5 Best Running Watch with Music: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Last Updated on December 31, 2023 by Luis Cooper

Rhythmic running wristwatch.

You’d assume it was obvious, wouldn’t you?

If you enjoy exercising, you probably want to play music while you’re out and about.

All of the features and information that GPS timepieces as well as running timepieces have are available.

How can you determine the best option?

Many of the smartwatches offered here offer qualities that the majority of people look for in a running wristwatch.

Heartbeat tracking, step calculating, running time, speed, as well as mileage calculation are all featured.

The top music-playing jogging smartwatches in the marketplace are listed below.

These wristwatches provide all the essential running capabilities while also enabling music listening.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 music-playing running smartwatches for 2024.

Which is the Best Running Watch with Music?

Here is my recommended top 5 Best Running Watch with Music:-

Garmin Forerunner®: (Best GPS Running Smartwatch with Music)

I gifted my brother this watch as he loves to wear a watch that can track his running.

He loves this watch so much that he never forgets to wear it when he is out.


GPS Wristwatch for Jogging:

The Garmin 255 GPS monitoring is quite precise.

Along with mapping out your routes, it also offers information on variations in elevation and division times.

This data is essential for evaluating your accomplishments and establishing precise running objectives.

Song Playback:

You can upload audio tracks to the wristwatch or broadcast music via apps that work with it using this capability.

It’s especially practical if you want to go for a run without a cell phone because it keeps you amused and motivated as you exercise. 

What makes it the best:

Advanced Revelations:

These findings could contain measurements of your vertical variation (the amount that you jump while jogging), your ground contact duration, or even your projected VO2 max.

Such information aids serious athletes in understanding their running effectiveness and prospective growth areas. 

The longest-lasting Battery:

Athletes who routinely partake in lengthier sports, such as long runs on trails and ultra-marathons, can benefit from the prolonged battery lifespan.

It guarantees that your wristwatch won’t stop working out for you.


The Garmin 255 Soundtrack is a superb option for serious runners, to sum up.

It is a trustworthy running partner for both easy jogs and rigorous training sessions because of its precise GPS tracking, audio playing capability, cutting-edge insights, as well as sustainable battery.

  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Very reliable.
  • Efficient GPS.
  • Costly.
  • A little less sturdy.

Garmin: (Best Running Watch with Music Under $250)

I love to surprise my father.

I bought my father this watch on his 45th birthday and being a sports lover he just loves how this watch functions.


GPS Wristwatch with LCD:

The touch-sensitive screen is snappy and sunlight-readable, which makes it simple to browse menus, receive notifications, and keep track of your physical activity stats.

Music Assistance:

You may make playlists for various exercise styles and moods.

The headset with Bluetooth can be connected to the wristwatch so you can listen to music wirelessly.

What makes it the best:

Battery Lifespan:

The watch can last a maximum of six days on a single charge (based on usage), making it a great travel companion for extended journeys or hectic workweeks.

Fitness Specifications:

The watch has cartoons for workouts including pilates and weightlifting, which can help you keep good form and get the maximum benefit out of your exercises.


In conclusion, the Garmin Sq Musical wristwatch is a multipurpose wristwatch with a simple-to-navigate touchscreen exhibit, music support, increased battery capacity, and a variety of fitness capabilities.

It’s a fantastic choice for anybody looking for a well-balanced combination of fashion, utility, and activity monitoring. 

  • Good battery life.
  • Reasonable.
  • Provides efficient tracking.
  • Fewer features compared to other watches.

Apple Watch Series 8: (Best Running Watch with Workout Monitoring)

I was looking for an efficient running watch and while researching I came across this one and I’ve fallen in love with it.


Always-On Retinal Display:

This feature allows you to effortlessly view the date and time, your issues, and alerts without having to raise your hand while still using a low amount of power.

Tracking the State of Your Health:

The Blood Oxygen application checks the saturation of oxygen in your blood to provide you with information on your general well-being.

The ECG application can help you discover cardiac issues by detecting irregular heartbeats.

What makes it the best:

Workout Monitoring:

The wristwatch accurately tracks your actions using cutting-edge algorithms, giving you specific information about how much you’re exercising and boosting your motivation to reach your fitness objectives.

Water Resistance:

Because the watch is aqua-resistant, you can put on it with a sense of assurance while swimming or doing other water-related activities.

It is designed to tolerate being wet and sweaty.


In conclusion, the smartwatch from Apple Version 8 distinguishes out thanks to its continuous screen, sophisticated health monitoring tools, exercise tracking options, and waterproofing.

It’s the perfect option for people who seek thorough health information and effortless iOS device connectivity.

  • Waterproof.
  • Fitness and health tracking.
  • Reliable.
  • Battery life could be better.

Fossil Gen 6: (Best Women’s Running Smartwatch with Music Control)

Back in 2022 june when my father went to London, he got himself this amazing watch, and being an athlete he told me it has all those features that are quite important for athletic activities.


Integrated Alexa:

With Alexa around your wristband, you can use your voice to do things like make reminders, monitor the climate, or operate smart home appliances.

Comprehensive Monitoring:

The watch’s health monitoring features include sleep analysis, which provides information about the caliber of your slumber.

With accurate distance readings, the GPS is useful for monitoring outdoor pursuits like biking or jogging.

What makes it the best:

Music Management and Loudspeaker:

You can manage the playback of music in addition to answering calls without fumbling for a cell phone thanks to the integrated speaker, which makes multitasking while working out or traveling easier.

Smartphone Alerts:

Your phone’s alerts show up right on the wristwatch, letting you keep in touch without breaking your concentration.


The Fossil Female Gen 6 Digital Wristwatch is a technologically advanced partner for contemporary lifestyles, to sum up.

It appeals to people seeking networking and ease with integrated Alexa, extensive fitness and health monitoring, music management, plus cellphone alerts.

  • Efficient alerts.
  • Detailed monitoring.
  • Music Control.
  • Built-in Alexa.
  • Expensive.

Fitbit Versa 2: (Best Affordable Smartwatch with Music and Alexa Integrated)

I love this watch as it provides me with amazing functionalities.

This watch is worth the investment.


Pulse Monitoring:

The wristwatch continuously monitors your pulse rate, alerting you to alterations brought on by different activities.

You can use this information to comprehend how your physique reacts to various exercises and circumstances. 

Built-in Alexa:

Through Alexa connection, users can use their voice to ask queries, get news about the weather, make notifications, and manage the appliances in their smart home.

What makes it the best:

Slumber and Aquatic Monitoring:

The wristwatch tracks your sleep time as well as the different stages of slumber (light, wide, or REM) to help you understand how well you slept.

The swim monitoring feature keeps track of the number of laps, time, and calories expended while diving.

Music and Alexa Integrated:

Utilize Alexa to receive information, conduct duties, as well as remain organized throughout the day while controlling your personal Pandora or Spotify tracks from your smartwatch.


In conclusion, the Fitbit 2 is a dependable option for those who care about their health.

It’s ideal for people looking for a comprehensive approach to tracking their well-being and activities thanks to its cardiovascular tracking, integrated Alexa, nap, and workout monitoring, as well as sound control capabilities.

  • Efficient.
  • Good battery life.
  • Affordable.
  • Integrated music.
  • Requires high maintenance.

Buying Guide:

Consider the type of Sportsman You are:

Is a running wristwatch necessary? Consider purchasing an activity monitor or smartwatch with GPS if you only occasionally jog and want to continue keeping track of the amount that you move. A running wristwatch is for you, though, if you’re a frequent runner, biker, or triathlete who is determined to get better.

If you upgrade from a Fitbit and smartphone application to a jogging watch, you’re sure to recognize data. Multi-sport styles, cadence detectors, distance estimators, heart rate tracks, and connectivity with external sensors like heel pods as well as chest-strap monitoring devices have replaced the straightforward algorithms, step tally up, and preoccupation with attaining 10,000 steps. The information-packed Polar Vantage V2 and Coros Apex, the latter of which also includes an ordinary fitness test to create you’re standard, are two running smartwatches that are entirely and solely devoted to jogging.

Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of GPS:

Using directions, are you aware of your location? The US-built System, more commonly known as GPS, is just one of many navigational satellites in use today.

All of them operate in the same way, using a running watch’s transmitter to tune in to radio waves from circuits of satellites in orbit. A piece of equipment may combine signals from four different satellites to determine where you are on the earth periodically and to approximately a few meters.

Running timepieces are frequently touted as being interoperable with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), a system operated by Russia which is slightly more precise than Galileo, GPS, owned by theQZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System), EU, and BDS (BeiDou), as well as other satellite navigation systems. However, it’s advisable to have a connection to two satellite networks since more satellites are going to be accessible at any point in time. We do not require a running wristwatch to accommodate all of them.

Think about the Battery and Illumination:

The longevity of the battery is also crucial because it can be annoying to constantly recharge between exercises. Can you recharge your fitness watch using the same USB-C connection that charges your smartphone? Or will you have to add a cumbersome (and very easy to lose) custom charging dock to your electronic existence? Choose carefully.

The rate at which the GPS navigation mode drains the battery and how strong the display may be in bright sunlight are both directly correlated to the duration of the battery. Some include transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) technology, which increases illumination on an overcast day, whilst certain running timepieces have brilliantly illuminated AMOLED panels. Some jogging smartwatches use glass made from photovoltaic cells to improve their solar power, such as the Garmin Impulse Solar.

Analyze the Physical Variations:

Running timepieces do not necessarily have the same appearance or grip when placed on a person’s wrist. They vary in size, many of them being the most lightweight running watch at just 29g. It’s also important to consider the general design because, despite knowing that an exercise watch may seem like something you wear during exercises only, in actuality, it will also serve as your primary timepiece.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, despite the prevalence of LCD screens in popular smartwatches, traditional buttons are far simpler to use when moving. That is especially true if you are running in the winter while donning gloves.

Look for any Additional Features:

Most jogging watches go above and beyond what is intended. Some Garmin jogging watches, for instance, offer offline audio support, Spotify management compatibility, wireless headset pairing, digital period tracking, diagrams, as well as Garmin Payment so that you can use it to buy a cold beverage on the warm-down stroll home.

Many jogging watches can be configured to receive smartphone alerts, such as messages from WhatsApp along with updates from social media, that you might or might not be interested in receiving at all.


Without a mobile device, can electronic watches play songs?

You can save songs to the device to listen to them while at home, or you can play music through Wi-Fi or LTE. Keep your phone at home and use YouTube’s music app on a wristband to work while listening to the songs you love. Tip: The majority of smartwatches running Wear OS 2 or later can play music from YouTube. 

What must a watch for running possess?

Heart-rate tracks, GPS, and acceleration sensors should all be included in watches at this price point so you can capture precise information whether you’re indoors on a running machine or outdoors. For the best productivity training, you can use interval clocks as well as heart-rate region training.

What advantages does a fitness watch offer?

Aids in Tracking Your Progress

It is useful for athletes who need to monitor and enhance their advancement, particularly in preparation for a competition. The wristwatch may additionally provide you with current information on your performance and recommendations for speeding up or slowing down. If you go on an excursion, it makes a great running buddy.

Are there sounds on smartwatches?

You can adjust the sound level and ringer if the wristwatch has a loudspeaker. Your wristwatch does not have a loudspeaker if you are unable to see those sound options. While the Bluetooth headset attached to the wristwatch cannot be used while making or receiving calls, it can be paired to play songs from the watch itself.

How do sports watches function?

Through a method known as triangulation, an exercise wristwatch utilizes GPS, or the Global Positioning System for short, to pinpoint where you are precise. Triangulation can be used to calculate the interval between the moment that GPS data is received by your running wristwatch and the moment it was transmitted to it.

How do individuals use music to run?

Use a wristband to carry your cell phone so it won’t drop or slip.

When you’re prepared to start your workout, slide your cell phone through the wristband and launch your chosen music application. Many smartphone armbands contain bottom holes or slots wherein earphones can be plugged in.

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