8 Best Smartwatches for Firefighters: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Among the most courageous groups of people on the planet, firefighters combat huge fires to protect lives, pets, and public property.

Since firefighters will be using smartwatches even when they’re on a mission to fight a fire or if it’s an office job, these watches must be extremely dependable and durable.

I have performed some analysis and hand-picked a couple of the best dependable and durable smartwatches for firefighters.

Listed below are the top 8 smartwatches for firemen, so if you’re interested, keep on reading. 

Which are the Best Smartwatches for Firefighters?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Smartwatches for Firefighters:-

Garmin: (Best Rugged Smartwatch for Firefighters)


It has greater battery life allowing the firefighters to perform their job for long hours without having to charge their watch several times a day.

It is the best option for daily wear smartwatch. 


Battery Capacity:

The rechargeable, internal lithium battery offers up to 14 days of smartwatch use, 16 hours of GPS functionality, and 40 hours of UltraTracTM battery conservation functionality.

Integrated Sports Application: 

I loved the built-in action profiles for activities like surfing, bike riding, and jogging.

My stress level was also determined by the heart rate variability, which helped me determine whether my day was relaxed, moderate, or stressful.

Improved optical heart rate technology1 measures the rigor of your workouts.

What Makes It Best:

Garmin developed an outdoor clock called Instinct.

One of the key characteristics of this type is that it was manufactured following US armed forces specifications. 

This device has several features, including tactical action, waypoint projecting, GPS formatting, stealth option, and jumpmaster. 

This version has a housing made of scratch-proof polymer.

I loved the screen’s ability to switch to dark mode and be easily read in sunlight. 

The straps are constructed of silicone, a substance that facilitates adjustment and permits skin airflow.

Which was the best feature for me since I used to wear the watches for long hours.

The tracker uses dual tracking systems, GLONASS, Galileo, and GPS to track statistics.

All technology is made to withstand the worst conditions.

The watch also has a three-axis compass which helped me facilitate safe navigation of the routes.


All in all, it’s a great product if you’re on a hunt too but something will facilitate you in long missions, and if you want built-in GPS, long battery life, and many other features that are necessary for this job Garmin Instinct is the option to go for. 

  • With health, monitoring features one can keep an eye on their body functioning.
  • It has scratch-proof Corning Gorilla glass as well as a polymer casing.
  • Doesn’t offer payment assistance.

SUUNTO 9: (Best Smartwatch for Firefighter Under $500) 


My colleague wanted to buy a good affordable smartwatch to wear daily especially at work because as a firefighter you need to keep track of many things.

But a friend’s budget got a little off this month, so he was looking for something that was budget-friendly but with some good features. 

Suunto 9 Peak because of its amazing features and pocket-friendly price.

I knew my friend wouldn’t be disappointed after getting it.

In terms of display and design, Suunto is the best watch in the market.

It offers the most efficient sports tracking that too with 80 plus modes and long battery life. 


GPS and Sports Tracking:

Basic sports such as jogging, biking, or swimming are all supported by the Suunto 9 Peaks with more than 80 sports options, which include both outdoor and indoor pursuits.

A digital compass and a barometric altimeter are available as sensors which made tracking altitude the easiest task for me.

The five primary satellite navigational systems are compatible and based on the amount of battery capacity you have to work with, there are four different GPS tracking modes available which was also a great help for me.

The Display:

The Suunto 9 Peak is without a doubt the most attractive watch to date.

Unlike the majority of outdoor smartwatches, the Suunto 9 Peak includes a great 43mm casing, which increases its unisex look.

The wonderful slender titanium bezel that dominates the case went beautifully with the dull blue 22mm band and since blue is my favorite color it was a winning element for me.

What Makes It Best:

More than 80 sports options are available on the Suunto 9 Peak.

The main satellite systems are supported for precise outdoor monitoring, and the “snap onto route” function aims to enhance track when attempting to obtain a good tracking connection in patchy areas. 

Additionally, the watch has an oxygen in-blood sensor, an optical pulse rate sensor, and smartwatch capabilities including music settings and the capacity to display phone alerts on the watch.


The Suunto 9 Peak has a fantastic design and fits much functionality into its compact shell.

Even when it was wet, I was amazed at how the touch screen worked so well, and the tools integrated were easy to use and super-efficient.

  • It has several sports modes and some attractive watch faces.
  • The band bezel goes so well together.
  • The software is extremely slow.

Traverse: (Best Affordable Water Resistant Smartwatch for Firefighters)


My sister loves adventure and she loves to go hiking every weekend, but she struggles to keep track of her path and other important elements. 

She was very curious and keen to buy a watch that has all these features and makes this experience unique and feasible every time.

But I’ve used it a lot when hiking and trekking on designated route networks, in the wilderness, and on personal hunting grounds.

In the backcountry, the majority of the aspects are equally useful for hikers as it is for shooters and anglers.

All of the equipment and gear have to be highly sturdy if you expect them to endure more than a single season, as anybody who devotes a significant amount of time in the backcountry is aware. 

Suunto has given this watch an extraordinarily sturdy design made entirely of the highest quality materials. 


Water Resistant:

Suunto designed the Traverse Alpha to perform effectively in all weather.

It has worked flawlessly for me in extremely rainy conditions.

The watch’s wide buttons make it convenient to use in chilly conditions and it works effectively in the environment.

Even when it’s raining, the big watch face is simple to read.

Water resistance on this Suunto smartwatch is about 330 feet.

Accurate GPS:

The extremely precise GPS is the primary feature.

This ensures correct navigation in terms of time, altitude, sunset, and other factors in addition to distance, speed, and route.

The Traverse Alpha is exactly around a few feet as verified by designating a POI as well as checking on Google Maps.

What Makes It Best:

The Suunto Traverse Alpha’s abundance of functionality is one of its primary selling points.

The Suunto Traverse is supplied in, white, black, and amber colors and is interoperable with both Android and iOS apps.

Along with that wearing, this smartwatch every day yields regular steps and caloric intake count. 

Because of its durable structure, you can rely on it to last for many years despite regular, severe usage outdoors.


Has lots of amazing features in this unique and compact watch.

Its accurate navigation is the winning element.

Keeping in mind the price the Traverse is hands down the best option for lots of people. 

  • The watch is water resistant up to 330 feet.
  • Offer precise and easy navigation.
  • GPS.
  • The sturdy structure of the watch doesn’t make it look nice for office use.

SUUNTO 7: (Best Smartwatch for Firefighters With GPS)


My brother got a new job in one of the leading agencies and he was recruited as a firefighter so as a congratulatory gift.

I wanted to give him something that he would use at work as well.

And I knew exactly what to gift him.

The Suunto 7 is packed with the best features when it comes to smartwatches.

The Suunto 7 has been a constant companion for me as I use it to track anything from daily activity to the long battery life and it is shock, water, and dust proof as well which is all my brother would want as a firefighter. 


GPS and Heart Rate Accuracy:

When it comes to accuracy the Suunto 7 offers the best of that element.

I used GPS to measure the end distance of a recorded 10.8-mile bike trip, it returned a result of 10.05.

Although it’s not the exact but pretty close and that’s very surprising.

Furthermore, the heart rate precision is good.

The strap is flexible, which improves the fitting a little despite the watch’s bigger size.

During workouts, I observed that it did a great job of maintaining contact and getting heart rate data.

Display and Design:

This watch has a modern, chic appearance.

The replaceable straps with the detachable hinge structure fit a wide range of arm sizes and are simple to replace.

Bold fonts on the display make it simple to read when working out in both bright and dim light.

The display is also rather large.

What Makes It Best:

With some rudimentary navigation, it contains the essentials like Gps mapping, activity tracking, and nearly too diverse sports categories to count.

It has Android Wear OS, which has various capabilities, music control, and a ton of other choices with third-party applications available through the Play store. 

It makes use of the Suunto app, which has good capabilities for looking back at previous runs, keeping diaries, and sharing your activity. 

The integrations give it an edge over its competitors and other watches.

Both Google Fit, as well as the Garmin App, are interoperable with it.


This wristwatch would be quite useful for anyone looking for a full-featured device that delivers robust exercise monitoring and other daily necessities.

Looking at the price the kind of durability and functionality this watch has is commendable. 

  • It is very easy to use and has numerous features.
  • The battery life is very long.
  • Might have some connectivity issues with certain apps.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro: (Best Outdoor GPS Fitness Smartwatch for Firefighters)


It was my friend’s birthday and I wanted to give her the watch that he used to adore on my wrist because of its features and design also when I would discuss the functionality, he would always tell me that he wanted to get this watch too.

So, on his birthday I got him this watch packed with amazing features.

It’s water resistant, has sensors for sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, more than 90 sports modes, and many other unique and versatile features. 


The Unique Design:

The plastic case has a metal spraying finish around the outside rim.

The four small navigating buttons are a wonderfully helpful approach to operating the smartwatch without smearing the display.

If you occur to be snowboarding or in the swimming pool attempting to track your swim cycles, you simply move the display, choose items, and then go back whilst using the watch with the gloves on.


The T-Rex Pro needs a smartphone connection app to be set up as well as customized, as is the case with other smartwatches.

The Zepp app is compatible with both iOS phones and Android and offers every control or in-depth health data visual you could need.

It can cross-reference your wellness and exercise data using WeChat, Strava, Google fit, and Relive.

What Makes It Best:

The cover glass of this smartwatch has shown impressive resilience throughout the lengthy evaluation of the watch, withstanding bumps and gouges over several weeks all with no discernible long-term damage.

This suggests that his watch is on an equal level with its predecessor’s preventive actions, if not better, at least in terms of abrasion resistance. 

Also, people are now given the choice to use a layout that complements their selected watch faces, which means a wide range of watch faces is also available.

This is one pleasurable aesthetic thing brought in by this smartwatch.


Even though this watch is big and chunky it’s still very comfortable to wear.

And it’s a purchase that you won’t be disappointed with.

This watch if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, feature-packed smartwatch. 

  • It has the best-integrated apps.
  • It has long battery life.
  • The design of the straps is proprietary.

HUAWEI GT 2 Pro: (Best Touchscreen Smartwatch for Firefighters)


My father works in the field, and he needs something to keep track of everything.

Something with high functionality.

My father was on a hunt for a gadget that not only tells the time and date but also gives weather alerts and monitors his heart rate and other important health elements.

Without a second thought, GT Pro smartwatch which has great sensors for heart, stress, and sleep monitoring.

It also has great battery life accurate GPS and much more. 


Design and Display:

The materials used to create the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro are substantially more high-end.

The frameless dial is composed of sapphire glass rather than regular glass, the watch casing is constructed of titanium, as well as the watch base that rests on the wrist is built of ceramic.

The titanium casing and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial combine for a lighter and more sturdy construction.

The smooth, skin-friendly ceramics back makes wearing this watch comfortable.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro exhibits exquisite design and a flawless fusion of technology and art with expert craftsmanship.


Huawei is exceptionally skilled at what it does because of how effectively it has streamlined the software in this watch GT 2 Pro.

Therefore, while using the same hardware, the UI simply feels more fluid. 

What Makes It Best:

When used with an Android smartphone, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro sends health information to MyFitnessPal and Google Fit, and when you use it with an iPhone it provides health info to Apple Health as well.

The Watch’s pulse rate, sleeping, activity, and workout monitoring are used by these services, resulting in a more integrated experience Watch GT of the previous generation.

If you keep your activities to a minimum and keep your brightness at a maximum, Huawei’s claimed 14 days battery life.

But if you use it frequently, you’ll probably get around 5 to 10 days.

  • Amazing display.
  • Offer in-depth activity monitoring.
  • Doesn’t offer good third-party application support.

Fokecci: (Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch for Unisex)


I had a doctor’s cousin in my family, and I saw this watch on his wrist since then I knew I needed to get it for myself.

This watch seemed so interesting with so many useful everyday features. 

This watch is waterproof, and the battery is so good and long-lasting.

The call and message notifications feature are of great help. 

It looks so good on the wrist because of the stylish display.


Notification Alert:

This men’s and women’s smartwatch is interoperable with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 smartphones and higher versions.

It allowed me to disconnect incoming calls immediately from the screen and get and view SNS/SMS alerts instantly on my smart watch (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others).

This was such a helpful feature for me as it prevented me from not knowing or missing essential information.

Battery and other features:

This Bluetooth monitor watch features a stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown, weather report, camera plus music control, as well as reminders to be active and drink a lot of water since I tend to forget to drink and keep track of my water intake this feature was a great help.

A 200mAh battery may last 7–10 days with a 2-hour charge. In short, your quality of life improves.

What Makes It Best:

Due to its IP68 waterproof rating, this fashionable smartwatch can assist you in avoiding problems when you live or work outside in the rainfall.

It also offers a 12-month warranty and lifelong user support.

It ought to make a suitable present for any occasion, including business, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all other holidays. 

With a 1.32 inches IPS true color LCD screen and a high sensitivity HD touch display, this circular smartwatch offers a superior user experience.

Sporty attire and ultra-slim body types. You can customize the watch displays, add your photos, and live a more fulfilling experience.

  • The dial is very stylish.
  • The battery last longer.
  • Might lag with some apps.

Garmin: (Best Smartwatch for Firefighters Under $750)

The long-lasting battery life, changeable strap, lightweight, and many other features contributed to making this watch the best purchase I made that year. 


Efficient Monitoring:

Start numerous algorithm-based health monitoring features, including workout load, train condition, recuperation time, Body Batteries, and sleep tracking, which are included in the Fenix 7.

In theory, these features gave me a lot of information on how my productivity and fitness were changing with time, which further assisted me in figuring out how much relaxation my body needed.

This feature helped me keep track of my steps when I went to different departments in the university.

Mapping and Navigation:

The mapping on the Fenix 7 is clear and detailed, displaying roadways, paths, sites of interest, and geographical elements.

When the resolution is 800m or lower, you can truly appreciate the map’s features because there is greater information the deeper you zoom in.

Garmin claims that the watch’s UK map only has contour lines available in a few areas, although having contour lines available throughout the entire country would make the map more useful and educational.

Despite this, following routes isn’t much hampered by the display size because it’s easy to see the path ahead thanks to the sharpness of the display as well as the turn-by-turn directions.

What Makes It Best:

Similar to certain other less sport-oriented wearables like the Apple Smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix 7 would link with the phone and serve as an additional device.

This has little to do with how useful it is as a riding accessory, but I’m certain these functions are just what start making the watch a desirable option for many people and constitute one of the key distinctions between the watch and a bike computer. 

Similar to the Fenix 6, its lightweight prevents it from weighing down on the wrist and makes it virtually undetectable while participating in activities.

The maps are detailed, and the color representation makes them look even better.

You can alter the way the maps look to make them more suitable for different situations.

  • Very suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Provide very efficient navigation.
  • Little expensive.

Ending paragraph: 

We have finalized our discussion about the best smartwatches for firefighters. 

Do you guys have experience with the best smartwatches for firefighters?

What are your thoughts on them?

Is there any smartwatch you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your comments below?

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