More Than 100 Improved Professional Training Modes: 

This E3 smartwatch keeps the path of your fitness and health data in real-time.

It features a hundred experienced instructing modes, from peak climbing, swimming, and ice skating, to indoor cycling, pilates, and high-intensity interval training. 

Developed Health And Fitness Tracking: 

Thanks to the incorporated  GPS, speaker, microphone, barometer, and 24-hour heart rate monitoring, you can keep an eye on your health.

It includes sleep tracking, stress monitoring, detection of blood oxygen saturation, etc. 


I’m very happy with these excellent monitoring smartwatches.

It gives a comfortable fitting, and it’s very user-friendly.

You can get your accurate health and fitness profiles.

These have a variety of Google features too.

I have been looking for this and am happy to find it. 


Brand Ticwatch
Measurements of the item 1.73 x 1.85 x 0.5 Inches
Mass of the product 1.13 Ounces
The model number of the product Ticwatch E3
Batteries 1 Lithium ion 
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Accurate fitness tracking.
  • A variety of Google features.
  • The display must be improved.

Amazfit: (Best Affordable Smartwatch for Men Under $200)

I purchased this Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch for assistance in fitness tracking.

The ideal GPS tracking option, excellent navigation, is made for advanced technology that can also be used in aircraft and automatic fields.

In addition to accurate and robust GPS tracking, these cameras have the correct navigation system.

Its developed technology pro equips scanning seconds and conserving the indications without interruption with a totally new level of improvement.

Due to its large display and excellent resolution, this professional watch also has AMOLED for easy viewing.

If you are ready to use a compatible smartwatch, I highly suggest this Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch. 


Robust And Accurate GPS Search with Navigation:

This Amazfit 4 smartwatch utilizes industry-leading dual-band circularly polarized GPS antenna increased technology to that used in the aircraft and automotive areas, so you can appreciate a more vigorous positioning that is 99% more accurate than extraordinary handheld GPS locators.

You can even import a path file from the Zepp app to the clock and navigate your path in real-time.

Designed for Action:

This smartwatch is the industry’s foremost watch with anti-reflective technology on the glass bezel lid, and the big 1.43-inch AMOLED display has a fingerprint-resistant layer to conserve your watch peeking flawless.

Its pair of a medium single-piece aluminum alloy frame and formal stainless steel navigation crown fetches the watch a vintage and fashionable style fusion.

Advanced Fitness Support: 

It helps you get into business with an extended selection of more than 150 sports features and has outstanding recognition of 8 sports.

The fitness tracker watch can stalk your swimming data and withstand the equivalent of up to 164.0 ft of water pressure.

It helps you Receive quick alerts transferred through the clock to get sports data such as heart rate and hydration, distance covered, and much more. 


This wireless smartwatch includes an exceptionally long-lasting rechargeable battery and high-resolution display, and I’m really happy with them.

These smartwatches are simple to utilize.

We have had these smartwatches for almost a month, and there have been no issues.

These have superior-quality straps that get wrapped around your wrist comfortably. 


Brand Amazfit
Measurements of the item 1.81 x 1.81 x 0.42 Inches
Mass of the product 1.22 Ounces
The model number of the product Is W2166OV1N
  • The battery life is exceptional.
  • Tracks within seconds and keeps the signal without interruption.
  • Large display and excellent resolution.
  • It wraps around your wrist perfectly.
  • Alexa sometimes doesn’t work with it.
  • Not customizable. 

Garmin: (Best Hybrid Smartwatch with Touchscreen Display)

A client needed a high-quality watch to keep in check his house activity while keeping his mobile in his pocket because he wanted to avoid out his phone for every call or message.

I suggested the Garmin Vivomove 3s smartwatch.

After six months of use, I’m happy with it.

You get notified from modern features when you receive a call or a message.

You get notified for every call or message because the system uses intelligent features to inform you of incoming calls and texts.

These functions work well with excellent activity trackers.

The GPS is easy to use, and it makes compatibility easier.

I can’t believe how amazing this GPS tracker works on this smartwatch.

The goal of this smartwatch is to keep checking your health and fitness through its modern trackers; this system does it all time.

I think it’s a wise investment.  


Hybrid Smartwatch/Smart Notifications:

These Hybrid smartwatches come with refined analog displays and advanced intelligent features.

The hidden touchable display reacts to your motions and is only visible when needed.

You can Stay associated with intelligent attention for incoming calls, text messages, calendar views, and more. 

Tracking Your Activity/Quick-Release Watch Strap: 

It helps you Track your energy levels, Pulse rate, breathing, period cycle, anxiety, bedtime, heart analysis, hydration, and more.

It connects with the GPS of your compatible mobile phone to monitor outdoor activities or running.

This watch includes additional activity profiles such as yoga, strength, cardio, and more.

This incredible watch Effortlessly enhances your look with industry standard or quick-release watch straps of 0.787 in. 


This smartwatch works the best.

With the Garmin Vivomove smartwatch, you can use excellent running detection.

They are affordable, usable, and simple, and I adore these smartwatches.

If you have never bought one, I recommend using this smartwatch. 


Brand Garmin
Measurements of the item 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.43 Inches
Mass of the product 1.36 Ounces
The model number of the product 010-02238-00
Batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
  • Impressive design.
  • Amazing running detection.
  • Large selection of widgets. 
  • Not tremendous for running.
  • A little pricey.

Apple Series 4: (Best Budget-Friendly Smartwatch for Men)

An impressive budget-friendly smartwatch for men is crucial to find, and Apple came with the best options in the market.

Since I have tried using Apple Watches for years, no product can match the quality of this watch.

This is an excellent cellular smartwatch, and it also works great as a fitness band.

I adore the easily generated ECG, which helps users create their own ECG report through titanium electrodes.

As a health expert, I have been recommending these devices to anyone who is affordable. 


Generate Your ECG Anytime:

The advanced titanium electrode in this digital timepiece comes with the sapphire crystal electronic heart detector on the rear of the Apple Watch, which permits you to document your own ECG or electrocardiogram.

It’s more like a single electrocardiogram and takes only 30 seconds to develop.

You must grope the digital crown and pause for the Apple Watch to formulate your ECG waveform.

The ECG app is indicated to help you examine whether your heart’s beating at a normal rhythm or if your rhythm indicates signs of abnormality or atrial fibrillation.

Your ECGs are accumulated in the Health app on your iOS, and you can claim them with your doctor.

Automatic Workout Detection: 

When you begin a workout, the sensors of the Apple Watch will encourage you to start the Workout app.

It will even provide you credit for the workout you’ve already begun.

It will also remind you to end your workout.


It’s impressive how simple it would be to use this watch.

The workout detector is great for fitness freaks and understandable for what you are looking for.

The battery works great.

In terms of the smartwatch, I’m delighted with the results. 


Brand Apple
Measurements of the item 11.58 x 3 x 2.22 Inches
Mass of the product 1.28 Ounces
The model number of the product Apple Watch Series 4 44mm
Batteries 1 Lithium ion (Type of battery required)
  • The battery holds the charge well.
  • Best watch for the price.
  • Great shape.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • The setting took hours.

Apple Watch SE: (Best Budget Smart Watch for Men Under $200)

We purchased these watches to maintain our workout routine.

I bought this watch, and it provides remote directions from your wrist.

It is of good quality, and the setting is easy.

If you are extremely busy with your work and receive a call, you can take the call with a single touch.

This smartwatch has a large antenna and OLED display which is great if you want a bright-screened watch.

If you have the resources, this is the best affordable smartwatch for men. 


Remote Directions:

This Apple Watch is a GPS Model that enables you to call, message, and get guidance from your wrist while retaining your mobile in your bag.

It offers multiple connectivity choices, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, to contend with your necessities, whatever they might be. 

Large Antenna And OLED Display:

This incredible watch has an OLED Retina display that gives you a brilliant display you can view at a glance, even in bright sunlight.

Several watch faces are obtainable for the SE watch, including those that provide crucial information for distinct activities. 

Loaded With Features: 

When you pair this watch with your smartphone, you can create calls and send messages from your wrist, navigate with Maps, buy items with Apple Pay, and utilize your voice to switch on Siri.

Made to endure in almost any weather, the Apple Watch SE is water-resistant up to 164′.


It is a beautiful sports band with exceptional features.

Its excellent battery life and good quality material work well for men.

This fully functional watch has unique features like navigation with maps or purchasing items with Apple Pay.

This watch is well worth the price, with excellent battery life and quality. 


Brand Apple
Measurements of the item 2.99 x 1.36 x 10 inches
Mass of the product 10.8 Ounces
The model number of the product Apple Watch Series SE
Batteries 1 Lithium ion (Type of battery required)
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Good quality material.
  • Affordable price.
  • Fully functional.
  • Perfect large display.
  • Gets scratched easily.

Ticwatch Pro 3: (Best Impressive Quality Watch with Excellent Battery Life)

I have used affordable smartwatches before to evaluate this watch compared to others.

I was surprised that I could use it easily and use its innovative technologies.

These features are innovative, dependable, and never disappoint despite some challenging underwater diving.

That is the best tic watch pro three that can be purchased.

This satisfaction of knowing everything justifies the purchase and makes it the best affordable smartwatch for men. 


Innovative Technology:

You get a layered screen that finances Smart Mode and Enhanced Essential Mode, allowing more than two days of battery vitality in Smart Mode and up to a month in Enhanced Essential Mode.

Revised Chipset:

This smartwatch has the Qualcomm Wear Platform and Mobvoi dual-processor procedure.

Thanks. Its 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM enable shaggy enactment and more detailed interchanges.

Developed Healthiness Monitoring: 

It has distinctive sports modes, built-in GPS, a barometer, and 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

New procedures added include sleep tracking, stress monitoring, noise detection, etc.

It’s convenient for you to use in your daily life. 


Impressive quality and has excellent battery life.

I admire customer support.

That’s how amazing and easy this product is.

The smartwatch came nicely packaged, and the instructions were understandable.

Overall it’s an amazing watch. 


Brand Ticwatch
Measurements of the item 4.69 x 4.69 x 3.15 Inches
Mass of the product 3,99 Ounces
The model number of the product Is WH12018
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Strong fitness features.
  • Impressive GPS. 
  • No Mobvoi app to transfer and play music files to the watch.
  • No Support for connection to a blue tooth chest strap heart rate monitor in the Tic Exercise app.

How to choose the best budget-friendly smartwatch for you?

When getting an affordable smartwatch, you must look for the same features as a high-priced model.

If you own an iPhone, we recommend getting the Apple Watch Series 3, as only the Apple Watch works with iOS.

On the other hand, if you have an Android smartphone, you must go for Samsung or wear an OS smartwatch.

Both of these gadgets support Android mobiles.

Like you can receive calls and messages from your wrist.

Wear OS has a larger library than Samsung.

But we recommend you get a Samsung smartwatch as it has long battery life.

Moreover, let’s move toward the style and the design.

You must get a watch that fits your wrist and style.

We have mentioned the best options like Wear OS, fossil, Micheal Kors, and more.

All these smartwatches have impressive styles.

Apple and Samsung offer a few options when looking for style and size.

You also want to consider what you plan to do with the smartwatch.

If you’re into fitness, you’ll want a water-resistant smartwatch with GPS and a heart rate monitor.


Which smartwatch is good quality?

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best quality smartwatch.

Another mind-blowing suggestion is Amazfit Bip SmartWatch and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch.

The Fastrack Reflex Watches work great too.

What is the maximum life of a smartwatch? 

Being sure of the manufacturer and model, your watch may live politely for two to five years of use out of a smartwatch, or even better.

But ultimately, longevity needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Which colour a smartwatch is best? 

Black watches are much more comfortable to go over in sunlight.

Black is extremely useful in the sun because it doesn’t contemplate as extraordinarily light as other colours.

It also decreases glare. Dark green is an incredible choice for identical reasons.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best budget smartwatches for men. 

Do you guys have experience with the best budget smartwatches for men?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any budget smartwatches you used that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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