12 Best Michael Kors Watches for Men: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Imagine you’re all dressed up in nice clothes, your hair looks good you have nice shoes on, but your look still feels incomplete.

To make your entire look come together it’s necessary that you pick the right type of watch.

Among the most adored and highly rated watches in the industry are Michael Kors watches for men.

Even if you already have a preferred watch designer or manufacturer, you should ultimately take the Michael Kors watches into consideration.

Finding the best one for you, though, might be difficult.

You’ll find our fantastic guide, which features some amazing and incredibly stylish watches designed by Michael Kors.

Which are the Best Michael Kors Watches for Men?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best Michael Kors Watches for Men:-

MK: (Best Michael Kors Watch for Men)

It was one fine day when i decided to surprise my dad with this watch.

My father wanted this watch for so long but he was not getting the chance to buy it somehow.

So one day i decided to gift him this watched and he absolutely loved it and still appreciates me for giving him this watch.


Build And Performance:

A sophisticated chronograph watch with a Roman-numeral display, engraved bezel, and delicate multi-link bracelet is defined by a streamlined color palette.

Imported Michael Kors men’s watches have a 44-micrometer case, a 22-micrometer band thickness, mineral crystal, Quartz movement, as well as a chronograph analogy screen.

They have silhouettes that are sporty yet opulent, cozy yet stylish, and urban yet tough.

Not just that this watch is wearable while swimming, bathing, snorkeling, and shallow diving thanks to its 100-meter water resistance.

What Makes It Best:

This watch looks very stylish and great with every style.

It’s the best blend of style and functionality.

The best part is this watch performs very underwater and the stainless steel strap lasts you a very long time.

With the string build this watch suits many men’s wrists and the dial size also looks apt on almost every wrist.


This is the best watch one can get for themselves or can gift to someone.

MK has set new records for making this model of watch.

  • This watch is water-resistant.
  • Roman numeral watch face.
  • Strong build.
  • Feels a bit heavy on the wrist.

Michael Kors: (Best Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch for Men)

This watch was given to me by my father’s friend at my graduation.

He knew I love watches of this style, so he thought to present this watch as a graduation gift to me honestly this is the best watch that I own which not only looks great on my wrist but also performs efficiently.



The iconic Dylan watch series by Michael Kors offers opulent style with a contemporary infusion of trend-right details for anything from jet-setting escapades to the 9 till 5 grinds.

Boasting an integrated quartz movement, with an analog display, scratch-resistant mineral crystalline glass, and a 45mm casing.

All of this makes this watch very unique and elegant to wear.

Style And Build:

The dark black dial and circular stainless steel casing contribute to the beautiful design of the watch.

The bracelet of the watch is made of stainless steel and gold featuring a deployment clasp.

The watch has the functionality of 100m of water resistance which makes it appropriate to wear during snorkeling, swimming, or deep diving.

Michael Kors is a well-known, award-winning designer of high-end apparel and accessories who has an inherent sense of glitz and an unwavering eye for classic style.

What Makes It Best:

As a men’s watch, the best part about this watch is that it’s waterproof since men have to do a lot of jobs with their hands and the risk of ruining their stuff is always there, the fact that this watch has 100m of waterproofing makes it the best watch for everyday use as well.

This watch goes well with almost all looks be they formal or informal.

The robust build structure makes sure this watch remains our companion in every situation.


MK has been known for making the best watches and this watch is a prime example of it.

Be it the build or performance all is on point.

  • The design is luxurious.
  • Fits every style.
  • The structure is stainless steel.
  • It weighs a bit heavily.

Michael Kors: (Best Men’s Watch Under $180)

The watch I was looking for was nowhere to be found but one day my friend told me about this watch which looked elegant and was a perfect combo of uniqueness and functionality.

I literally used this watch for the longest time and everyone complimented me whenever I would wear it.



The renowned Slim Runway watch series by Michael Kors offers extravagant elegance with a sophisticated mix of trending details for anything from jet-setting escapades to the 9 and 5 grinds.

Incorporating an outstanding 3-hand quartz mechanism, toughened scratch-proof mineral crystal glass, a 44-micrometer frame, and a 22-micrometer strap, this watch makes a unique design.

The rounded sunray dial and 12mm casing with a slim profile look great on many wrists, and the band-polished texture also gives a very luxurious look to this watch.


This watch can perform great in water as well as it protects up to 50m which is 150ft underwater, so you can enjoy all the water activities without the stress of damaging your watch.

What Makes It Best:

It is so worth investing in this watch that everything from the design to build to its functionality is top-notch.

The size of this watch is so ideal that it sits so well on almost every wrist.

The dial looks so classy and gives a very fine, opulent touch to this watch.


If you want something that looks classy, and performs well but fits your budget this is without a doubt the best option for you as it serves all the purposes.

  • The size is very ideal.
  • It feels comfortable.
  • Performs effectively.
  • The dial is easily readable.
  • The contrast lacks.

Michael Kors: (Best Stylish Mk Watch for Men)

It was my 22nd birthday and I wanted to treat myself to a nice watch since I love to collect different types of watches, I wanted to get my hands on this watch.

I first saw this watch on my friend’s wrist and since then I wanted to have it.

And I got this watch for myself on my 22nd birthday and it’s least to say that I never wanted to take it off.



With its features and design, this watch looks super ravishing and appealing to the eyes.

It has a touch of modern and vintage style which looks so good when you put this watch on.

This watch has scratch-proof glass so you can wear it to almost any wear without worrying that the display would end up having scratches.

The band size, which is 22m, and the 44mm casing contribute to the perfect size of the watch.

Hence making it perfect for many men.


This watch performs so well under the water as well it has 165ft of water resistance and is ideal for swimming but it’s good to avoid going for heavy and long underwater activities like diving or snorkeling.

What Makes It Best:

I’m really glad I purchased this watch.

The stainless steel band has a dense mesh.

It looks fantastic and doesn’t tug on the arm hair.

The face is elegant and timeless, with gold accents making it simple to read, and it looks just gorgeous.

Any picture or video cannot do it justice.

MK has created a simply flawless timepiece.


With diversity and uniqueness, this watch serves the purpose and lives up to the expectations of many buyers.

  • The feel of modern and vintage is great.
  • The display is easily viewable.
  • Performs fine underwater.
  • Not apt for deep water activities.

MK: (Best Water Resistant Watch Under $150)

I wanted to give my partner this watch as a Christmas present because I saw him looking at this watch online one day.

He was so in love with the style, and he was loving the specifications too.

I gave this watch to him on Christmas eve and he was so happy about it and it was a pleasure for me to see him enjoy it that much.



With a unique design and layout, this watch looks very good on so many people.

It has a great look to it.

If you want a watch with a simple but modern look this watch is the best fit for you.

It has all the features of the modern world which make it a great option for a lot of people and make this watch ideal for everyday use.

The 22mm band makes sure that this watch fits everyone and comfortably sits on the wrist.


With 50m of waterproofing, this watch is ideal for surface swimming and the dial is readable even underwater.

The design of this watch is scratch-proof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it while wearing it daily to work.

What Makes It Best:

My partner, who I gave this for Christmas, adores it to the hilt.

The quality is excellent.

It also has the most perfect weight.

Worth the cost.

The best thing is that this watch is ideal for swimming and since my boyfriend swims every morning this is the ideal purchase for him, and the build is also strong which makes this watch perfect and worth investing in.


You don’t need to look for other options when you have this watch in the market which serves the purpose of performing and appearing appealing to the eyes of the public.

  • Looks opulent.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Perfect weight.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • The band feels a bit stiff.

Michael Kors Gen 6: (Best Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In for Men)

Since my friend’s father work abroad, he is always skeptical about his father’s health so I suggested to him that he should ask his father to get this watch which enables efficient health tracking and has built-in GPS.

He did that and he told me how much his father loves this watch and how much it helps him with daily chores.



The Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw has a big metal case and dial, a metallic link watch band, and a head with buttons on the right side.

It appears and feels exactly like a conventional mechanical dress wristwatch.

A lot of people spotted the wristwatch on my wrist and said they initially mistook it for something else.

There is the 44mm dial option available for the Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw, which is an ideal size.

The watch has built-in GPS which helps a lot in everyday navigation.

Other features such as a heart rate monitor, and phone alerts make this watch very efficient.

What Makes It Best:

A 1.28-inch circular AMOLED panel and Bluetooth 5 connection are features of the Gen 6 Bradshaw smartwatch.

The device has an 8GB inbuilt storage capacity and a Qualcomm Wear 4100+ chipset.

For readings of SpO2 as well as heart rate, an optical detector is located at the very bottom of the watch.

Additional significant sensors include a compass, accelerometer, altimeter, sensor for ambient light as well as a pedometer, in addition to installed GPS or Wi-Fi access.


This watch is a very good option for keeping track of your health plus it makes everyday tasks so simple and avoids time waste with easy navigation through GPS.

  • Integrated GPS.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
  • Qualcomm 4100+ chipset.
  • The blood oxygen level accuracy is not up to the mark.

MK8925: (Best Men’s Dylan Stainless Steel Date Watch with Silicone Strap)

I love to buy watches and sometimes switch them out, so when this year first started, I decided to do the same because I was bored of wearing the watch for 1.5 years.

I wanted a watch that was regarded as one of the best MichaelKors watches that was also fashionable and simple to use.

I’m happy that my friend recommended that I get this watch.



The design of this watch is what makes this watch stand out among others.

The black face featuring a white PVC trademark print with silver stick indexes, a dark case, a three-hand time mechanism, and a black silicone strap are all included in the Dylan watch, this is a 45mm timepiece by Michael Kors.

The size is also ideal.

Quartz movements with a 3-hand time analog indicator, imported, mineral crystal, 45mm casing, 26mm band thickness.

These all features or characteristics of this watch give tough time to the competitors in the watch industry and hence make this watch ideal and unique.


The watch has 100m of water resistance which can help you enjoy swimming activities.

You can enjoy any underwater activity without getting scared as this watch has an amazing rating for waterproofing.

What Makes It Best:

The watch gives a very casual look when worn with normal clothes and looks very elegant and unique on any wrist.

The design is also very classy.

If you want to pair this watch with your normal, semi-formal attire you are surely going to steal the stage, this watch looks that nice.


This watch provides value for money and lies up to the expectations of the buyers.

This watch has stolen the show for many years and continues to do so.

  • Unique design.
  • Durable casing.
  • The strap material is nice.
  • Readable dial.
  • The strap is a bit uncomfortable.

Michael Kors: (Best Budget Watch for Men)

I had a seminar to attend at my university and I wanted to dress up very formally, so I was looking for accessories too.

And I wanted to buy the best Michael Kors watch to complete my look.

But I didn’t want to invest in a watch that I would only use once so my brother-in-law recommended me this watch and told me to buy it as it goes well with every look and that it would be in my frequent use because of its design and build and he was so true about it.



A refined color scheme distinguishes a chronograph watch with a normal numeral dial, an etched bezel, and a dainty multi-link bracelet.

Men’s watches by Michael Kors are imported with a 42-micron case diameter, a 20-micron bandwidth, a mineral crystal, a quartz movement, and a chronograph analogous screen.

This watch is very comfortable yet fashionable, and sporty yet sumptuous.

Not only that, but this watch’s 50-meter water resistance makes it suitable for swimming, and bathing, but not apt for snorkeling, and shallow diving.

What Makes It Best:

This watch is fashionable and goes well with any outfit.

It combines fashion and utility in an ideal way.

The stainless-steel band on this watch lasts a very long time, and it functions extremely well underwater.

This watch’s string construction makes it suitable for various men’s wrists, and the dial size also fits practically every wrist.


The best watch available for purchase or as a gift is this one.

With the creation of this watch model, MK has undoubtedly broken previous records.

  • The water resistance feature is amazing.
  • The design feels unique.
  • Versatile watch.
  • The band is a bit too tight for bigger wrists.

MK: (Best Men’s Runaway Stainless Steel White Watch)

The Michael Kors Men’s Bradshaw Chronograph Watch is a great example of a new material watch.

It features a 44 mm case diameter and an oversized round chronograph face.

The watch is constructed with a stainless steel-wrapped link bracelet and is water-resistant up to 330 feet (100 M).

This makes it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports, but not diving.

The Bradshaw Chronograph also features a quartz movement and a three-hand analog display.

This watch is perfect for those who want a stylish timepiece with a modern twist.


Functionality And Uniqueness:

With the Michael Kors Extra wide White Stainless Steel Runway Watch, you can flaunt your beauty.

The large shiny stainless steel case is secured in place by a fold-over latch on the watch’s white polyurethane with the bracelet-style stainless band.

Inconspicuous contrast is added with the white display and bezel, silvery hour markings, and bright hands.

Hours, seconds, and minutes are displayed on three chronograph mini dials, and the date is hidden behind glass at 4 o’clock.

This Michael Kors watch is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters, has a strong mineral crystal, and has a Japanese quartz mechanism.

It can withstand certain bumps without losing time.

What Makes It Best:

The watch has three sub-dials which show additional details and hence help us keep track of things more efficiently.

The color of the watch is white, so it goes along with many outfits and looks good with both formal and semi-formal wear.

The design of this watch looks very classy, especially the white or silver time markings.

Since the time marking is very big and prominent it’s easily readable.


The watch is the epitome of perfectionism.

If you are looking for quality and uniqueness, this watch is a perfect blend of both.

  • Modern design.
  • Fancy display.
  • Goes well with both formal and informal styles.
  • It is not scratch-proof.

Michael Kors: (Best Smartwatch for Women)

Before traveling to the Maldives, my friend and I were shopping for watches.

When we came across this watch and read its specifications, we knew we had to buy it.

It has every feature I had hoped for.

This watch is without a doubt the best MichaelKors watch one with a heart rate monitor and other useful features.



This watch is a Google Wear OS-enabled smartwatch that is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.

In Longer Battery Mode, you can go several days between charges.

Activity & Pulse Rate Tracking, Swimming proof design, integrated GPS for distance mapping, all these features are unique and very helpful.


With the addition of a Speaker, the Google Assistant can now answer questions, provide audio notifications, and take phone calls.

With this watch, you can receive alerts and notifications on your smartphone, keep track of your calendar, regulate your music, change the face of your watch, and install third-party applications with additional storage.

One can also utilize Google Pay on your watch to complete the transaction quickly.

What Makes It Best:

This watch has a heart rate monitoring feature which helps to keep track of your health and helps you have an insight into your health more deeply.

The in-built GPS assists in navigating new routes which can help one save time and effort.

The most useful feature of this watch has been the smartphone notifications which lets you see the notifications through the watch, and you don’t have to scroll through your phone to know all the updates.


This everyday watch helps you keep track of so many things and hence helps you live your life efficiently.

  • In-built GPS.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Phone notifications.
  • Watch lags sometimes.

MK5535: (Best Affordable Watch Under $220)

This watch was worn by the brother of one of my friends, and he loved it so much that he advised anyone looking for a high-quality wristwatch with great functionality to definitely get it.

He referred to it as the best Michael Kors watch.

So, my uncle wanted to buy a watch I called him and urged him to purchase the watch after my friend’s brother described how good the watch is.

A week later, my uncle contacted me to express his love for that watch.



The design of this watch is unique and features a silver dial.

The band of the watch is stainless, and the casing is too.

The watch also shows the date and time of course with true efficiency.

The bezel, hour markers, and hands are all white, adding a subtle contrast, as do the white dial and bezel.


The watch displays time so effectively and the needles in the watch are so distinct that it shows time very prominently.

The dial is easily readable because of the contrast.

What Makes It Best:

The watch is white, so it matches a wide variety of clothing and looks great with both traditional and semi-formal attire.

This watch’s design is quite elegant, particularly the white or silver time markers.

The time indication is very large and obvious, making it simple to read.


This watch is the perfect combination of style and effectiveness enabling you to keep track of time with grace.

  • Lavish design.
  • Comfortable band.
  • Affordable.
  • The dial is a bit too big.

Michael Kors: (Best Men’s Greer Automatic Silicone Watch)

My favorite watch was a Father’s Day gift to my dad.

I wanted to give her something I liked using so I made sure he would like to use it too.

I adored this best Michael Kors watch for almost a year and how well it functioned.

And my dad had the same reviews about this watch.

It is perfect in every way.



The sturdy build of this watch is strong enough to take on any challenges.

I have worn this watch everywhere and I wouldn’t take it off.

It’s been through jerks, hits, and much more but was never damaged.

The structure of this watch is so comfortable that you don’t even feel the watch sitting on your wrist even if you wear it for a long time.

The size of the band and dial is ideal for many wrists.

What Makes It Best:

This watch’s robust design makes it tough enough to handle any difficulties.

I wear this watch everywhere and wouldn’t take it off.

It has endured jerks, hits, and much more, yet has never sustained any harm.

Even when worn for extended periods, the design of this watch is so easy that you barely notice it on your wrist.

For many hands, the band and dial’s dimensions are perfect.


Looking for comfort, efficiency, and something that would last for the longest time well this watch serves that purpose.

  • Elegant on the wrist.
  • Heavy build.
  • Standard sizing.
  • Feels heavy.

Conclusion Paragraph: 

We have finalized our discussion about the best Michael Kors watches for Men.

Do you guys have experience with the best Micheal Kors watches for Men?

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any Micheal Kors watches you love to give that I didn’t mention in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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